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Norway in Summer

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    Famous for its icy fjords and snowy mountains, you may be wondering what Norway is like during the summer months. With mild, warm weather and plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy in incredible landscapes, a Norwegian summer holiday has it all! Let’s discover all about Norway in summer to help you plan your perfect summer getaway.

    When is Summer in Norway?

    As a country in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summertime in Norway during the months of June, July and August. Summer can begin to arrive in Norway in late May. The weather starts to warm and ice starts to melt, giving way to beautiful natural waterfalls in Norway.

    The summery vibes can continue throughout September and into October in Southern Norway. On the other hand, fall arrives by September in the northern regions of the country.

    Norway Summer Holidays: the July Shutdown

    Norwegian summer holidays for schools are usually between mid-June to mid-August and last for around eight weeks.

    A Norway summer holiday tradition is to take around two to three weeks off in July. During Norway in July many Norwegians leaving the cities and heading to coastal areas of the country for an extended vacation.

    During this time, you’ll find the cities are much quieter than usual and many places are closed. But don’t worry, there are plenty more opportunities for you to explore all Norway has to offer during the rest of summer!

    Norway in Summer

    Midnight Sun in Norway During Summer

    Fancy a hike at midnight in the dazzling sunshine? Sounds magical, right? With extra long daylight hours, summer in Norway is a perfect time to experience the famous Midnight Sun for yourself.

    Due to Norway’s location, with Northern Norway sitting within the Arctic Circle, summer sees extended daylight hours. And, therefore, the season sees super short nights. This means the sun is still shining at midnight!

    Norwegian skies never really get fully dark anywhere in the country. Out of all the regions, Northern Norway is the optimal place to experience the true Midnight Sun. The further north you go, the shorter the nights get.

    Midsummer Eve, also known as Saint John’s Eve (‘Sankthansaften’ in Norwegian), is celebrated by locals on 23rd June with outdoor parties. Lighting bonfires is a popular pastime on Midsummer Eve, especially in Norway’s coastal and mountainous regions.

    Enjoy the Midnight Sun in Norway by taking part in one of these festivals, or taking a cable car ride for a magnificent view of the horizon. Tromso in Northern Norway and Bergen in the heart of Fjord Norway are two fantastic places to enjoy one of these Midnight Sun cable car rides in Norway.

    Norwegian summer

    Can I see northern lights in Norway in summer?

    No. This is because in summer daylight is constant almost 24 hours a day due to the tilt of the Earth. However, in winter it is just the opposite, with darkness that makes it easier to see the northern lights in Norway.

    Norway Weather in Summer

    With mild and warm conditions, Norway’s weather in summer is relatively predictable. However, there may be occasional rain showers and gusty winds. These winds will help to keep you cool, but can mask the strength of the sun’s rays – always remember to wear sunscreen!

    Even Northern Norway experiences mild weather in summer. Although, the southern mountains provide protection for the areas to the east of this range. This means these locations experience the warmest and most stable weather. This includes the south coast, where Norway’s capital, Oslo, is located. In fact, renting a motorhome in Oslo in summer is one of the most demanded plans in recent years.

    Western Norway’s weather in summer is the wettest of the whole country, with rain all year round. Fjord Norway and Northern Norway have the most changeable weather in summer. However, these areas are likely much warmer than you’d expect, due to the Atlantic Gulf Stream.

    Norway Temperature in Summer

    In Norway, summer spans July-August, marked by long days, including midnight sun, and stable weather, perfectly illuminating its breathtaking landscapes. Average temperatures range 12-18°C (52-65°F), often exceeding 25°C (77°F).

    Norway summer holidays

    What to Wear in Norway in Summer

    Wondering what to pack in your suitcase for your Norway summer vacation? Whilst the weather will generally be warm and mild, we recommend being prepared for all types of weather. 

    • Waterproof and windproof jacket. Necessary for all seasons in Norway, a waterproof and windproof jacket will help keep you protected in case of a showery spell.
    • Layers. Layers are the most important thing to remember when dressing for a Norwegian summer. With many types of weather possible, it’s a good idea to bring some T-shirts, jumpers, shorts, trousers, dresses and cardigans. Prepare for any season by bringing a variety of clothes, allowing you to remove or add layers as necessary.
    • Hiking shoes. If you plan to take any walking trips in Norway’s spectacular outdoors, hiking shoes are a must.
    • Swimsuit. Remember to bring your swimsuit if you plan to take a dip in the Norwegian seas and enjoy the beautiful summer ocean breeze!
    • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the dazzling Norway summer sun with your favorite pair of shades.

    Top Activities For Your Norway Summer Vacation

    Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the amazing variety of outdoor activities available to get involved with in Norway. Here are some of our favorite Norway summer activities to try on your vacation:

    • Hiking: Summer in Norway is the perfect time to go hiking and soak in the amazing scenery all around you. For example, the hiking to Trolltunga is a good option.
    • Coastal walk: If you fancy something a little less intense than a hike, why not take a peaceful stroll along Norway’s beautiful coastal regions? The southern coast of Norway comes alive during summer, bordered by vibrant flowers and tree life.
    • Kayaking: A fun way to explore Norway’s rivers, kayaking is a super popular summer activity in Norway.
    • Fishing: Summer in Norway provides plenty of opportunity to enjoy fishing. You can indulge in a traditional Norwegian summer dish by eating your freshly caught fish with potatoes, cucumber salad and sour cream. Popular fish for this dish are mackerel, trout and salmon.

    Norway summer holidays

    • Swimming: Bathing in Norway’s beautiful seas in the sunshine – what could be more relaxing?
    • Cycling: Want to take in more of Norway’s incredibly beautiful landscapes? Travel further while enjoying the great outdoors by taking a cycling tour through some of the country’s most lovely environments.
    • Camping: Summer in Norway is prime camping season. The perfect time to explore Norway’s beautiful natural spaces, camping is a fun summer activity for all the family.
    • Cultural discovery: Take a trip to one of Norway’s many amazing museums and galleries. You'll get to discover more about the fascinating history and cultural heritage of this Nordic nation.
    • Have a barbecue: In keeping with the Norwegian tradition of spending summer outdoors, having barbecues is a hugely popular activity with locals.
    • Enjoy ‘uteplis’: Another famous Norwegian summer tradition is to enjoy a beer outside in the sunshine. Known as ‘uteplis’, which translates as ‘outdoor beer’, this tradition is so popular that the first opportunity to drink a beer in a beer garden is announced in the media!
    • Food tour: Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a food tour around Norway’s cities and towns. You can go sampling some traditional Norwegian cuisine with a beverage of your choice in the glorious summer sun.

    Plan Your Perfect Norway Summer Getaway

    Inspired to start planning your own Norway summer adventure? Let us help you make your dream vacation a reality by exploring our affordable range of Norway campervan rentals. They are perfect for taking a tour through Norway’s amazing landscapes. 

    Giving you the ultimate flexibility and freedom, traveling by campervan will open up a world of possibilities to you! Explore the fjords of Northern Norway, venture up the mountains and take a tour of Norway’s beautiful coasts on your very own Norway summer vacation.

    Norway in Summer

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