How Much Does a Trip to Norway Cost?

Norway travel cost

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    Are you wondering ‘how much does a trip to Norway cost?’ when researching your dream trip to this beautiful Scandinavian nation? Well, your Norway vacation cost may actually be much less than you expect!

    Whatever your budget, you can enjoy a fun and adventurous trip to Norway. With plenty of free attractions and natural scenery to explore, Norway has so much to offer for visitors on every kind of budget.

    Discover the cost of accommodation, transport, admission to famous attractions. Likewise, all about food and other key expenses on your vacation with our ultimate Norway trip cost guide. Let’s dive right in!

    Is Norway Expensive for Tourists?

    You may have heard that Scandinavia is famously expensive for tourists. High Norwegian salaries mean both the standard and cost of living in Norway is higher than many countries.

    While Norway does live up to its reputation of being an expensive place to visit, you can definitely enjoy an affordable Norway vacation. The best places to see in Norway are actually free to access!

    Most tourists travel to this beautiful Scandinavian country to see the stunning natural scenery. There are plenty of free and fun ways to experience Norway’s awe-inspiring natural spaces.

    Norway trip cost

    How Much is a Trip to Norway?

    The cost of a trip to Norway can vary greatly, depending on the choices you make about where to stay and what to do. For example, eating out for each meal will definitely increase your Norway vacation cost significantly. Whereas cooking for yourself can lower your budget dramatically.

    For around 800 Krona ($75 USD) a day, you could stay in a hostel, prepare your own meals and enjoy free activities around Norway.

    With around 1500 Krona ($140 USD) a day, you could stay in a private Airbnb room, enjoy some meals out and some paid activities. For a private hotel room, you’ll need to budget around 1200 Krona ($120 USD) a day.

    Can you stretch your Norway vacation budget to around 2700 Krona ($250 USD) a day? Then you can stay at a high-end hotel or rent an apartment. Indulge in paid excursions (such as a beautiful fjord cruise or sunset cable car ride) and sample some of the best Norwegian restaurants.

    Accommodation Costs in Norway

    While hotels, guesthouses and hostels can all be expensive, there is a range of options to suit all Norway trip budgets. Renting an apartment can start from around 960 Krona ($90 USD) a night, but most will cost 1500 Krona ($140 USD) a night or more.

    For around 540 Krona ($50 USD) a night, you can find a hostel or even a private room in Norway. You may be able to get special deals and discounts if you plan to stay for an extended period of time, which can keep your total Norway trip cost down.

    The good news is that camping is either free or cheap, with plenty of wild camping spots and dedicated campgrounds to choose from. A very popular option for exploring Norway, camping lets you get up close and personal with the gorgeous nature.

    Whether you choose camping in a tent or renting a campervan in Norway, this option will save you a few bucks. And give you freedom to explore to your heart’s content.

    Norway accomodation prices

    Norway Food Prices

    You may be surprised to learn that Norway food prices are actually affordable when shopping at the supermarket. If you’re on a budget, you can choose own-brand products and cook more meals for yourself. This is actually a great way to learn some traditional Norwegian recipes!

    It’s a good idea to budget more for food than you likely would do at home because most goods in Norway do have higher costs. For example, a loaf of bread costs an average of 30 Krona (just under $3 USD) and a 1.5 liter bottle of water costs around 21 Krona ($2 USD).

    If you’d like to experience some Norwegian cuisine, you can take a trip to some local food trucks, pop-up restaurants, street food vendors or fast food joints.

    For a more lavish experience, you can enjoy a restaurant meal out. An average meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs 200 Krona (around $18 USD). And a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant in Norway will set you back about 900 Krona ($85 USD) for two people.

    Transport Costs in Norway

    Public transport is a great and fairly inexpensive way to travel around Norway. Transport costs in Norway are around 40 Krona ($4 USD) for a one-way public transport ticket, and taxis cost 15 Krona ($1.50 USD) per kilometer.

    A brilliant and cost-effective way to travel around Norway is by campervan. Combine the two costs by investing in a rental motorhome in Norway for your trip, allowing you to sort your accommodation and travel at the same time.

    Traveling by campervan will allow you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy whichever parts of Norway call to you for a very reasonable cost.

    How much is a trip to Norway

    Famous Norway Tourist Attraction Admission Prices

    As we’ve mentioned, many of the most famous and beautiful tourist attractions in Norway are free to visit. If you fancy spending a bit on some paid attractions, here’s a guide to some of the main experiences to help you factor these into your Norway trip cost:

    • The Fram Museum in Oslo for maritime and polar exploration - 145 Krona ($13.50 USD)
    • The Viking Planet Museum in Oslo - 260 Krona ($24 USD)
    • City sightseeing bus - 450 Krona ($42 USD)
    • Fjord cruise - 450 Krona ($42 USD)
    • Funicular in Bergen - 120 Krona ($11 USD)
    • Guided three-hour walking tour, e.g. of Bergen - 1700 Krona ($160 USD)
    • Pulpit Rock guided hike - 900 Krona ($85 USD)

    Some of the best free attractions and places to visit in Norway are: Vigeland Park, the stunning fjords, Trolltunga and Oslo City Hall. Also, the Botanical Gardens in Oslo, Kjerag Mountain and Sognsvann Lake. We also recommend exploring the beautiful cities of Tromso and Bergen, as well as going on a Northern Lights hunt in Northern Norway.

    Norway vacation cost

    Top Tips to Budget for Your Norway Trip

    Make your Norway vacation the best it can be with our top tips for saving money during your time in this spectacular and unique country.

    • Book ahead of time - Keep your Norway trip cost down by booking as much as possible beforehand. This includes accommodation, rental vehicle and ticket attractions. Norway is (unsurprisingly!) a popular tourist destination, so things tend to sell out quickly. Guarantee the best price by booking as early as possible.
    • Book attractions online: Booking tickets for attractions can be cheaper online, so make the most of the discounts!
    • Travel passes and city cards: There are travel passes available to help you save money when exploring a particular city, such as the Bergen Card. These passes often include public transport travel and free admissions to major attractions, such as museums and more.
    • Self-guided tours: A major way you can reduce your Norway trip cost is exploring the beauty of Norway for yourself, without a guide. This is perfectly possible for most attractions. Be aware that some more difficult hikes do require a guide.
    • Travel in low season: If you’d really like to lower your Norway vacation cost, we recommend planning your Norway trip for during the low season. Experience Norway covered in a blanket of snow and beat the crowds. All while enjoying lower prices in general when visiting Norway during winter.

    Norway travel cost

    Make Your Dream Norway Vacation a Reality!

    Convinced to make your dream Norway vacation a reality? Let’s start by planning your dream itinerary. Then, take a look at reserving your accommodation and transport online to work out your total Norway vacation cost.

    Take a look through our range of affordable Norway campervan rentals to get an idea of the campervan and motorhomes we have available for you. Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful home country soon!

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