Everything You Need to Know About Norway’s Raet National Park

Raet National Park

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    Covering 607 square kilometers of beautiful coastal and sea landscapes, Norway’s Raet National Park was created in 2016 to protect the special natural marine area it encompasses. A spectacular national park in South Norway, Raet is an unmissable location to visit during your Norway vacation.

    Learn all about Raet National Park in our complete guide to this amazing natural space in Norway, including where exactly it is, how to get there and all the incredible things you can do and see there.

    All About Raet National Park

    One of four marine national parks in Norway, 90% of Raet National Park is below sea level. With kelp forests, mud plains, eelgrass meadows and seabird breeding grounds, this stunning Norwegian national park is home to rich and diverse marine habitats, plus forests, seafront meadows, heaths and more amazing marine landscapes.

    The unique coastal landscapes of Raet National Park consist of sand, gravel, stone and clay deposits left behind when the vast glacier that once covered the area retreated during the last Ice Age. This means you can see landscapes formed 12,000 years ago when you visit Raet National Park!

    Where is Raet National Park?

    Located in Southern Norway, specifically within Arendal, Grimstad and Tvedestrand in Agder county, Raet National Park is around 3 hours and 20 minutes from the Norwegian capital, Oslo, by car. This wonderful natural space is situated along the Skagerrak coast, with the closest big city being Kristiansand, which is only an hour’s drive away.

    Raet National Park in Norway

    How to Get to Raet National Park

    Raet National Park is located just off the E18 (European Route 18), which is the main highway connecting the eastern and western regions of South Norway. To get to Raet National Park, you’ll need to take the E18 until you reach Exit 70, at which point you’ll need to drive a further 14 minutes on Fv409 and Fv192 to reach the park.

    Things to See and Do at Raet National Park

    While at Raet National Park, you’ll find a whole range of fantastic activities to do and beautiful things to see. Here are some of our favorites:

    Discover the Beautiful Flora and Fauna

    Did you know that Raet National Park contains protected lobster reserves, colorful heather fields and kelp forests? You can see all this and more when you visit the park for yourself. Don’t forget your camera to capture the incredible sights you’ll see!

    Walk Along the Pebble Beaches

    The stunning and serene pebble beaches of Raet National Park are beautiful places to take a stroll. Soak in the stunning coastal scenery as you set foot upon one of a handful of Norway’s marine national parks.

    Cycle Along the Coast 

    If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll love going for a bike ride through the spectacular natural landscapes of Raet National Park. A great way to keep fit and feel the refreshing coastal breeze rushing past you, cycling will allow you to see as much of the park as possible during your visit. 

    Soak in Incredible Views on a Boat Trip 

    You can take a guided boat tour of Raet National Park in the summer season. Lasting 2.5 hours, this boat trip costs 250 NOK (around $23 USD) for adults and 100 NOK (or $9 USD) for children between 5 and 15 years (children under 5 go free).

    National Park in Norway

    Camp Among Spectacular Nature

    Enjoying some good old-fashioned camping with a tent and pegs lets you get up close to nature and experience the beauty and serenity of your surroundings in a unique way. You can camp at Raet National Park if this takes your fancy!

    Glide Along the Water in a Canoe

    What better way to explore Raet National Park than by taking to the waters and gliding along in a canoe or kayak? Get ready for an aqua adventure!

    Fish in the Crystal Clear Waters

    For those who like to fish, you’ll definitely enjoy fishing in the rich marine habitats around Raet National Park. Home to a plethora of species, the waters here are open for fishing (apart from the protected lobster reserves).

    Have a Diving Adventure

    Snorkeling or scuba diving will allow you to see the incredible marine landscapes of Raet National Park up close, immersing yourself in the deep sea environment for an unforgettable adventure.

    Visit the Charming Harbors and Learn About Maritime History

    Lyngorfjorden Coastal Culture Center and Raet National Park Visitor Center is located on a picturesque harbor at Gjeving and is home to a fascinating maritime collection, including historic boat models and stories from seafarers during times of war and peace. You can also learn all about the natural diversity at Raet National Park.

    Raet National Park near Oslo

    Want to discover more of Norway’s incredible nature? You can explore more protected natural areas across this unique Nordic nation by visiting the beautiful Hardangervidda National Park, exploring Norway’s picturesque fjords, or marveling at the breathtaking Norwegian glaciers.

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