Complete Guide to Visiting Norway in August

Norway in August

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    Wondering when to visit Norway for your epic travel adventure? You’ve come to the right place to get the lowdown on visiting Norway in August!

    Here, you can discover our favorite things to do in Norway in August. This guide includes must-see phenomena that you can only experience during the summer in this beautiful Nordic nation. We'll also include useful information about the weather and temperatures you can expect during your trip. Ready? Let’s go!

    Why Travel to Norway in August?

    You might be surprised that Norway in August is actually much quieter than the busy June and July period. While most Norwegians have holidays in July, most people will have gone back to work by the first or second week of August.

    June and July are considered prime summertime in Norway. By August, the crowds are thinning and queues are shortening, meaning you can enjoy a more peaceful summer vacation in Norway in August.

    With the beautiful summer weather, a whole host of fun outdoor activities to enjoy in the spectacular natural scenery. What’s not to love about visiting Norway in August?

    Norway in August

    Weather in Norway in August

    One of the warmest months of the year, the weather in August in Norway is the best you can expect to experience in this stunning Nordic nation. While weather in Norway is famous for being unpredictable and changeable, the weather in Norway in August is the most stable of any time of year. The skies are generally sunny and temperatures are warm.

    Average Norway temperatures in August are between 13 to 21°C (57 to 70°F), with frequent highs of 25 to 30°C (77 to 86°F). Definitely bring some sunscreen, as well as a rain jacket… just in case!

    Things to Do in Norway in August

    You’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding what to do when visiting Norway in August. Norway is an ideal summer vacation spot. It offers breathtaking fjord trips, scenic nature hikes, and enjoyable festivals. Let’s dive in and discover all the best things you can do during your time in Norway in August.

    Enjoy Norway’s Buzzing August Festivals

    There’s a whole range of festivals you can experience in Norway in August, from music to cultural extravaganzas! You can catch Oslo Chamber Music Festival and Oslo Jazz Festival if you’re a music lover. The multicultural Mela Festival is another one not to miss. It has free admission to a range of brilliant theatrical, dance, music and art and craft events.

    You might also like to check out Oya Festival, which is the biggest music festival in Oslo. It is held in the beautiful Toyenparken on the eastern side of the capital. Findings Festival is the one for you if you’re a fan of electronic music. There are also food and film festivals taking place throughout August, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!

    Summer festival in Norway

    Visit Norway’s Picturesque Villages

    While you’re exploring Norway in August, you’ve got to make sure you visit at least one of the country’s beautiful villages! Feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you stroll down the cobbled streets lined with colorful houses. Likewise, you can explore the quaint markets and independent shops.

    Some of our favorite historic villages in Norway are Lillehammer. It is surrounded by mountains and famous for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics. The tiny fishing village of Undredal, which is home to 500 goats and only 100 residents! Here, you can try the famous brown goat’s cheese delicacy.

    Things to do in Norway in august

    Go on a Midnight Sun Hike

    One of the best things to do in Norway in August is to experience the Midnight Sun! You can take a Midnight Sun hiking tour to soak in this unique phenomena in style: on top of a mountain with a glass of champagne in hand!

    This spectacular sight is best seen further north in the country, as the true Midnight Sun occurs above the Arctic Circle. However, you’ll still be able to experience a very late sunset and extremely short night in Southern Norway. For example, sunset is around 11pm in Oslo in August and nighttime only lasts for 5 hours.

    Midnight sun hike, Norway

    Explore Norway’s Breathtaking Fjords

    Norway’s fjords are some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. That’s why another of our favorite things to do in Norway in August is taking a stunning fjord cruise. Glide along the water as you marvel at the breathtaking mountains and greenery all around you.

    You can also walk along the fjords or take a more intense hike if you’re up for a challenge. Choose from a range of boat tours and guided walks. Or simply explore for yourself, depending on your preferred way to experience Norway’s incredible fjords.

