15 of the Best Things to Do in Oslo

Things to do in Oslo

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    Planning a trip to Norway and wondering what to do in Oslo? You’re in for a treat! This vibrant capital city contains all the best that Norway has to offer. Oslo offers a variety of attractions you can choose from. Including a harbor, shopping streets, medieval structures, and museums.

    There’s something to do for everyone in Oslo, no matter your interests. You’re also never too far from the peace and tranquility of nature in the surrounding mountains or beaches. So, how can you decide which things you want to do most during your time in Oslo? Our ultimate guide to the best Oslo activities and attractions is here to help you out. Let’s dive right in!

    Our 15 Favorite Things to Do in Oslo

    Explore our list of the best things to do in Oslo for some travel inspiration!

    1. Visit Oslo’s Beaches, e.g. Paradisbukta

    Did you know that Oslo has some beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy going for a swim or even taking part in some water sports? Paradisbukta, Huk and Fiskevollbukta are some of our top picks for gorgeous scenery.

    Some beaches even allow you to have a barbecue, and you can reach them by bus or by simply taking your Oslo campervan rental for a scenic drive. Bring along your favorite snacks to enjoy your beautiful day at the beach to the max!

    things to do in Oslo

    1. Connect With Nature in Frogner Park

    Visiting the city’s biggest park, Frogner Park, is one of the best things to do in Oslo. Frogner Park boasts the world’s largest sculpture installation by a single artist. It is filled with abundant greenery and vibrant flowers.

    Take a break from the hustle and bustle by enjoying a quiet picnic or a relaxing stroll through the gardens. When deciding what to see in Oslo, Frogner Park is definitely up there on the must-see list.

    Fogner park

    1. Soak in Cultural Highlights in the National Museum

    Combining the exhibitions of three major Norwegian museums, the new National Museum houses the largest collection of art across all Nordic countries. Explore all things art, architecture and design at the National Museum, as you gaze in awe at some infamous paintings.

    Works by Monet, Picasso and Cezanne can be enjoyed at the National Museum, as well as an incredible view of Oslofjord from the roof terrace.

    Oslo museums

    1. Take a Stroll Along the Akerselva River

    Wondering where to go in Oslo to experience modern Norwegian city life? Well, taking a stroll along the Akerselva River will take you through many of Oslo’s neighborhoods. It includes the trendy hipster area of Grunerlokka.

    This 8-kilometer river stretches from Lake Maridalsvannet all the way through downtown Oslo. It splits the eastern and western parts of the capital. One of our favorite activities in Oslo is cycling along the beautiful Akerselva River.

    Stroll in Oslo

    1. Take a Trip to Oslo Opera House

    Home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, Oslo Opera House is a striking building standing at the tip of Oslofjord. Completed in 2007, you can even walk on the roof of this unique, angled building to soak in the stunning views of Oslo city. The walk from the promenade up to the roof is one of the most fun things to do in Oslo – unless you’re afraid of heights!

    Experiencing both the interior and exterior of Oslo Opera House is an unmissable experience while you’re in the capital. You could even catch a performance if you’re lucky!

    what to do in Oslo

    1. Visit the Open-Air Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

    Fancy taking a tour of some of Norway’s most historic buildings? The open-air Norwegian Museum of Cultural History includes 160 buildings, located in diverse areas from the city to the countryside. Here, you can learn all about how people have been living in Norway since the 16th century.

    Highlights of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History include sod-roofed farm houses and Gol Stave Church. The latter dates back to the 1200s. You can also visit the interior of Norway’s first parliament in an exhibition hall that forms part of the museum’s collection. This amazing museum contains many of the best things to see in Oslo!

    Norwegian Stave church

    1. Explore Akershus Fortress

    How does exploring a medieval Norwegian castle that has been used since the 1290s as a fortress to protect the royal residences sound? Exciting? We thought so!

    Located by the harbor, Akershus Fortress has been a prison, a royal residence and a military base over the years. Currently, this grand castle serves as the Prime Minister of Norway’s temporary office. You can take a guided tour of the fortress. And, if you visit during a public holiday or special celebrations, you may even be able to experience a live concert or event being held here.

