Complete Traveler’s Guide to Lake Altevatnet in Norway

Lake Altevatnet

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    One of Norway’s largest lakes, the stunning Lake Altevatnet in Northern Norway is surrounded by incredible nature, with majestic mountains and lush forests lining its shores. If you fancy exploring the stunning wilderness that is Northern Norway, Lake Altevatnet is a must-visit natural attraction along the way.

    Let’s learn all about this wild and remote lake, including where exactly it is, how to get there, activities you can enjoy at Lake Altevatnet and other wonderful places to visit nearby.

    All About Lake Altevatnet

    One of the most beautiful lakes in Norway, Lake Altevatnet spans 80 square kilometers, making it Norway’s 11th-largest lake. Lake Altevatnet actually lies above the Arctic Circle and is surrounded by majestic snow-covered mountains and lush alpine forests.

    Water levels at Lake Altevatnet are controlled via a dam on its northwest bank, with its maximum depth being 99 meters (or 325 feet). The surface of the lake sits 490 meters (around 1600 feet) above sea level.

    Where is Lake Altevatnet?

    Located in Bardu municipality in Northern Norway, the picturesque Lake Altevatnet is only 10 kilometers away from the Swedish border and lies within one of the northernmost counties in Norway called Troms. This impressive lake is situated within a remote, rural landscape, surrounded on all sides by incredible nature.

    Lake Altevatnet in Norway

    How to Get to Lake Altevatnet

    Reaching Lake Altevatnet requires taking the Norwegian country road Fv847, which will take you through dense, green forests and beautiful mountainous landscapes until you reach the lake itself.

    You’ll need your own vehicle to reach this remote location. One of the best ways to see Lake Altevatnet and explore the breathtaking surrounding landscapes is by renting a campervan in Norway, so you can head off on your adventure and take your home with you as you go.

    Activities to Enjoy at Lake Altevatnet

    So, what exactly can you do at Lake Altevatnet? Here are some of our best suggestions for fun ways to enjoy your trip to this impressive Norwegian lake.

    Go Hiking at Lake Altevatnet

    In summer, hiking is a popular activity to enjoy at Lake Altevatnet. But, don’t worry, you won’t be part of a crowd because the lake’s location means it’s off the beaten path and, thus, off the radar of most tourists.

    You might like to hike to Lake Altevatnet, or around its shore, or even in the nearby mountains to enjoy an incredible view looking down on the water’s surface. Just make sure to wear sturdy hiking boots and bring all the necessary equipment and supplies to make the most of your Lake Altevatnet hiking experience.

    Take a Cross-Country Skiing Trip

    In winter, you can do some skiing or other snow sports in the snowy mountains surrounding Lake Altevatnet. What better way to spend a day in nature and soak in the breathtaking panoramas all around?

    Explore Norway’s Natural Wonders For Yourself!

    Who’s ready to visit Lake Altevatnet and its surrounding natural wonders? We certainly are! Let’s get packing and hit the road, ready for an epic Norway adventure. If you have any questions or need any help with campervan or motorhome rentals, feel free to contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help. Here’s to the next adventure!

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