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Campervan Play

When looking for a budget Norway camper van, the Renault Kangoo / Nissan NV200 / VW Caddy mini camper is the option to go. It is well equipped, easy to drive and affordable!

Campervan Play
  • Price per day from:1,550 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -35%

Campervan e-Play Electric

Rent our Peugeot Partner fully electric campervan and discover Norway in total peace and quiet.

Campervan e-Play Electric
  • Price per day from:1,335 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -10%

Campervan ECO Play Electric

Embark on an eco-friendly adventure through Norway with the 'Campervan ECO Play Electric'. This fully-electric, automatic marvel is perfect for duos seeking an affordable yet memorable journey!

Campervan ECO Play Electric
  • Price per day from:1,345 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -%

Campervan ECO Play Diesel

Explore Norway's majestic landscapes with ease in the ‘Campervan ECO Play Diesel’, perfect for couples seeking a hassle-free and economical journey. Hit the road with comfort and convenience at your side!

Campervan ECO Play Diesel
  • Price per day from:1,687 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -%

Campervan Auto

Embark on your Norwegian adventure with ease in the Campervan Auto, an automatic diesel campervan perfect for two explorers. Including ample storage, a gas cooker, and comfortable sleeping arrangements, it has everything you need to discover Norway's stunning landscapes.

Campervan Auto
  • Price per day from:1,729 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -5%

Campervan Play Max

Planning on exploring Norway in the company of your partner or best friend? With enough space for two people to have a good night's sleep, the Campervan Play Max comes with everything you need for your road trip adventure!

Campervan Play Max
  • Price per day from:1,725 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -7%

Campervan 4x4 Viking

The Vikings were famously fierce warriors, and so is this camper. Tackle through Iceland’s tough F-Roads with this robust, sturdy, and spacious 4x4 camper. Let Valhalla wait a bit longer!

Campervan 4x4 Viking
  • Price per day from:2,950 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -50%

Motorhome Cute

Big on comfort, compact space. The motorhome Cute can transform any road trip into a relaxing and pleasant journey. Everything you associate with an RV rental in Norway but in a smaller model. More than just a cute face.

Motorhome Cute
  • Price per day from:1,865 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -19%

Motorhome Premium

Have you always wanted to try that vagabond lifestyle but with a Premium touch? This RV is all you need when renting a motorhome in Norway! Comfort and convenience at the reach of your hand.

Motorhome Premium
  • Price per day from:2,015 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -20%

Motorhome Delight

Planning an unforgettable road trip to Norway, the Land of the Vikings? Renting an RV may not be the only way to travel, but it’s undoubtedly the best! Hire our Motorhome Delight, perfect for 4 adventurers, and enjoy every second of your journey!

Motorhome Delight
  • Price per day from:3,286 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -35%

Motorhome Comfy

Enjoy the warmth and coziness of this Rv and make it your home while driving in Norway. Its convenient features such as an in-built kitchen, WC and shower, make this one a bang for your buck!

Motorhome Comfy
  • Price per day from:2,800 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -35%

Motorhome Family

Supreme comfort and maximum performance at a great price. The Motorhome Family offers a glammed-up accommodation in Norway and, of course, a luxurious ride.

Motorhome Family
  • Price per day from:3,900 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -40%

Motorhome Delight Plus

Norway’s soaring white mountains, breathtaking fjords and emerald-green forests are beckoning to you! And what better way to answer the call than by renting our Motorhome Delight Plus, a house on wheels for up to 6 travelers with everything you’ll ever need on your Norse road trip.

Motorhome Delight Plus
  • Price per day from:3,286 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -35%

Motorhome Luxus

Discover Norway with all your family or close friends in our Motorhome Luxus. This RV is absolutely perfect for groups of up to 5 people and comes fully equipped with all the essentials you need on your journey around the Land of the Vikings!

Motorhome Luxus
  • Price per day from:3,105 NOK
  • Low Season!  Save -14%

Why Norway?

Questions or concerns? Consult our FAQ

Why Norway?

Questions or concerns? Consult our FAQ

Let’s go on an adventure!

Unbeatable prices. Premium customer service.

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Discovering Norway by camper

Discovering Norway by camper

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to dive into the depths of a natural paradise? Norway is home to glistening deep blue fjords and waterfalls, towering rugged cliffs and a state-of-the-art road network!

There has never been a destination more apt for exploring by renting a campervan! All you need to do to get started is:

1. Agree on a travel itinerary that suits you and your travel companions
2. Add a GPS to your rental to make sure you don’t get lost
3. Get in your Norway campervan rental and hit the road!

Renting a campervan in Norway translates to total freedom, not being tied down to day-trip itineraries or public transportation schedules. You’ll have a new backyard every morning, giving you a front-row view to magnificent landscapes every step of the way!

Thinking about taking the adventure to the next level? Perfect! Head on over to Trolltunga for amazing hiking trails, or head on over to Trysil, a ski center with tons of family fun!

What more is there to say? You’ve already set your sights on Norway, so book your camper rental and discover this wonderful country on your own time and in your own set of wheels!

Why Campervan Norway is the best campervan rental for you

Why Campervan Norway is the best campervan rental for you

The real question is, how can Campervan Norway not be the camper rental for you?

  • We only work with the most reliable and trustworthy local camper rental companies in Norway!
  • We’ve been in the car rental industry since 2013! It all began in Iceland and now we’ve decided to expand to Norway.
  • We strive to keep our prices competitive in order to offer the highest quality at cost price, keeping commissions DOWN and attention to detail UP.
  • Our camper rental fleet is limited to the best and most demanded vehicles on the market. We strive for quality before quantity, always.
  • Our customer service is second to none! Our response times are always below the hour (30 mins on average) and we go the extra mile to make your life easier.

