All About the Famous Voringsfossen Waterfall in Norway

Voringsfossen Waterfall

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    Cascading down the majestic Hardangervidda mountain plateau into the flowing Mabodalen Valley beneath, the impressive Voringsfossen is one of the most visited and famous waterfalls in Norway. With multiple cascades plummeting down into a powerful river, visiting Voringfossen is truly a treat for all your senses!

    Discover what makes Voringfossen special, where these famous falls are located, how to get there and top tips for your visit in our complete Voringsfossen, Norway guide. Ready? Let’s go!

    Voringsfossen Falls

    Facts About Voringsfossen Waterfall

    Learn more about the most famous waterfall in Norway with these fascinating facts!

    • A total of 182 meters high, Voringfossen Waterfall has a free fall of 145 meters.
    • In 2020, a bridge across the falls was opened, which spans 47 meters and consists of 99 steps.
    • There are several viewing platforms around Voringfossen, offering wonderful panoramic views of the falls.
    • Voringsfossen Waterfall is part of the beautiful Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda, which runs from the Hardangervidda mountain plateau to the Hardangerfjord.
    • Voringfossen Waterfall is the 83rd highest waterfall in Norway.
    • The name Voringsfossen derives from the verb ‘vyrda’, which means ‘esteem’, and the word ‘fossen’ or ‘foss’, which means waterfall. For this reason, you may see Voringsfossen referred to as Voringsfoss or Voringfossen.
    • Famous Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg, had a cabin nearby Voringsfossen Waterfall and visited the falls often.
    • Until the 1820s, Voringsfossen Waterfall wasn’t known by anyone other than locals.
    • The amount of water cascading down the falls fluctuates throughout the year, although an estimated 12 cubic meters of water per second flows down Voringsfossen between June and September.
    • Voringsfossen Waterfall is usually completely or partially frozen in winter time.
    • There’s a hydroelectric dam at the river near Voringsfossen, harnessing the power of the waterfall’s flow to produce electricity.

    Where is Voringsfossen Waterfall, Norway?

    Located in the heart of Fjord Norway in the southwest of the country just above the spectacular Hardangervidda National Park, Voringfossen Waterfall is close by to the village of Eidfjord. Voringfossen can be found at the western end of the epic Hardangervidda mountain plateau.

    Voringsfossen falls into the gorgeous Mabodalen Valley, which stretches from Eidfjord to Hardangervidda. You can view this epic Norwegian waterfall from either above or below, or both if you prefer!

    Voringsfossen Waterfall in Norway

    How to Get to Voringsfossen Waterfall, Norway

    The closest big city to Voringsfossen is Bergen on Norway’s east coast, which is around 2 hours 45 minutes away by car. The route from Bergen to Voringsfossen takes you along the E39 until you reach the E16, then you’ll follow Route 13 until you reach Route 7, which will take you to the waterfall.

    From the village of Eidfjord, Voringsfossen Waterfall is a 30-minute drive away along Route 7.

    Top Tips For Visiting Voringsfossen Waterfall

    • Be careful near the waterfall’s edge – It’s important to be mindful of your footing when viewing Voringsfossen Waterfall from above. Make sure to watch your step and keep away from the edge to have a safe visit to Voringsfossen.
    • Use the designated viewing platforms – The designated viewing platforms will give you the best views of the waterfall and ensure your safety, too. You can walk over the specially-built bridge for another incredible perspective of the falls.
    • Wear warm, waterproof clothing and shoes – No matter what time of year you decide to visit Voringsfossen, we recommend wearing warm, comfortable and waterproof clothing. This will help protect you from any rain showers and wind, as well as spray from the waterfall.
    • Hiking/walking shoes are a must – Sturdy walking boots will serve you well during your trip to Voringsfossen Waterfall, especially if you plan to follow one of the hiking routes or explore the beautiful natural area around the falls more.
    • Consider joining a guided tour – If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating waterfall, we recommend joining a guided tour of Voringsfossen Waterfall, where you can explore and learn all about this amazing natural wonder.
    • Parking and bathroom information – You’ll find parking facilities and bathrooms close to Voringsfossen at Fossli open from the start of April to the end of October. These dates can vary each year depending on weather conditions, particularly the amount of snow and ice.
    • Voringsfossen Falls in Norway

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