3 of the Best Norway Road Trips

Norway road trip

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    Ready to hit the road and discover Norway’s most iconic and beautiful sights for yourself? You’ve come to the right place! Get the lowdown on the top Norway road trip routes, making sure you visit all the must-see sights along the way.

    Whether you’re looking for a short road trip adventure or an extended exploration, our Norway road trip itinerary is here to help you.

    What’s the Best Time for a Norway Road Trip?

    While the sight of Norway under a winter blanket of snow is beautiful, many roads in Norway may be closed during the winter months in Norway. Then it is definitely not ideal for a road trip! Some of Norway's mountain and tourist routes remain closed during winter due to weather conditions in Norway.

    Therefore, late spring, summer and early autumn are the best times for a Norway road trip, allowing you to explore to your heart’s content. Taking a Norway road trip during the months of May to September will give you the best experience. It'll enable you to visit all of the most spectacular natural sights in Norway.

    Here are 3 of our favorite Norway road trips you can take during these months to truly enjoy the beauty that Norway has to offer:

    Norway road trip

    Lofoten Norway Road Trip Adventure - 7 Days

    Located within the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten islands are a stunning and unique archipelago. They bursting with incredible nature everywhere you turn. Let’s explore where you can go on a Lofoten driving tour: one of the most popular Norway road trip routes!

    • Day 1 - Svolvær: As the capital of Lofoten, Svolvær is the perfect place to start your Norway road trip. You can arrive in Svolvær, the gateway to Lofoten, by plane or ferry. This mountainside town is right next to the coast, giving you plenty of chance to soak in the beautiful natural scenery of Norway.
    • Day 2 - Kabelvag: Further down the E10 (the Lofoten national tourist route), you’ll arrive in the beautiful village of Kabelvag. Both the route and village are extremely beautiful, set among towering mountains, lush greenery and the calm coast.
    • Day 3 - Henningsvær: Next up, we reach the fishing village of Henningsvær. You can reach it by traveling further along the E10 and taking the beautiful, waterside route 816 to the south. Here, you can enjoy a coffee by the harbor, stroll around the quaint streets and explore Henningsvær’s many craft shops and art galleries.
    • Day 4 - Eggum: Next, we’ll take the E10 again towards the northwest for around an hour to reach Eggum. This is the perfect stop for you if you’re looking for something more remote. Connect with nature in its purest state as you watch the spectacular sunset and sunrise over Eggum beach. You may even be able to spot the Northern Lights while you’re here!
    • Day 5 - Ballstad: For the next stop on our incredible Norway road trip in the Lofoten islands, we’ll head southwest towards the village of Ballstad. One of the largest fishing villages in Lofoten. You can enjoy some fun activities at Ballstad harbor, including kayaking, snorkeling or diving.
    • Day 6 - Reine: Another hour further south. We end up at the picturesque fishing village of Reine, where you can see red and white huts lining the water against a backdrop of mighty mountains. Why not take a boat trip to enjoy the incredible spectacle of the nature at Reine?
    • Day 7 - Å: Our last stop on this brilliant Norway road trip is Å: a village towards the southern tip of the Lofoten islands. With just over 100 inhabitants, Å is known as one of the best-preserved traditional fishing villages in Norway. Enjoy this final stop of your Norway driving tour by breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the beautiful sights all around you!

    Lofoten road trip, Norway

    Classic Norway Road Trip - 7 Days

    Aiming to travel round the top Norway sights in a week? Our 7-day Norway road trip itinerary will help you make the most of your time.