    Norway's fjords in August

    Enjoy Some Water Sports at Norway’s Beaches

    Whether you’d just like to take a dip in the sea, or you’re up for surfing, kayaking or paddleboarding, you can enjoy a beautiful summer’s day at Norway’s beaches. If you prefer to stay ashore, you can join in a game of beach volleyball or simply sunbathe and relax.

    There are so many beautiful beaches in Norway to discover, such as Rambergstranda in the Lofoten Islands, Orrestranda near Stavanger and Paradise Bay in Oslo. Why not take some time away from the city to chill by the water? Ah, bliss!

    Beaches in Norway

    Take a Boat to the Lofoten Islands

    Your trip to Norway in August is not complete without a visit to the Lofoten Islands. This incredible island archipelago is full of gorgeous peaks, forests and fishing villages. Get up close and personal to nature as you take a scenic walk or drive through Lofoten.

    You can reach the Lofoten Islands by boat from the mainland, which makes for a beautiful time on the water. Another option is to fly if you want to save time or tend to get a little seasick. Once you’re there, we recommend exploring the capital, Svolvær, first, before heading down the coast. Check out these top Norway road trip ideas for a more in-depth guide to all the best places to visit in Lofoten.

    Lofoten Islands, Norway

    Go on a Spectacular Nature Walk

    If you’re looking for the most active and adventurous activity on our list of things to do in Norway in August, this one’s for you! Norway has some of the best and most beautiful hikes you can experience, including the magnificent Trolltunga hike. Reaching the top of this towering cliff gives you an amazing panoramic view over the lake below.

    Another of Norway’s most famous hikes is Preikestolen, also known as the Pulpit Rock hike. The mountain plateau offers stunning views of the fjord and is easily accessible from Stavanger. Get ready to breathe in the fresh air and feel revitalized!

    Hiking in Norway in August

    Take a Cultural Tour Through Norway’s World-Class Museums and Galleries

    Norway is full of world-class museums, galleries and cultural experiences to enjoy. Some of our favorites are the open-air Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. It is composed of 160 buildings in the city of Oslo. And the surrounding countryside, and the Fram Museum, which is all about polar exploration.

    For art lovers, we recommend both the Munch and Vigeland Museums in Oslo. Enjoy the interactive exhibits and soak in the most famous works by these artists as you tour these fascinating galleries.

    Norwegian museums in the summer

    Soak in the Beauty of Norway’s Waterfalls

    A trip to Norway in August is not complete without a visit to one of the 300 cascading waterfalls located all around the country. Some of Norway’s best waterfalls to visit are the beautiful Voringsfossen in Eidfjord and the Seven Sisters in Geirangerfjord. Tha latter is part of a UNESCO World Heritage area.

    We also love the majestic Tvindefossen. It is surrounded by lush greenery and appeared as ‘the fountain of youth’ in traditional Norwegian myths. If you fancy walking behind a waterfall, you can do just that at the remarkable Steinsdalsfossen near Bergen.

    Waterfalls in Norway

    Get Moving with Some Fun Summer Outdoor Activities

    Norway in August is the perfect time and place to enjoy some energizing summer outdoor activities. For example, having a barbecue, going fishing, cycling around the beautiful bike trails, or enjoying some wild camping.

    If you’re a keen forager, you might also like to partake in the Norwegian summer tradition of foraging for wild mushrooms and berries. August in Norway is the perfect time for harvesting wild raspberries, lingonberries and chanterelle mushrooms. Just make sure to check which berries and mushrooms are safe to pick and eat beforehand, then prepare to enjoy a beautiful time amongst nature!

    Things to do in Norway in august

    Your Norway in August Adventure is Awaiting!

    Inspired to make your dream Norway in August adventure a reality? We can help you out with your vacation planning by providing you with affordable Norway campervan rentals. They are perfect for the road trip of a lifetime!

    Do everything on this list and much more by taking your Norway road trip during the beautiful summer season. Enjoy that relaxing vacation you’ve always been wanting. Time to buckle up and hit the road – the fjords are waiting!

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