    Akershus fortress, Oslo

    1. Tour the Royal Palace

    One of Norway’s most important buildings, the Royal Palace is home to the King and Queen. Foreign heads of state stay at the Palace when they visit Oslo and most of the work of the monarchy takes place here.

    When wondering what to see in Oslo, visiting the Palace is an unmissable experience for sure. The Royal Palace is open to the public in the summer, so you can experience the resplendent interiors for yourself!

    fun things to do in Oslo

    1. Enjoy the View of Oslo City Hall at the Harbor

    Opened in 1950, the impressive Oslo City Hall houses the city council and administration offices. Inside, you’ll find Norwegian art from 1900 to 1950 depicting important moments in Norway’s history.

    While you’re here, you can take a walk along the beautiful harbor, too. Every Sunday in June, July and August, you can enjoy a carillon concert at Oslo City Hall. 

    What to see in Oslo

    1. Embrace Creativity at the Munch and Vigeland Museums

    The Munch Museum and Vigeland Museum both explore some of Norway’s most prolific artistic figures. You’ll find the highlights of Edvard Munch’s work in the Munch Museum. Yes, that includes ‘The Scream’, plus interactive activities and exhibits, and a whole range of events.

    Also in Oslo, the Vigeland Museum is actually located in the former studio of sculptor, Gustav Vigeland. Here, you can see portraits, monuments and plaster models for the sculptures in Vigeland Park, which is another of the best things to see in Oslo!

    Munch museum, Oslo

    1. Get Inspired at the Fram Museum

    Open every day of the year, the Fram Museum tells the story of Norwegian polar exploration. Here, you can actually get on board the strongest wooden ship ever built. It is called Fram, to see how the crew and dogs survived the harsh cold of the polar regions.

    Interested in how the bitter cold of the Arctic and Antarctic feels? You can experience it for yourself in the museum’s polar simulator and learn how these brave explorers felt on their adventures over 100 years ago.

    Fram museum, Oslo

    1. Take an Oslo Fjord Cruise

    One of the best things to do in Oslo is to take a peaceful fjord cruise to soak up the stunning natural scenery all around the capital. Sit back, relax and enjoy the serenity as you glide along the waters of Oslofjord.

    On your cruise, you can enjoy views of Oslo’s charming beaches and the majestic high-rise buildings of Oslo’s city skyline.

    Fjord in Oslo

    1. Visit the Beautiful Bygdoy Peninsula

    Want to get closer to nature? You can’t miss a trip to the stunning Bygdoy Peninsula on the western side of Oslo. Sea views, historic buildings and lush forests are awaiting you on this beautiful peninsula.

    Some of Oslo’s most famous museums are situated on Bygdoy Peninsula, leading to its nickname 'Museum Island'. Taking a day trip to Bygdoy Peninsula is one of our favorite activities in Oslo. There's something for everyone and a mix of outdoor and indoor attractions.

    1. Enjoy a Bite to Eat at Vippa

    Vippa food court by Oslofjord offers a trendy spot for Norwegian cuisine and relaxation amidst your adventures. With 11 foodstands, each offering unique, sustainable and delicious options, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Vippa!

    This modern eatery stands on the site of what used to be a shipping storage area containing goods from all over the world. Vippa works closely with local farmers to ensure their food is produced using ethical practices and that food waste is minimized. What’s not to like?!

    Food in Oslo

    1. Soak Away Your Stresses in an Urban Sauna

    Phew, after all that exploring, we bet you’re in need of a good rest. Good job, we know the perfect place for you to do just that! Oslo is full of urban saunas, where you can go to enjoy spa treatments and hot and cold swimming options.

    Many urban saunas are located along the harbor and Oslofjord, so you can take a dip in these waters afterwards. Relaxing in an urban sauna is a Norwegian phenomenon you just have to try on your Norway trip!

    Sauna, Oslo

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