As you can see, booking your camper rental with Campervan Norway is a guaranteed success. The best campers, at the best prices with an unparalleled customer service that has your back no matter what comes up. Come to Norway and begin your once-in-a-lifetime road trip TODAY!

Norway travel Q&A

In three easy steps, you can get an immediate quote and rent your perfect vehicle through our easy-to-use website.

Step 1:

Visit the booking section and select the dates and times for your trip.

Note that the vehicle pickup and return services are restricted to certain times depending on the type of vehicle.

  • Choose your pickup and drop off locations.
  • Pick the desired vehicle category.
  • Select any extra you might need, check the total price and press “Continue.”

Step 2:

  • We will need your personal and contact information. Make sure to fill everything out completely.
  • After that, the system will calculate 15% of the booking total. This amount must be paid to reserve the vehicle and it will be deducted from the total cost of the reservation.
  • Now you're ready to click “Confirm” and pay!

Step 3:

  • Our website is secured with an SSL certificate. Your data will be safely passed from your browser to the website’s server. The site will then take you to to complete your payment.
  • Make sure to fill in every field, then press “Pay.” After this, and in no time at all, you'll receive an email confirmation of your booking. Kindly check your spam folder as well.

We include the following:

  • Unlimited Miles (RVs only)
  • CDW insurance -Bed linen (campers only)
  • CD/MP3 Player / USB connection (only for certain models)
  • Local taxes included
  • 24/7 breakdown service
  • Bed linen (campers only)

  • Extra Insurance
  • Extra Drivers
  • Kitchenware
  • Equipment and accessories such as GPS, baby seats, bed linens, etc.
  • Fuel.

A PDF confirmation will be sent to you automatically once your booking has been confirmed in our system. We will also provide our office location via email so you can use it to find us upon arrival once the booking is managed.

For motorhomes you will pay the remaining balance 30 days before the start of the rental. One of our specialized agents will show you how and where to return the rented vehicle. Following their instructions and suggestions is highly recommended for an easy return process.

Since we will be perfecting your vehicle rental experience by cleaning and preparing the motorhome you have selected, there are specific pick-up times and return time windows for all of our motorhomes. If any delay is foreseen, we shall let you know in advance.

Of course! All of our customers can contact our 24/7 roadside assistance.

Our telephone number is always included in the rental agreement that you will be given upon arrival. Services will be there ASAP. If you are in an accident or need medical attention, call 110 (Fire), 112 (Police) or 113 (Ambulance).

It's simple and easy!

  • Principal renter's ID (passport preferably), original driver's license (should have been held for at least one year), valid credit card, which can be provided by the renter or any passenger upon pick up.
  • In the case there being more than one driver, please fill out Step 3 with their additional information. Each additional driver will have to show their photo ID/driver's license and passport the day of arrival.
  • Access to all of the vehicles that we offer at is available with a Category B driver's license.

Licenses from EU nations and International Driving Licenses are all valid in Norway. Driver's licenses (category B only) from countries outside of the European Union and Nordic countries are also valid if printed in Latin characters or if they're visible in the following languages: English, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish.

It's very important to have a credit card available to you in Norway to have a guarantee for your rental as well as to pay any fee derived from fines or speeding tickets.

The credit card and its owner must be present upon collection of the vehicle. ONLY in the unlikely event of property damage will any compensatory charges be applied.

Certain models require a guarantee deposit when the vehicle is picked up. Further information can be found in our T&C.

Get in contact with our customer support specialists if you have any further questions or comments concerning the rental process for your trip!

The minimum notice we require for shortening the rental period of a vehicle is 30 days. We cannot provide a refund for unused time - this applies to both late collection and/or early return of a vehicle. The same conditions apply once the rental has started. This is because we will be unable to rent out this vehicle again.

For all campervans: There is no cancellation fee only if the cancellation is made at least 15 days prior to the beginning of the rental. If the cancellation is made less than 15 days prior to the beginning of the rental, the cancellation fee will be the total cost of the rental.

For Campervan e-Play Electric and Campervan Play Max: There is no cancellation fee only if the cancellation is made at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the rental. If you cancel your booking more than 30 days before your pickup date, you will pay a fee of up to 50% of the total rental price. But if you cancel 15 days or less before pickup, the cancellation fee will equal the full rental cost.

For motorhomes Cute, Premium and Exquisite: If you cancel any of these models with 30 days or more before the rental begins, the cancellation fee is 15% of the total rental cost. In the case cancellation notice is provided 29 to 15 days before pickup, then you will pay a fee of up to 65% of the total rental price. For cancellations made from 15 days to 1 day before your rental starts, the cancellation fee can be up to the full 100% of the rental cost. There will be no refund for no-shows.

For motorhomes Comfy, Family, Homey and Luxus: The cancellation fee is the total cost of the rental for these models.

  • Damage to bumpers is common.
  • The gravel and mountainside roads could cause you to lose tire grip if you were to speed.
  • Stray animals crossing roads.
  • Unpaved or icy roads may prove to be a challenge when it comes to losing traction.
  • Norway is beautiful, but focusing on the views and not the road could be dangerous.
  • Daylight hours are long during the summer periods. That could lead to exhaustion.
  • High winds could cause damage to the doors.
  • Check your wheels constantly to see if you're driving on punctured or flattened tires.

Specifically, the Atlantic road is riddled with curves, dips, arches and other exciting but maneuverable challenges. However, during storms, high winds could cause car crashes.

Our agents are specialized in assisting our customers in providing the best recommendations that will suit your needs.

All you have to do is let us know your dates, vehicle occupants and the plans you have in mind. We will tell you which vehicle is the best option for your trip.

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