Guide to Glamping in Norway: Best Norway Glamping Options

Glamping in Norway

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    Fancy experiencing the spectacular natural beauty of Norway from the comfort of a bubble hotel, log cabin or igloo? You can do just that with a glamping trip in Norway, spending time among the country’s beautiful fjords, lush forests and stunning mountains while enjoying all the conveniences of your luxury accommodation.

    Get up close to nature without sacrificing your comfort on a Norway glamping vacation. You can find out everything you need to know to plan the perfect Norway glamping experience here, including top accommodation options and where to go glamping in Norway.

    What is Glamping?

    Glamping is ‘glamorous camping’, giving you all the traditional benefits of camping, but a more luxurious experience. When glamping, you’re essentially experiencing an upmarket version of camping, where you can still be close to nature, but enjoy all the conveniences of a modern accommodation solution.

    You’ll find all the facilities and amenities you need to experience Norway in comfort, including a large bed, bathroom and electricity. Glamping options are usually located in fairly remote or secluded natural areas, away from big towns or cities, so you can soak in the beautiful natural environment in style.

    If you choose to go glamping, you won’t have to bother with any of the worst aspects of camping, including the not-so-comfy air mattresses and sleeping bags, the cold of staying in a tent and needing to construct and carry all the equipment. Phew!

    Can You Go Glamping in Norway?

    Yes! Norway has a whole range of glamping options, including some really unique accommodation solutions that you’ll only find in this beautiful Nordic nation. When glamping in Norway, you can choose from bubble rooms, glass igloos, Arctic domes, yurts and other beautiful glamping options.

    If you’ve considered camping in Norway, you might like to upgrade your experience and explore the options for glamping in Norway instead! Just keep in mind that glamping is, of course, more expensive than camping, so the cost of your Norway trip will be higher if you decide to go glamping.

    You can go glamping in Norway at any time of year, whereas camping can be too cold during the winter months. If you plan to visit Norway in summer, such as a Norway July vacation, you could choose between glamping and camping, as it will most likely be warm enough for either. Glamping will always be more comfortable, though!

    Lyngen North Igloo hotel in Norway

    Top Options For Glamping in Norway

    So, which glamping options would we most recommend in Norway? With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when researching for your Norway glamping trip. Let’s get started by exploring some of our top picks for glamping in Norway!

    Arctic Domes

    If you’ve heard of a Norway bubble hotel, it’s most likely referring to a dome accommodation option, or maybe even one of Norway’s glamping igloos. The domes are a super popular choice for glamping in Norway, as you still get the tent experience, but without sacrificing any of the comforts of a hotel.

    Located right by the waterside of Hegni outdoor area, next to Hartevatn Lake, The Village Hovden Geodesic Dome is one such Norway bubble hotel. You’ll find the dome warm and cozy, no matter if the rain is pouring, snow is falling or wind is howling outside. Here, you can also participate in fun activities, including paddle boarding, yoga and boat trips.

    Another great option is NorGlamp’s Arctic Domes, where you can wake up with a spectacular waterside view from a comfy queen size bed and even enjoy the luxury of a heated bathroom!

    Glass Igloo Hotel

    Where better to stay in Norway than an igloo? Why not enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping in an igloo during your trip to Norway?

    Lyngen North Igloo Hotel in Northern Norway is one of the best glamping igloos you can choose, with 180º igloos, 360º igloos and houses to choose from. If you want to plan a glamping Northern Lights trip with a high likelihood of spotting these beautiful dancing lights for yourself, this is the perfect glamping igloo for you, as it’s located in the very north of Norway above the Arctic Circle.

    Igloo hotel in Norway

    Ice Hotel

    Take the igloo to the next level by staying in a world-class ice hotel. Probably the most unique hotels in Norway, ice hotels are fully carved of ice and snow, just like something from a film.

    Sorrisniva is the world’s northernmost igloo hotel, located close to the Norwegian town of Alta in the far north of the country. This impressive Arctic hotel is carved anew out of the ice every year – magical!

    You can also spend a magical night in the Arctic ice and snow wilderness at the incredible Snowhotel Kirkenes, which is open 365 days a year.

    Hanging Tent Cocoons

    How about a treetop adventure? The amazing hanging tent cocoons at Treetop Ekne in Norway’s troll forest near Levanger offer just that! These unique floating tents let you sleep among the trees (literally!) and soak in the cleansing fresh air of the forest.

    You can also enjoy a beautiful tree tent to experience at TypiskSnertingal, which is about a 2-hour drive north from Norway’s capital of Oslo. 

    Tree house in Norway


    All the way from central Asia, yurts have become a popular glamping option across Europe in recent years. Staying in a yurt in Norway gives you a brilliant opportunity to sleep in the middle of incredibly beautiful natural landscapes.

    The Mongolian yurts at Hardanger Basecamp are set at the tip of the Hardanger fjord among stunning waterfalls and mountain valleys. Each yurt is equipped with heating, electricity and facilities for campfire cooking.

    Elements Arctic Camp Yurts are another great Norway glamping option, perfect for keen hikers and kayakers. Here, you’ll be glamping right at the oceanside in a serene and tranquil eco camp.

    Sami Lavvos

    Experience a night in a Sami lavvo tent to learn how the Sami people live. The indigenous population of Norway, the Sami, traditionally slept overnight in lavvo tents as they followed their reindeer herds.

    At Inga Sami Suda, you can spend the night in a luxurious lavvo tent while learning about Sami culture, experiencing Sami cooking and meeting the reindeer! There’s even a jacuzzi and sauna on site that you can use.

    Sami Lavvos, glamping in Norway

    Log Cabins

    Log cabins are a fun and comfortable option for glamping in Norway. Located right by the sea in Kristiansand in Southern Norway, Roligheden Camping is an incredible glamping option, offering beautiful views of the surrounding trees and hills.

    Offering a comfy and cozy accommodation solution, staying in a log cabin gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring. You can find a whole range of log cabins from those located on the coast, to mountain cabins, to countryside cabins in the forest at Norgesbooking cabins in Norway.

    Go Glamping in Norway!

    Ready to plan your perfect Norway glamping vacation? Get started by checking out the accommodation options and choose which of these unique hotels in Norway suits you best.

    Another fantastic way to experience Norway is traveling by campervan, allowing you to take your home with you wherever you go and explore the beauty of the country to your heart’s content. However you choose to experience Norway, the beautiful landscapes are waiting for you!

    Let’s go on an adventure!

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