Norway in Spring: Where Magic Blooms

Norway in Spring

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    If watching nature bloom, waterfalls flow and the seasons slowly change sounds good to you, then Norway in spring is the place to be! With thousands of fruit trees bursting to life and cozy wooden cabins in the mountains to enjoy the last of the winter snow, spring in Norway has something for everyone.

    Let’s explore everything you need to know to enjoy your Norway spring vacation, including average temperatures and daylight hours during spring in Norway, what to wear and the top ten things to do in Norway’s spring season.

    What is Spring Like in Norway?

    Spring in Norway brings with it melting snow, blossoming flowers and awakening nature. The picturesque landscapes of Norway are incredibly beautiful during spring, with lush green mountain valleys and colorful fruit trees lining the coasts.

    Spring in Norway begins around mid-March, extending to May. Despite the onset of Spring, snow persists, especially in mountainous regions. However, the season is marked by extended daylight hours. In certain areas, the sun emerges as early as 4am and doesn't set until close to 11pm.

    Spring Weather and Temperature in Norway

    Norway’s weather in spring can be changeable, with the weather varying from one year to the next. You may experience some colder days and some warmer days, or anything in between. Be prepared for sun, snow, wind, rain and blue skies, depending where in the country you are and what nature has in store for us this year!

    It’s not only difficult to predict what the weather and temperature will be like in spring in Norway, but also when spring will arrive exactly. In Norway, the spring season can start as early as the end of February, or as late as during the summer months, although the average time for spring to start is around March.

    As for temperatures in spring in Norway, we can tell you that average temperatures at the start of spring are between -4 to 4ºC (25 to 39ºF), increasing to an average of between 6 and 16ºC (43 to 61ºF) at the end of spring in around May. The further south in Norway you are, the warmer spring will be and the earlier it’ll arrive (and vice versa).

    Spring in Norway

    Daylight Hours in Spring in Norway

    At the start of spring in March, Southern Norway sees around 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, whereas there are often around 14 hours of darkness in Northern Norway.

    As spring progresses and we enter May, Southern Norway’s nights decrease to around 7 hours of darkness and Northern Norway only sees around 5 hours of darkness each night.

    Is Spring a Good Time to Visit Norway?

    You might be thinking ‘is it a good time to visit Norway in April?’, to which we can answer yes, if you’d like to experience the beauty of Norway with mild temperatures and a chance to see the Northern Lights! April is a great month for wildlife lovers, as it’s lambing month in Norway and the iconic puffins return to the country during this month, too.

    If you’re wondering ‘is it a good time to visit Norway in May?’, you’ll catch the end of spring and start of summer if you choose to visit Norway at this time of year. May brings with it warmer weather, the first glimpse of the summer sun and nature in full bloom – a truly beautiful time to visit Norway!

    Can You See the Northern Lights in Spring in Norway?

    For those travelers who are keen to see the Northern Lights during their time in Norway, you’ll be pleased to know that this incredible dancing light show is still visible during springtime. Particularly in North Norway, including those parts of the country that lie above the Arctic Circle, you’ll have a great chance to see the aurorae for yourself.

    The peak Northern Lights viewing season in Norway is between late September and early April, meaning you’ll have the best chance to see the spectacular lights if you visit Norway at the start of spring. Earlier in spring, daylight hours are shorter, giving you more hours of darkness for your Northern Lights hunt – exciting!

    Weather in Norway in Spring

    What to Wear in Norway in Spring

    If you’re wondering what to add to your suitcase for your Norway spring vacation, here are our top packing tips for this transition season:

    • Layers, layers, layers! – The best tip we can give you for dressing appropriately for Norway in spring is to layer up. Make sure you stay toasty warm or you're able to quickly cool off if needed by bringing versatile clothing you can easily layer. Think vests, t-shirts, light jumpers, thicker jumpers, trousers/pants, and even thermal layers if you’re planning to head to the northernmost parts of Norway. 
    • Waterproof coat – As the seasons transition, changeable weather is to be expected, so a waterproof coat is a must. You’ll need a waterproof outer layer to protect you from any April showers and keep you comfortable during your time out and about exploring Norway’s stunning landscapes.
    • Sunglasses – The sun is bound to come out at some point during spring in Norway, so don’t forget your sunglasses! Even if you’re traveling to a potentially snowy area, sunglasses will protect your eyes from the glare off the brilliant white snow or ice.
    • Hat, gloves and scarf – Depending on when in spring you’re visiting and whereabouts in the country you plan to go to, a hat, gloves and scarf may be necessary to keep you warm outside. If you plan to venture near Norway’s coastal regions, a scarf is a good idea to protect you from any wind or sea breezes.

