10 Best and Most Famous Norway Fjords to Visit

Norway Fjords

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    Home to over 1,700 fjords, Norway truly is the perfect place to experience some of nature’s most spectacular sights. Incredible mountains, stunning glaciers and snow-covered scenery. You’ll love exploring Norway’s fjords.

    You may not have time to discover all 1,700 Norwegian fjords for yourself, but not to worry! We’ve picked out the top 10 fjords of Norway, so you can simply head to the best of the best. Discover the most beautiful Norwegian fjords for yourself using our handy top 10 list!

    What is a Norwegian fjord?

    First of all, you might be wondering what exactly a fjord is. Well, a fjord is a narrow body of water that stretches from the sea to far inland. Fjords are deep and long bodies of water, often set in a U-shaped valley with towering mountains or cliffs on either side.

    The mouth of the fjord is the place where the fjord opens onto the sea and is often shallower. Every fjord is connected to the sea, making them narrow inlets of ocean water between steep and often green cliffs.

    How were Norway fjords formed?

    Norway's fjords were formed by glaciers during the last Ice Age on Earth. As the glaciers retreated, they carved out their classic U-shaped valleys. These have since been filled with seawater, resulting in what we know today as the beautiful Norwegian fjords.

    Glaciers carve paths through land at very slow rates. This process of glaciation can alter the landscape, including creating features as the famous Norway fjords.

    Where are the fjords in Norway?

    There is an area in Norway called Fjord Norway, so-called due to the extensive number of fjords you can find here. Located in the southwestern area of the country, Fjord Norway is home to a striking selection of beautiful Norwegian fjords.

    You’ll find the most famous fjords in Norway along the western coast of the country. Taking a Norway campervan tour along this spectacular coast is the perfect way to explore these Scandinavian fjords.

    Norway fjords

    10 of the best fjords in Norway to visit

    So, which Norway fjords do you need to look out for on your way? Let’s take a look through 10 of the best fjords in Norway to visit, ready for your epic Norwegian fjord adventure!


    We’re kicking off our Norwegian fjord list with a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Naeroyfjord. This is a narrow, 18-kilometer long fjord in southwestern Norway. It's so impressive it has won awards for its beauty from National Geographic itself!

    A wild and majestic arm of Sognefjord, the scenery of Naeroyfjord is dominated by breathtaking mountains. Also for the traditional farms and cascading waterfalls. At the end of Naeroyfjord, you’ll find the tiny village of Gudvangen. We recommend taking a day to explore this beautiful Norwegian fjord by boat or kayak for an immersive experience.

    Naeroyfjord, Norway


    Fancy hiking up the world’s longest wooden staircase? You can take these 4,000 steps at the Florli community in Lysefjord. Also located in the south, Lysefjord is the southernmost of the most popular Norwegian fjords to visit in Western Norway.

    Here, you’ll also find stunning hiking routes to the famous viewing points at Kjerag and Preikestolen. Why not start your day at the nearby city of Stavanger and head to Lysefjord? Keep in mind that there are no roads along this beautiful Norwegian fjord, but you can take a stunning cruise along Lysefjord.

    Lysefjord, Norway


    Another branch of Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord is 29 kilometers long. It is the perfect Norwegian fjord to visit to enjoy a spectacular train journey. The iconic Bergen and Flam railway lines wind their way to Aurlandsfjord through one of the most beautiful rail routes in the world. 

    Whether you decide to take a hike, go paddling, enjoy a picnic among the stunning scenery, you’re sure to have an unforgettable day out at Aurlandsfjord. You can even have a go on one of the longest zip lines in Europe if you’re feeling adventurous!

    So renting a motorhome in Bergen and visiting the fjords is always a good idea.

    Aurlandsfjord, Norway


    One of Norway’s most famous fjords, Geirangerfjord has also won its fair share of awards for its natural beauty. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    This 15-kilometer long Norwegian fjord is home to the famous Knivsflafoss waterfalls. Known as the ‘Seven Sisters’, these cascading waterfalls are said to resemble the hair of seven women, flowing down the mountainside.

    Taking a boat tour along Geirangerfjord will take you to the Friaren waterfall. It is so-named after the suitor who proposed to the Seven Sisters but was rejected each time, according to legend.