    • Day 1 - Alesund: This beautiful entrance to Geirangerfjord is the perfect place to start our week-long Norway road trip. Enjoy the panoramic views of the stunning architecture and surrounding mountains of Alesund.
    • Day 2 - Geiranger: Let’s venture deeper into the spectacular natural scenery that Norway has to offer at our next stop en route: Geiranger. Here, you can take a boat tour on the fjord to soak in the stunning landscape. Enjoy and drench in the tranquility of this waterside location on your trip around Norway.
    • Day 3 - Loen: Next, we’ll head to the unique village of Loen in the internal part of the Nordfjord region. A must-do on your time in Loen is taking the Loen skylift for once-in-a-lifetime views over the fjord itself.
    • Day 4 - Bergen: For a city adventure, we’ll head to the charming city of Bergen next, which is surrounded by mountains and fjords. With colorful wooden houses and cobbled streets, the beautiful coastal city of Bergen is one not to miss on your Norway road trip itinerary.
    • Day 5 - Stavanger: Further south, we end up at Stavanger, where you can visit the 12th century Stavanger Cathedral. Enjoy beautiful views as you explore the city’s streets and soak up some of Norway’s rich history in a variety of museums.
    • Day 6 - Kristiansand: Along Norway’s south coast we reach the city of Krisitansand, which has a major port with ferries to Denmark. Why not take a waterfront stroll and enjoy a well-deserved rest and some delicious cuisine at one of the harbor restaurants.
    • Day 7 - Oslo: Last but not least, we end up in Norway’s capital city of Oslo. A short visit to Oslo is enough to appreciate the city's beauty and liveliness by taking a stroll or bus tour around.

    Trip around Norway

    Extended Norway Road Trip - 10 Days

    Got a bit more time to enjoy your Norway road trip? Let’s explore an extended Norway road trip itinerary, suitable for a 10 day trip around the best sights Norway has to offer.

    • Day 1 - Oslo: We’ll start renting a motorhome in Oslo, where you can get a taste for the eclectic and vibrant capital city vibes, before making your way to Preikestolen. Don’t worry – you’ll have more time in Oslo on the last day!
    • Day 2 - Preikestolen: The perfect stop for keen hikers, the hike to Pulpit Rock (or Preikestolen), is one not to miss on your Norway road trip. This unique mountain structure provides a fantastic photo opportunity of panoramic views over the water below.
    • Day 3 - Bergen: For our third day, we’ll head south to the city of Bergen: the second-largest city in Norway. Here, you can wander among the colorful houses and take the Fløibanen Funicular (cable car) up the mountains for more awe-inspiring views!
    • Day 4 - Balestrand: Next, we’ll head to the small historical village of Balestrand, where you can enjoy some respite from the hustle and bustle. Take a trip to the beach, admire the stunning views of forests and mountains, and explore the cute village center while in Balestrand.
    • Day 5 - Geiranger: For some fantastic natural scenery that will take your breath away, we’ll head to Geiranger. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its outstanding natural beauty. Enjoy a fjord cruise or peaceful walk to soak in the beautiful sights during your amazing trip around Norway.
    • Day 6 - Kristiansund: Further along the west coast, we’ll reach the small town of Kristiansund, which is one of the most densely populated cities in Norway. This unique town is spread across three tiny islands connected by ferries – have fun exploring!
    • Day 7 - Trondheim: The seventh day of our brilliant Norway road trip takes us to Trondheim: the third-largest city in Norway. Full of fascinating museums, a Gothic cathedral dating back to the 11th century and a beautiful harbor, Trondheim is one not to miss.
    • Day 8 - Dombas: As we follow the E6 route back to Oslo, we’ll stop at the small village of Dombas for a taste of rural Norwegian life. You can enjoy a skiing adventure at Dombas, or you can cycle around the bike routes at the stunning natural parks here to soak in the unspoiled nature.
    • Day 9 - Hafjell and Lillehammer: We recommend stopping at Hafjell to enjoy a world-famous ski resort that even hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994! Lillehammer is a nearby ski resort town that offers opportunities to enjoy nature, visit museums, and relax by the water with a cup of tea.
    • Day 10 - Oslo: On our final day of this 10-day Norway road trip extravaganza, we’ll head back to the city of Oslo. We'll enjoy more of the beautiful sights, galleries and Norwegian cuisine on offer here.

    Norway road trip itinerary

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    Norway road trip

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