Norway's Mountains: Guide to the 21 most important Mountains

Mountains in Norway

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    Norway, a land of breathtaking fjords, northern lights, and yes, magnificent mountains. For those wondering, does Norway have mountains? The answer is a resounding yes. From the rugged peaks of Trollheimen to the expansive plateaus of Hardangervidda National Park, Norway's mountains are a testament to nature's grandeur.

    What makes Norway's mountains so special?

    Norway's mountains captivate with distinct rock shapes leading to striking cliffs, enhancing the mountaineering experience. Norway's Mountains are special for the next reasons:

    • The Scandinavian Mountains: Often referred to as the backbone of the country, the Scandinavian Mountains stretch across Norway, offering hikers and adventurers a vast playground. It's here that one might ask, "What is the Norway mountain range called?" This is it.
    • The fjords: Carved by glaciers, Norway's fjords are dramatic sea inlets surrounded by steep cliffs. These are not just any cliffs; they are often the faces of mountains in Norway, plunging directly into the sea.
    • The glaciers: These icy giants, remnants of the last Ice Age, sculpted many of the valleys and hills in Norway, giving the landscape its unique shape.
    • The wildlife: From reindeer grazing in Dovre National Park to eagles soaring over Jotunheimen, the mountains are teeming with life.

    Norway´s Mountains

    The most important mountains in Norway

    Galdhøpiggen - 2,469 meters (Lom, Innlandet) 

    Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway with 2,46 meters. Galdhøpiggen stands tall as the highest mountain not only in Norway but also in Northern Europe. Located in the Lom municipality in the Innlandet region, this majestic peak is a part of the Jotunheimen mountain range. Its summit offers breathtaking panoramic views, making it a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers.

    Galdhopiggen, the highest mountain in Norway

    Snøhetta - 2,286 meters (Dovre, Innlandet) 

    Snøhetta is another gem in the Dovre municipality of Innlandet. It's the highest mountain outside the Jotunheimen range. Known for its distinctive shape and stunning surroundings, Snøhetta attracts numerous visitors each year, especially to its viewpoint which is accessible to all.

    Snohetta mountain in Norway

    Oksskolten - 1,916 meters (Hemnes, Nordland) 

    As the highest mountain in Northern Norway, Oksskolten is located in the Hemnes municipality in the Nordland region. This peak is renowned for its challenging hikes and the serene Kjennsvannet lake located nearby.


    Jiehkkevárri - 1,833 meters (Lyngen, Tromsø, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Jiehkkevárri, situated in the Lyngen Alps in Troms og Finnmark, is the highest mountain in the county. Its glaciers and challenging terrains make it a favorite among experienced mountaineers.

    Jiehkkevarri Mountain in Norway

    Store Trolla - 1,850 meters (Sunndal, Møre og Romsdal) 

    Located in the Sunndal municipality, Store Trolla is a part of the Trollheimen mountain range. Its name translates to "Big Troll," and it offers some of the most picturesque views in the Møre og Romsdal county.

    Rondeslottet - 2,178 meters (Dovre, Folldal, Innlandet) 

    Rondeslottet, the highest peak in the Rondane National Park, is situated in the Dovre and Folldal municipalities. Known for its unique landscapes and diverse flora and fauna, it's a haven for nature enthusiasts.

    Mountains in Rondane National Park

    Njunis - 1,717 meters (Målselv, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Njunis, located in the Målselv municipality, is a prominent mountain in the Troms og Finnmark county. It's known for its distinctive plateau-like structure and the panoramic views it offers.

    Kvitegga - 1,717 meters (Stranda, Ørsta, Møre og Romsdal) 

    Kvitegga, translating to "White Peak," is located in the Stranda and Ørsta municipalities. It's one of the most challenging peaks to climb in the region, offering thrilling experiences for mountaineers.

    Gjegnen/Blånibba - 1,670 meters (Bremanger, Vestland) 

    Situated in the Bremanger municipality, Gjegnen or Blånibba is a prominent peak in the Vestland county. Its rugged terrains and the surrounding landscapes make it a must-visit for hiking enthusiasts.

    Fresvikbreen - 1,660 meters (Vik, Vestland) 

    Fresvikbreen, located in the Vik municipality, is known for its glacier. This mountain offers a unique combination of challenging hikes and mesmerizing glacial views.