    You’ll also see many small, abandoned farms along the steep mountains. If you’d like to explore further, you can take a pleasant stroll from the nearby village of Geiranger to an old farm called Skagefla.

    Geirangerfjord, Norway


    The second-longest Norwegian fjord. Hardangerfjord stretches for an incredible 179 kilometers from south Bergen to the center of Norway.

    Hardangerfjord is the place to be for cider lovers, as the heart of Norwegian cider and fruit juice production. With farms that have been producing fruit for centuries, Hardanger is home to clusters of farms that date back to the 13th century.

    A treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. The apple trees of Hardangerfjord are a national icon when their beautiful blossom appears in springtime.

    Hardangerfjord, Norway


    Home to the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe, named Trollveggen. The Norwegian fjord of Romsdalsfjord stretches for 88 kilometers along the coast. If gorgeous nature and towering mountains sound good to you, you might want to check out Romsdalsfjord.

    For avid skiers, Kirketaket – one of Norway’s top skiing destinations – is a must-visit for you. You can also enjoy the mountains of Romsdalsfjord by foot on the popular Romsdalseggen ridge hiking route.

    Scandinavian fjords


    At 130 kilometers long, Trondheimsfjord holds the title of Norway’s third-longest fjord. There’s something here for everyone, with historic sights, a variety of birdlife and lush green hills. You can spot Agdenes lighthouse at one end of Trondheimsfjord and several shipyards as you travel along this Norwegian fjord.

    You can experience something different at Trondheimsfjord, as this Norway fjord is not as mountainous as the others. The waterways here were busy with marine traffic at one time, but now exude a peaceful tranquility.

    famous fjords in Norway

    Tromso fjords

    Visiting the breathtaking fjords of the Tromso region will allow you to enjoy these spectacular sights. There are loads of fun ways to discover these Norway fjords, including fjord cruises or fjord safaris!

    You can even enjoy a dog sleigh ride while racing through the snowy fjord landscapes. The water of the Tromso fjords is not usually frozen, making this a perfect place to visit all year round.

    best fjords in Norway

    Lofoten Islands boat trip

    For somewhere a little further afield, why not take a trip to Lofoten Islands? This scenic archipelago to the west of Northern Norway can be reached by taking a boat trip through the nearby fjords. It allows you to soak in the beautiful sights of the Norwegian fjords along the way.

    This day trip is perfect for those who love to be on the water and want to spot some of the best fjords of Norway from a comfortable seat, rather than by hiking.

    Lofoten Islands fjords


    Last, but certainly not least, we get to Sognefjord, known as ‘the king of fjords’. As the longest fjord in Norway, Sognefjord earned this title with its incredible length of over 200 kilometers.

    Just north of Bergen, Sognefjord has numerous side arms, with glaciers, farms and Viking villages all to be found here. Enjoy an unforgettable day out at Sognefjord. Dare to explore the magnificent sights of this most famous Norwegian fjord.

    Fjords in Norway

    Five fascinating facts about Norway fjords

    • Norway’s beautiful fjords are home to diverse wildlife, including many fish, seals, porpoises and eagles.
    • Due to warm ocean and air currents, the climate of Norway’s fjords is relatively mild for their northerly latitude, with little to no ice.
    • The fjords of Norway are often deep, with Sognefjord holding the title for deepest Norwegian fjord at over 1,300 meters below sea level.
    • Ferries operate along Norway’s fjords all year long. So you can discover the beauty of the Norwegian fjords from the water itself on a breathtaking fjord cruise.
    • Taking the train is one of the most popular ways to arrive at Norway’s fjords, due to the stunning views you can see en route. If you’re traveling by car, there are tunnels and bridges that have been built to connect Fjord Norway, making traveling by road very easy.

    Explore Norway’s fjords for yourself!

    Why not start planning your dream trip to visit Norway’s beautiful fjords today? Let us help you out with our affordable range of Norway motorhome rentals. Traveling by campervan will allow you the ultimate freedom and flexibility on your Norwegian fjord adventure. Bring your home with you as you discover Norway’s incredible fjords for yourself.

    Taking the trip of a lifetime to visit Norway’s fjords is easier to plan than you may think. We recommend reserving your accommodation and rental vehicle ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Then, you’ll just need your flights and packing list – let’s go explore!


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