Get the Best Camper & RV Accessories

What’s pepper without salt? What’s a line without a hook? What’s a rebel without a cause? Exactly! The greatest campers and RVs in Norway are nothing without the best accessories to go with them!

Do you need an advanced GPS system to make sure you don’t lose your way? A child seat to make sure your toddler is safe? How about a table and chairs to be able to turn any place you go into the perfect backyard?

We’ve got every camper and RV accessory you can dream of to make sure that your self-drive road trip around Noreg in Nynorsk is a blast and a total success in every way, for you and for every one of your travel companions.


SCDW Insurance

Price from 990 NOK per rental

Want less liability? This insurance offers the same coverage as the CDW insurance that is included in all rentals of our motorhomes, but with less liability but in addition, your self-risk fee will be reduced from 20.000 NOK down to 9.900 NOK.

Additional Driver (recommendable)

Price from 250 NOK per rental

One principal driver is covered under our standard agreement. However, this extra allows you to add another driver on your trip depending on the motorhome rental you make.

Bed Linen Pack (recommendable)

Price from 440 NOK per person

Save space in your luggage. Use a linen pack that is available through us which consists of a pillow, sheets, covers and a blanket. You'll receive sleeping bags if you rent from the Camper for 2 pack.

Towel Pack (recommendable)

Price from 130 NOK per person

We also offer towels for rent. Depending on the type of vehicle you would like to rent, we can provide you with one large or one small towel.


Price from 490 NOK per rental

You might be needing a device to convert the 12v DC power from your car battery to 23V AC power that you can use on different gadgets. We have them for you but only available on some models. Please inquire.

Table And Chair Set

Price from 249 NOK per rental/person

Sit out and enjoy the beautiful sun in Norway. We offer a table and chair set that will allow you relax in the outdoors—ideal for picnics, barbecues or gathering with friends. It comes with one table and enough chairs for all of your passengers.

GPS Garmin

Price from 390 NOK per rental

What a great way to know the exact location of your travel adventures. Purchase this extra feature for peace of mind.

Child Seat

Price from 249 NOK per rental

Law requires that all children shorter than 135cm must travel in a child seat. We would need your child's height and weight information in order to provide you with an appropriate and comfortable child seat so that your child is secure at all times in the vehicle.

Winter Tyres

FREE of charge!

In Norway, by law you are required to use snow tires from November to April. This extra is available beginning in October and you'll receive a full set once reserved.

One Insurance to Rule Them All

Where is the fun in going on a self-drive road trip around Norway in an awesome camper or RV if you’re going to be worrying every second that you’re behind the wheel?

Traveling around Norway is like nothing you’ve ever done before, especially so when it comes to the forces of nature that make this country the special and unique place that it is. That’s exactly why you’ll want to choose the right insurance package, based on the type of trip you’re planning on doing!

Want to go sightseeing from city to city? The basic SCDW insurance will suit you just fine! Thinking of heading further up north to take a peek at the less touristy Norway? Then you’ll want our Total Coverage insurance package so that neither the cold, nor the water, nor the snow can ruin your vacation!

Let’s go on an adventure!

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