    Smørskredtindane - 1,630 meters (Stranda, Ørsta, Møre og Romsdal) 

    Located in the Stranda and Ørsta municipalities, Smørskredtindane is a series of peaks offering diverse hiking trails and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

    Store Lenangstind - 1,625 meters (Lyngen, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Store Lenangstind, situated in the Lyngen municipality, is a sharp and challenging peak in the Troms og Finnmark county. It's a favorite among mountaineers seeking thrilling climbs.

    Botnafjellet - 1,572 meters (Gloppen, Vestland) 

    Botnafjellet, located in the Gloppen municipality, is a prominent mountain in the Vestland county. It's known for its scenic beauty and the diverse flora and fauna it houses.

    Skårasalen - 1,542 meters (Ørsta, Møre og Romsdal) 

    Skårasalen, situated in the Ørsta municipality, is a popular hiking destination in the Møre og Romsdal county. Its summit offers panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and landscapes.

    Indre Russetind - 1,527 meters (Balsfjord, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Located in the Balsfjord municipality, Indre Russetind is a notable peak in the Troms og Finnmark county. It offers challenging terrains and breathtaking views, making it a favorite among hikers.

    Hamperokken - 1,404 meters (Tromsø, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Hamperokken, situated in the Tromsø municipality, is known for its sharp ridge and challenging hiking trails. It's a must-visit for those seeking adventure in the Troms og Finnmark county.

    Stortind - 1,320 meters (Tromsø, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Stortind, located in the Tromsø municipality, is a prominent peak offering stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and fjords.

    Langlitinden - 1,276 meters (Ibestad, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Langlitinden, situated in the Ibestad municipality, is the highest mountain on the island of Andørja. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding islands and seas.


    Møysalen - 1,262 meters (Hinnøya, Nordland) 

    Møysalen, located on Hinnøya island, is the highest mountain in the Vesterålen archipelago. It's a part of the Møysalen National Park and offers diverse hiking trails and stunning views.

    Store Kågtinden - 1,228 meters (Skjervøy, Troms og Finnmark) 

    Store Kågtinden, situated in the Skjervøy municipality, is a notable peak in the Troms og Finnmark county. Its unique landscapes and views make it a popular hiking destination.

    Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) - 604 meters (Forsand, Rogaland) 

    Preikestolen, also known as the Pulpit Rock, is one of Norway's most iconic tourist attractions. Located in the Forsand municipality in Rogaland, this flat-topped cliff offers breathtaking views over the Lysefjord. It's a must-visit for anyone traveling to Norway.

    Preikestolen, most famous mountain in Norway

    Popular activities in Norway's mountains

    • Hiking: With trails ranging from easy walks to challenging treks, there's something for everyone. And with views of famous mountains in Norway like Trolltunga or Kjeragbolten, every step is worth it.
    • Skiing: Norway offers world-class skiing opportunities, especially in its mountain ranges. After all, Norwegians practically invented skiing!
    • Mountaineering: For those seeking a thrill, mountains like Stetind offer challenging climbs with rewarding views.
    • Fishing: Crystal clear mountain lakes teem with fish, making it a favorite pastime for locals and tourists alike.
    • Camping: What better way to immerse oneself in nature than by camping under the stars? And if you're looking for a unique experience, consider renting a campervan from Campervan Norway. It's the perfect way to explore at your own pace.

    Planning your trip to Norway's mountains

    • When to go: While summer offers pleasant temperatures and longer days, winter transforms the mountains into a snowy wonderland.
    • How to get there: Norway's efficient public transport system, including trains and buses, makes it easy to reach most mountain regions.
    • Where to stay: From cozy mountain lodges to modern hotels, there's accommodation to suit every traveler's needs.
    • What to pack: Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. Layered clothing, sturdy hiking boots, and rain gear are essentials.
    • Safety tips: Always check the weather forecast, inform someone about your hiking plans, and be prepared for sudden changes in conditions

    Norway´s most famous mountains

    In conclusion, Norway's mountains are more than just towering peaks; they're a testament to the country's rich natural heritage. Whether you're an avid hiker, a skiing enthusiast, or someone simply looking to bask in nature's beauty, the mountains of Norway await. 

    And remember, while the peaks might challenge you, the views from the top are always worth it. So, are you ready to explore the majestic mountains of Norway? Don't wait; the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

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