Complete Guide to Visiting Norway in March + 10 Top Things to Do

Norway in March

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    With longer daylight hours as spring approaches, incredible natural scenes to enjoy in the glowing winter sun and a chance to view the epic Northern Lights, March is a beautiful time to visit the Nordic paradise that is Norway. 

    When visiting Norway in March, you’ll need to know what kind of weather to expect, what to bring along and all the best things you can do during your vacation. That’s where our complete guide to visiting Norway in March will help. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

    Is March a Good Month to Visit Norway?

    March is a wonderful month to visit Norway if you’d like to enjoy a cold-weather adventure among breathtaking scenery without too many tourists around. The longer days and dark nights create the perfect combination of amazing opportunities to view the Northern Lights and plenty of time to spend out and about adventuring around the country’s cities, towns and wonderful natural areas.

    Compared to visiting Norway in January or taking your vacation to Norway during February, March offers warmer temperatures and longer days with a similar degree of quiet and fewer tourists than the peak travel season. As March is an off-peak month, you’ll be able to explore the incredible mountains, fjords and coasts of Norway without the crowds – perfect!

    March in Norway

    Weather in Norway in March

    Winter is slowly melting into spring during March in Norway, although you can still expect cold weather throughout the month. The weather in Norway in March is fairly changeable, with potential rain showers, snowfall, cloudy and sunny days, so it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality!

    Coastal cities, like Bergen in West Norway, are known for being particularly rainy, whereas you’ll be more likely to experience sunshine in the capital of Oslo in South Norway. You might also experience some windy conditions during your trip to Norway in March, so we recommend bringing a windproof coat, if possible.

    As for the average temperature in Norway in March, you can expect a minimum of around -4ºC (25ºF) and a maximum of around 5ºC (41ºF). The further north you go, the colder the temperatures will be, with the Arctic city of Tromso in Northern Norway averaging between  -2ºC (28ºF) and -7ºC (19ºF).

    Daylight Hours in Norway in March

    With the lengthening days, visiting Norway in March will give you plenty of time to head out and about exploring the incredible landscapes and amazing cultural heritage across this beautiful country. You can expect to experience around 10 hours of daylight in Southern Norway and around 11 daylight hours in Northern Norway.

    In Oslo, the average sunrise time in March is 07:15 and sunset is at 17:45. Further north, in Tromso, you’ll be able to see the sunrise at around 07:00 and the sunset at around 16:45. Wherever in Norway you choose to visit during your March vacation, you can experience some truly magical sunrises and sunsets among pristine nature – sounds good, right?

    Can You See the Northern Lights in Norway in March?

    For those of you with seeing the Northern Lights on your bucket list, you’ll be happy to learn that yes, you can indeed see the Northern Lights in Norway in March. Northern Lights viewing season is from September to April, with March offering a great chance of clear skies.

    With dark skies from late afternoon to early morning, there are plenty of hours to spot the incredible aurorae dancing across the sky during your Norway March vacation. The further north you go, the better chance you’ll have of seeing the Northern Lights, with areas away from light pollution providing the best locations to witness this magical light show for yourself.

    Northern lights in Norway in March

    Can You See Fjords in Norway in March?

    Yes, you can see fjords in Norway in March! In fact, March is a wonderful month to visit Norway’s breathtaking fjords, whether you choose to take a lovely hike along the bank of a fjord or glide along the water on an idyllic fjord cruise.

    With an incredible array of fjords to choose from, Norway is truly a natural wonderland.  You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when choosing which Norwegian fjords to visit!

    Norway in March Packing List

    When packing for your Norway March adventure, you’re going to need a few essential items. Let’s take a look through our packing list to help you get prepared:

    • Waterproofs – As you may witness a few rain showers during your Norway vacation in March, waterproof layers are a must. We recommend wearing waterproof outer layers, including shoes, to make sure you stay warm and cozy all day.
    • Thermal layers – Thermal layers are super important for keeping warm during the winter season. In Norway in March, temperatures can be pretty chilly, so thermals are a brilliant solution to help keep your body heat in – toasty!
    • Winter coat – Protect yourself from the elements during your vacation to Norway with a good quality winter coat. The best coats are warm, waterproof and windproof, such as a winter parka.
    • Hat, gloves and scarf – You’ll also be very glad you brought along your hat, gloves and scarf to help stay warm during your time in Norway in March. A hat that covers your ears is the best bet.

