Your Guide to Flam, Norway + 10 Best Things to Do in Flam

Flam in Norway

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    Sitting in the heart of Fjord Norway, the picturesque Norwegian village of Flam is located on the bank of the innermost branch of Norway’s longest and deepest fjord: Sognefjord. This charming village looks like a painting with its incredible and vibrantly-colored natural landscapes.

    Let’s explore more about Flam, including what puts Flam on the map, how to get there and the top 10 things to do while in Flam, Norway.

    What is Flam, Norway Known For?

    One of the most popular destinations in Norway, the charming village of Flam is known for its stunning natural surroundings, situated by a spectacular fjord and nestled in a lush mountain valley. Incredible vistas of deep blues and rich greens await visitors to this unique Norwegian village.

    If you’re wondering ‘what is an interesting fact about Flam?’, perhaps the most interesting of all is that Flam sits at the end of the famous Flam Railway, also known as the Flamsbana. This scenic railway route is one of the world’s most beautiful and famous of its kind, running from the sea (Flam) to the mountains (Mydral).

    Flam’s popularity can lead some visitors to ask ‘is Flam a tourist trap?’, to which we can resolutely assure you that it’s not. While the railway route is known around the world due to its beauty and the museums in Flam are popular tourist spots, we can tell you that visiting Flam will give you a glimpse into authentic Norwegian village life, without the tourist traps! 

    Flam Town in Norway

    Where is Flam, Norway?

    Located at the end of Aurlandsfjord, which is a branch of the larger Sognefjord, Flam sits in the heart of Fjord Norway. Close to Næroyfjord World Heritage Park, Flam is around a 2.5-hour drive inland from the coastal city of Bergen.

    To get to Flam from the Norwegian capital of Oslo, you’ll need to drive for 5 hours in a northwesterly direction through Norway’s southern interior.

    How Long Should You Spend in Flam?

    A common question from travelers planning to visit this picturesque waterfront village is ‘is Flam worth staying overnight?’. If you’re wondering how long to spend in Flam, we highly recommend planning at least a one night stop-over in Flam, if it fits into your itinerary.

    While it’s possible to see many beautiful attractions in Flam in a day, staying overnight will allow you to spend more time enjoying some of the unique activities Flam has to offer, such as taking a fjord cruise, hiking in the beautiful mountains, taking the famous train route and experiencing the beauty of Flam at all times of day.

    Flam is also a perfectly-located overnight stop for those travelers planning to head further north to explore more of Fjord Norway, such as the spectacular Geiranger, or Northern Norwegian cities, including Trondheim. You’re also close to Bergen if you’d like to head to Norway’s western coast.

    10 Top Things to Do in Flam, Norway

    Wondering what to do in Flam? Look no further! Here’s our carefully curated list of the 10 best things to do in Flam for a wonderful vacation:

    Take the Flamsbana Train Ride

    Of course, first on our bucket list of things to do in Flam, Norway has to be enjoying a scenic ride on the famous Flamsbana. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the extraordinary vistas you’ll be treated to on this incredible train ride!

    Flamsbana Train Ride

    Visit the Historic Flam Church

    Dating back to the 17th century, the historic Flam Church is well worth a visit during your time in this beautiful Norwegian village. To reach Flam Church, you can take a short, beautiful hike along the river.

    Flam Church

    Glide Along the Fjord in a Boat

    Get up close to the flowing waters of Aurlandsfjord by taking a fjord cruise. An amazing way to explore Flam’s natural surroundings, spending an afternoon gliding along the fjord in a boat is the perfect vacation activity!

    Boat in Flam Fjord

    Relax at Flam Beach

    After a day of sightseeing, you might feel like having a sit down and enjoying the incredible views from the waterside. You can do just that on the greenery at Flam Beach, or you can even take a swim or go kayaking if you prefer a more active afternoon.

    Explore Flam Railway Museum

    Learn more about the historic Flamsbana train route at Flam Railway Museum, which is free to enter. Here, you can learn about technological rail developments and the fascinating stories behind the construction of Flam Railway: one of the steepest railways in the world!

    Flam Railway Museum

    Hike to Stegastein Viewpoint

    For an unparalleled view over Aurlandsfjord, you can hike up to the renowned Stegastein Viewpoint. At 650 meters above the fjord, the hike to this famous viewpoint is definitely worth the effort for the breathtaking vistas you’ll be rewarded with.

    Stegastein Viewpoint in Norway

    Fly on Flam Zipline

    Daredevils will definitely want to have a go on Flam Zipline: the longest zipline in the Nordic region at 1381 meters long. It goes without saying that taking this zipline will give you extraordinary views of the fjord, village, mountains and valley.

    Visit Rjoandefossen Waterfall

    While in Flam, you can visit the impressive Rjoandefossen Waterfall, which is located around 3 kilometers south of the village. Three falls cascade over 240 meters down the lush green mountain, making Rjoandefossen a stunning and dramatic waterfall to visit during your time in Norway.

    Rjoandefossen Waterfall

    Travel Back in Time at Otternes Bygdetun Farmhouses

    Up in the hills, you’ll find the historic Otternes Bygdetun, which is a collection of 27 buildings that make up this collective farmyard. Here, you can learn more about Norway’s cultural heritage, farm life and traditional handcraft techniques.

    Farmhouse in Norway

    Take the Rallartoget Sightseeing Tram

    The Rallartoget tram in Flam is a little motorized sightseeing train that takes you around the village and along the fjord to explore the valley and stand-out spots in Flam. Taking the Rallartoget is a fun, relaxing and insightful way to see Flam and learn more about this charming Norwegian village with the on-board audio guide in English.

    Plan Your Very Own Norway Adventure!

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    Flam in Norway

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