    Top 10 Things to Do in Norway in Spring

    What can you get up to during spring in Norway? Let’s take a look through some of our top recommendations for fun activities to enjoy during this lovely season of the year!

    Experience Norwegian Easter Celebrations

    Spring brings with it Easter and a whole range of sweet treats, fun traditions and vibrant festivals. Many Norwegians head to the ski slopes to enjoy the last of the winter snow and even get a tan while soaking in the sun outside their wooden cabin! Tasty and traditional Easter snacks to try in Norway include Kvikk Lunsj chocolates, oranges, sweet orange soda and sweet buns – yum!

    Easter in Norway

    Visit the Cute Lambs on a Norwegian Farm

    As we mentioned above, April in Norway is lambing month, making this the perfect time for a trip to a Norwegian farm to meet the fluffy cuties! Many farms in Norway offer visits where you can meet the animals and even go on an alpaca hike or horse ride – perfect for all the family!

    Sheep in Norway in Spring

    Go Birdwatching to Spot Some Puffins

    Spring is the time that many birds return to Norway to nest after the cold season, so you’ll find the country’s coastlines bursting with life during the spring months. In fact, the wild Varanger Peninsula in North Norway has become one of the most popular places in the world to spot Arctic birds.

    You might also want to head to the island of Lovund, where Lundkommer’s Day is celebrated on 14th April each year, marking the day that the approximately 200,000 puffins that call Lovund home return to the island.

    Puffin in Norway

    Glide Along the Water on a Fjord Cruise

    What better time to take a glorious fjord cruise in Norway than spring? Soak in the beauty of the newly blooming nature all around as you glide through one of Norway’s breathtaking fjords, enjoying the serene surroundings and majestic mountain views. Taking a fjord cruise is by far the best way to experience Norway’s fjords for yourself.

    Experience Foodie Heaven at the Farmers’ Markets and Food Festivals

    Spring in Norway means the first farmers’ markets of the year, perfect for sampling some delicious and fresh local produce. A major part of Norway’s culinary heritage, farmers’ markets are an essential bucket list item for anyone wanting an authentic Norwegian experience during their vacation. Foodies will also love Oslo’s food festivals during spring!

    Soak in Art and Culture in Oslo’s Incredible Museums

    For those rainy days, you’ll have more than enough activities and attractions to choose from to keep you entertained. Norway’s capital is definitely not short of amazing museums and art galleries! Art lovers won’t want to miss the famous Munch Museum and iconic Vigeland Museum. You can also explore the fascinating history of polar exploration in the Fram Museum, or dive into learning all about the city of Oslo itself in the Oslo City Museum.

    Visit Norway’s Charming Villages and Towns

    Spring is the perfect time to take a little day trip to one of Norway’s picturesque coastal villages or towns. Think quaint cobbled streets, colorful houses and independent boutiques – wonderful! Lillehammer, Flam and Geiranger are some of our favorite Norwegian villages to visit for spectacular scenery and an authentic experience of Norwegian village life.

    Charming Town in Norway. Flam

    Take an Epic Hike in Norway’s Mountains

    Perfect for avid adventurers, Trolltunga and Preikestolen are two of Norway’s most famous hiking routes. You’re in for a treat during these epic hikes, as the incredible scenery is sure to take your breath away! The cooler weather makes hiking during spring in Norway much easier than under the summer sun; you’ll just need to make sure that you leave early enough to return before the sun sets.

    Hike to Trolltunga in Norway

    Experience ‘Utepils’ and Authentic Norwegian Cuisine

    A classic Norwegian experience during spring is ‘utepils’, which is the first beer of the year enjoyed outside in the sun. Truly unmissable during your time in Norway, make sure to enjoy ‘utepils’ to experience the arrival of spring like a true Norwegian! You can also take this opportunity to sample some traditional Norwegian cuisine, from first-class seafood to tasty cheeses and juicy berries – delicious!

    Take a World-Famous Scenic Train Ride

    The Oslo-Bergen train line is world-famous for a reason; this mountainous route takes you into the heart of Norway’s fjords through stunning landscapes of lush greenery, cascading waterfalls and sprawling valleys. As well as enjoying an incredibly scenic train ride, you can take this chance to visit Norway’s two largest cities: Oslo and Bergen.

    Railway from Oslo to Bergen

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