    10 Top Things to Do in Norway in March

    Wondering what to do in Norway in March? With so many fun activities to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start! But, don’t worry – we’ve created a top 10 things to do in Norway in March list to help you out. Let’s go!

    Explore some charming Norwegian villages

    Experience the cute and quaint vibes of Norway’s traditional villages, such as Geiranger and Lillehammer, during your March vacation to get a true taste of authentic Norwegian life. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the colorful houses reflected in the water surrounded by majestic mountains – wow!

    Warm up in a Norwegian sauna

    March is the perfect time to visit a traditional Norwegian sauna, which is inside a wooden cabin known as ‘badstue’, which translates to ‘bath cabin’. You’ll usually find some ice water nearby, meaning you can enjoy the ultimate cleanse with some hot and cold therapy if you’re feeling daring enough.

    Norwegian Sauna

    Watch or take part in the World Codfishing Championship

    During March, the World Codfishing Championship takes place in Lofoten, Norway. Whether you want to watch or take part in fishing for skrei (Atlantic cod), this is the perfect time of year to get involved and the perfect place, with Lofoten holding the title of the largest cod fishery in the world.

    Enjoy utepils with friends

    Uteplis means enjoying a beer outdoors with friends and is a classic Norwegian tradition to welcome spring. On the first sunny day of the year, you can find many locals sitting outside enjoying a beer, soaking in the rays and having a pleasant chat together. Why not get involved by enjoying a beer of your own?

    Explore Norway’s vibrant capital, Oslo

    With a whole range of fascinating museums and galleries that offer a special glimpse into Norway’s cultural heritage, plus many trendy bars and restaurants, Oslo deserves a dedicated portion of your Norway vacation to properly explore and appreciate this wonderful city. You can plan some museum trips for any rainy days to make the most out of your vacation time.


    Sample some unique Norwegian cuisine

    There’s nothing better than heading to a cozy restaurant for a warming meal after spending all day outside exploring in the winter chill. During your Norway vacation, you’re sure to want to taste some of our traditional Norwegian delicacies, such as farikal (mutton and cabbage stew) or torrfisk (dried cod).

    Be wowed by the scenic Oslo-Bergen train ride

    Norway is famous for its train rides for a reason – they’re breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly scenic from start to finish. The Oslo-Bergen line is a particular standout, taking you through lush green mountain valleys, forests and fjords. Spending some time on a train is a wonderful way to stay warm while soaking in the incredible views of Norway’s nature at the same time.

    Learn about Sami culture by visiting a traditional Sami camp

    An incredible and unique experience you can enjoy during your trip to Norway in March is visiting a Sami camp, where you can learn all about the Sami people, their rich culture and  fascinating history. You’ll also be able to meet the reindeer and soak in the beauty of the Arctic landscapes.

    Sami Camp in Norway

    Participate in Holmenkollen Ski Festival

    Any avid skiers out there will love to take part in Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo, which starts in late February and runs through to mid-March. First held in 1892, this historic Nordic skiing event is one not to miss!

    Enjoy some epic winter sports

    Fancy trying snowshoeing, sledding or snowmobiling? Well, your Norway March vacation is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Spending an afternoon among the expansive snowy landscapes of Norway’s mountains and glaciers is an incredibly refreshing and exhilarating experience, no matter which winter sport you choose to try.

    Top Travel Tips For Visiting Norway in March

    Here are our top travel tips for visiting Norway in March to help you have the best trip possible!

    • Check the weather forecast – We recommend taking a look at the Norway weather forecast when planning your trip itinerary so you can make the most of those sunny days and avoid any rain showers.
    • Look up road conditions beforehand – Before heading out on your day trip, it’s a good idea to check the Norway road conditions to make sure your planned route is clear.
    • Take a look at the aurora forecast – If you’d like to see the Northern Lights, we recommend checking the Northern Lights forecast in Norway to find out your probability of seeing the spectacualr aurorae on a particular day.
    • Book ahead of time – As Norway is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, we recommend booking things as early as possible, including your accommodation, rental vehicle and activities. This way, you can make sure to secure your top choices.

    Weather in Norway in March

    Plan Your Ultimate Norway in March Adventure!

    Who’s ready to set off on their very own Norway in March adventure? Let us help you out with securing your rental vehicle for the trip of a lifetime. We recommend traveling by campervan for the ultimate flexibility and freedom during your vacation, taking your home with you as you go and roaming wherever your heart desires.

    Our range of affordable and reliable campervan rentals in Norway are the perfect choice for your March vacation. Got any questions? Feel free to contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help you out. Happy exploring!

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