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Campervan Rentals in Tromso

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Campervan Rentals in Tromso

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Hiring a campervan in Tromsø

Renting a camper in Tromsø

Norway, also known as the Land of the Vikings, is the perfect destination to explore on a self-drive road trip! Long, wide roads line the country, some bordering fjords and others winding around mountain peaks or crossing beautiful green meadows. On top of that, Norway’s road network and infrastructure are top-notch, making your road trip as safe as it can be!

Tromso, the so-called ‘Capital of the Arctic’, is one of the best places in Norway to hunt for the Northern Lights! The city is very easy to get to (it has a relatively big airport with good access) and will let you explore the Arctic in relative comfort, as the temperatures are much more mild than you would expect due to its coastal location!

Renting a campervan in Tromso is perfect for discovering the surrounding areas, packed with cozy cabins, beautiful snow-white landscapes, and spectacular city views. Venture out to a cozy wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere, go dog or reindeer sledding or explore the spectacular fjords!

Pack your snow boots and grab your ticket to Tromso. Your wild life adventure starts today!

Hire a camper in Tromsø

Discovering Tromsø

Deciding whether to head to Tromso or Oslo on your Norway adventure can be a tough call, so let’s take a look at what makes Tromso so special!

First of all, are you a born adventurer? When planning your trip to Norway, have you got a viking expedition in mind or are you looking for some chill time and relaxation? That’s a key question when it comes to deciding whether Tromso is the best destination for you!

Tromso’s privileged location in the north of Norway, surrounded by nature on all sides, makes it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! It just so happens to be one of the best places to hunt for the Northern Lights, as well as having tons of cool activities to try out in the surrounding area.

‘What to do in Tromso?’ you ask. How about staying at a cozy wooden cabin near the coast or in the mountains? Spend some quality time with friends or family as the snow falls outside and the fire crackles happily in the chimney. If you’re in a more ‘dynamic’ mood, go for a walk and explore the fjords, take a ride in the Tromso funicular or go on a whale-watching tour!

Finally, if you’ve booked a campervan in Tromso, you can avoid Northern Lights tours and go Aurora Borealis hunting by yourself! It makes the experience that much more exciting and unique, as well as giving you a better chance to see the Lights, as you’ll be able to drive out at any time and not rely on tour timetables.

In terms of driving, although the roads are privately-owned and very well-kept, they can be challenging to navigate in deep winter due to the frost, so make sure that you have some road experience if you’re planning a road trip in the middle of the winter!

That said, Norway is at your feet, so grab the keys to your campervan rental and hit the road!

Let’s go on an adventure!

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