All About the Arctic Circle in Norway

Arctic Circle in Norway

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    Does the Arctic Circle run through Norway and, if so, where is the Norway Arctic Circle
    boundary? We’ll explore these questions and more in our complete guide to everything you need to know about the Arctic Circle in Norway, including where this important line sits and how you can visit the magical Arctic Circle for yourself – exciting!

    What is the Arctic Circle?

    So, first of all, what exactly is the Arctic Circle? Well, the Arctic Circle is an invisible line of latitude that runs all the way around the Earth, centering on the North Pole. All land and sea that lies 66.5º north of the equator or above sits within the Arctic Circle.

    This cold and northernmost area of the globe contains the Arctic, the northernmost parts of Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Greenland and Alaska. Within the Arctic Circle, you can experience the spectacular natural phenomena of Polar Nights (24 hours of darkness) and the Midnight Sun (24 hours of daylight). The amazing Northern Lights are also visible within the Arctic Circle during wintertime.

    Arctic Circle

    Is Norway in the Arctic Circle?

    Yes, part of Norway lies within the invisible boundary that is the Arctic Circle.

    Not all of Norway is in the Arctic Circle, though; only a section of the most northerly part of the country lies within the Arctic Circle.

    Where is the Arctic Circle in Norway?

    The Arctic Circle runs through the northern region of Norway, specifically through Nordland county. This means that any areas of Norway that are located north of this line are within the Arctic Circle.

    Some of the major towns and cities located within the Arctic Circle in Norway are Tromso, Bodo and Alta. In fact, Tromso is actually known as the Arctic Capital, due to its fascinating cultural heritage and diverse population.

    The Arctic Circle Centre in the Saltfjellet mountains in Northern Norway was built in a specific location so the Arctic Circle itself runs through the center of the building – how cool is that?!

    Hiking in the Arctic Circle

    How Close is Bergen, Norway to the Arctic Circle?

    If you’re wondering how close Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, is to the Arctic Circle, the answer is not very close! Bergen is actually over 1,200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, with the drive from Bergen to the Arctic Circle Centre taking over 18 hours (or just over 3 hours by plane).

    Can You Visit the Arctic Circle in Norway?

    Although the Arctic Circle is an invisible line, there are places you can visit to mark your arrival at the place where the Arctic Circle would be on a map. As well as the Arctic Circle Centre in the Saltfjellet mountain range, there is an Arctic Circle Monument you can visit to commemorate your experience crossing this magical line.

    Visiting Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle Monument in Norway

    You’ll find the Arctic Circle Monument in Norway on Vikingen Island, a tiny island located off the west coast of Norway. This polar circle globe is a striking spherical structure made out of metal and a constant favorite of photographers.

    How Do You Get to the Arctic Circle in Norway?

    It’s easy to visit the Arctic Circle in Norway by renting a campervan and heading off on an epic road trip. On your very own self-guided tour, you can stop off at the magical Arctic Circle Centre to take some pictures, walk along the marble path that marks the location of the Arctic Circle and get a special ‘Arctic Circle stamp’ for your postcards in the gift shop. While you’re there, you might also want to check out the lovely café serving authentic Norwegian dishes.

    Alternatively, you can visit the Arctic Circle in Norway by taking the train along the Nordland Railway, which runs from Trondheim to Bodo through the Saltfjellet mountains – epic views are guaranteed!

    Arctic Circle in Trondheim

    Plan Your Own Epic Norway Arctic Circle Adventure!

    Have you ever dreamed of crossing the Arctic Circle for yourself? Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience during your Norway vacation by planning a trip up north to the snowy landscapes, icy cities and rugged wilderness of the Norwegian Arctic Circle region.

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