All About Folgefonna Glacier in Norway

Folgefonna Glacier

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    As mainland Norway’s third largest glacier, the mighty Folgefonna Glacier is, in fact, composed of three glaciers. One of the most scenic places in Norway for a hiking adventure, this remarkable natural wonder sits among lush greenery in a fairly remote fjord valley, making it an incredible place to visit to admire Norway’s natural beauty.

    Ready to learn more about Folgefonna Glacier, including where exactly this icy giant is located, how to get there and the top unmissable things to do at this epic glacier? Let’s go!

    Norway’s Epic Folgefonna Glacier

    Covering a total of 200 square kilometers, Folgefonna Glacier sits within one of Norway’s national parks of the same name: Folgefonna National Park. Situated in the very heart of Folgefonna National Park, this third largest of the around 1,600 glaciers in Norway has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for visitors who want to marvel at the majesty and beauty of this natural wonder for themselves.

    A popular place for hiking, kayaking, skiing and cycling, Folgefonna Glacier is made up of three glacial plateaus named Nordre (North), Midtre (Central) and Søndre (South) Folgefonna, and is surrounded by lush green valleys and flowing rivers. The maximum thickness of Folgefonna is 375 meters (1230 ft).

    Did you know? Glaciers are formed by the accumulation of snow and ice over many years, meaning you’re witnessing thousands of years of geological history when viewing Folgefonna Glacier – wow!

    Folgefonna Glacier in Norway

    Where is Folgefonna Glacier?

    Located in southwestern Norway in Vestland county, Folgefonna Glacier is close to the Norwegian west coast in the heart of Fjord Norway. To the east of Folgefonna Glacier lies the largest national park in Norway: Hardangervidda National Park.

    The nearest big city from Folgefonna is Bergen, which is 2 hours away. You’ll find Stavanger 4.5 hours away and, if you want to reach the glacier from the Norwegian capital of Oslo, you’ll need to drive for 6 hours.

    How to get to Folgefonna Glacier

    To reach Folgefonna Glacier, you can arrive by car, bus or by boat. You can take a bus from Bergen to Fonna Glacier Center, which is the place where most glacier hikes in the region start. As the glacier is almost entirely surrounded by Hardangerfjord, you’ll need to cross the fjord to reach Folgefonna. There are car ferries and a tourist boat that will allow you to reach the glacier.

    Kayaking in Folgefonna Glacier

    Top Things to Do at Folgefonna Glacier

    Planning to visit Folgefonna Glacier? Here are our top recommendations for amazing things to do when exploring this Norwegian glacier.

    Blue Ice Hikes at Folgefonna Glacier

    One of the most incredible ways to experience Folgefonna Glacier is by actually walking upon its surface for yourself. To enjoy a blue ice hike at Folgefonna, you’ll need an experienced guide and the proper hiking equipment.

    Taking a top-recommended guided Folgefonna Glacier hike is the best option, where your guides will tell you interesting facts about the glacier and its flora and fauna, plus you’ll be treated to spectacular panoramas from atop the glacier.

    Glide Along a Glacial Lake in a Kayak

    How does paddling in a glacier lake on an exclusive Folgefonna Glacier kayak trip sound? You’ll be able to glide along the crystalline blue waters passing close by this mighty Norwegian glacier itself. We guarantee that you’ll be in awe of the natural beauty all around you!

    Ski Down the Glacier

    What better way to experience the magic of an impressive Norwegian glacier than by skiing along its surface? If you’re a keen skier, you can take a 2-day ski tour along Folgefonna Glacier, which involves some lengthy hiking before embarking upon an epic glacier ski adventure – perfect for intrepid explorers!

    Cycle Along the Glacier Road

    Taking a cycling trip along the Glacier Road is an amazing way to experience the beauty of the surrounding icy landscapes from an excellent vantage point. Witnessing the transition of fjord to glacier as you cycle up the valley on an electric bike is a memory you won't soon forget!

    Enjoy a Delicious Meal With Glacier Views

    During the summer season, you can enjoy a tasty meal with stunning glacier views at the luxurious Fonna 1199 restaurant. Here, you’ll find a range of delicious meal options, including Norwegian specialities made from local ingredients.

    Folgefonna in Norway

    Have Your Own Norwegian Adventure!

    Enjoy your own trip to Folgefonna Glacier by starting to plan your own epic Norway adventure today. We highly recommend hiring your own car or campervan in Norway to give you the freedom to explore our beautiful country for yourself, traveling across majestic mountains, flowing fjords, green valleys, rushing rivers and lush forests.

    Got any questions? Feel free to contact us and our friendly team will be happy to help you out. We look forward to welcoming you to Norway soon!

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