Guide to Camping in Norway + 10 Best Norway Campsites

Camping in Norway

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    Planning a camping trip in Norway? You’ll be pleased to know you’ve picked one of the best places in the world for wild camping! If you’re ready to experience waking up with a breathtaking view of the fjords, keep reading to discover all you need to know about camping in Norway.

    We’ll guide you through important Norway camping rules and our list of the best campsites in Norway. Plus, top tips on when the best time to camp in Norway is and whether a campervan or RV will suit you best. Let’s go!

    Norway Camping Rules: Can You Camp Anywhere in Norway?

    First things first, let’s clear up what the camping rules are in Norway. You’ll be happy to know that you can camp almost anywhere in Norway!

    This is thanks to the Right to Roam principle, which says that you’re free to explore certain natural areas. Because Norwegians love to spend time exploring the outdoors, the right to access nature is actually written into the law.

    You can camp on public land among the forests and mountains. As long as they're, at least, 150 meters away from any private property, occupied buildings or any private campsites. If you keep this distance away from any cultivated land (e.g. parks and gardens), you can enjoy a beautiful night sleeping under the stars.

    Camping Norway

    Note that you can camp in a natural spot, following these rules, for one night. If you’d like to stay for two nights in the same place, you’ll need to ask the landowner’s permission. This applies unless you’re in a very remote area or in the mountains.

    Also note that these principles apply for camping with a tent. Campervans and RVs need to be parked at a designated camp area to help preserve the natural environment.

    Aside from this, the main rule to follow when camping in Norway is to be respectful and considerate of the natural landscape. Leave the place exactly as you found it. Make sure to pick up any rubbish and only empty toilets in the areas that are clearly signposted; doing so elsewhere is strictly prohibited.

    Wild Camping in Norway

    If you’re in the mood for some wild camping, Norway is an amazing place to do so! Simply find a spot among the idyllic landscape to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in the fresh air. What could be better than being greeted by the feeling of sunlight warming your skin in the morning?

    Just be aware that there are some restrictions on free camping in Norway, in particularly touristy spots. Restrictions usually happen during the summer months. This applies in some areas of Lofoten and Fjord Norway. In these spaces, you must pitch your tent in a designated campsite. You’ll be warned by the ‘no camping’ signs around the area.

    Having a Campfire When Wild Camping in Norway

    When wild camping in Norway, you can have a campfire from 15 September to 15 April. However, during the summer season, open campfires in nature are forbidden. The exception to this rule is if you’re in a place where the fire hazard is low, such as by the coast or at an approved campfire site.

    You can check the forest fire risk in Norway, specific to your location, before lighting a fire. If you do decide to make a campfire, it’s important to bring firewood from home or use twigs that are already on the ground. Bear in mind it’s not allowed to chop down any trees. Also, it’s your legal responsibility to make sure the fire is safe and doesn’t spread. You must also completely extinguish the fire before you leave.

    Camping Law in Norway

    Fishing When Wild Camping in Norway

    Fancy trying some fishing when wild camping in Norway? You’re allowed to fish in saltwater, including the sea and some fjords, without a fishing license. However, fishing in freshwater, such as lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, requires a license.

    These inland areas of freshwater can have different fishing rules depending on their location. It’s then best to check any specific local rules. Also note that any fish you catch must be for your own use, and you can only bring a certain number of fish across the border.

    Top fishing tip: Make sure to disinfect your fishing equipment when changing the water you’re fishing in. This makes sure to stop the spread of fish diseases.

    Foraging When Wild Camping in Norway

    You can pick berries and mushrooms for personal use when wild camping in Norway, as long as they are not on private property. Make sure the berries are ripe before you pick them and that you’ve checked which are safe for consumption.

    Can You Camp in the Fjords?

    Yes, you can camp in the fjords of Norway! The awe-inspiring fjords are an amazing place for wild camping in Norway. It allows you to start your day with a quick dip in the water, before taking a breathtaking walk along these incredible natural wonders.

    Fjord Norway, located in the western area of the country, is bursting with picturesque and dramatic landscapes for you to explore. You can enjoy a challenging hike or relaxing fjord boat tour to soak in the beauty of the fjords, before finding a space to set up camp for the night.

    Fjord camping in Norway

    Is it Easy to Camp in Norway?

    With over 1000 campsites in Norway set among the country’s beautiful natural scenery, you’ll be spoilt for choice for a place to rest your head. Whether you choose to camp with a tent, campervan or RV, there are so many outdoor spaces in Norway that you can stay for the night.

    Outdoor exploring is a major part of national life in Norway. You’ll find natural spaces are well-signposted and each local area has its own rules to protect the environment. It’s easy to find out where you can and can’t camp, with a whole range of places being free and available for camping in Norway.

    Campsites Versus Wild Camping

    If you’re considering whether to try wild camping in Norway, or whether to stick to designated campsites, here are a few things to consider:

    • Campsites have all the necessary facilities, such as showers, bathrooms and kitchens, so this can be a more comfortable camping experience. You can choose to break up your days, so one day you try wild camping, then the next stay at a campsite, which will allow you to shower and wash frequently.
    • You might prefer to stick to a campsite for the safety element, as you’ll be around fellow campers in an area that is usually safer from natural risks.
    • Wild camping allows you to experience the freedom and beauty of nature to the max. You can really get up close to Norway’s beautiful lakes, forests, mountains and fjords.
    • You have more freedom to choose a specific location when wild camping, as you’ll have the whole of nature to explore!

    Ultimately, whichever you choose, camping in Norway is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

    Wild camping in Norway

    Camper, RV or Motorhome For Camping in Norway?

    Choosing between a camper, motorhome and an RV for your Norway adventure? The choice of which vehicle to travel in comes down to your own needs as travelers. If you have a larger group and need more room, an RV or motorhome might be more comfortable for you.

    When choosing a motorhome rental in Norway, you have several choices of different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your group.

    If you’re traveling solo or as a couple, a campervan should have enough room for you. Taking a campervan rental in Norway will allow you even more flexibility and freedom. Campervans are generally smaller than RVs, which can be handy for narrower roads and remote natural exploration.

    Motorhome camping in Norway

    Best Time to Go Camping in Norway

    Late spring, summer and early autumn are the best times to go camping in Norway. As the weather is warmer and it’s much more pleasant to be outside in the summer temperatures. During the winter months, many campsites are closed and some natural areas are also inaccessible due to snow and ice.

    The camping season in Norway runs from April to September, with July being the busiest month due to Norwegian holidays. It gets combined with many international visitors touring the country at the same time.

    10 Best Campsites in Norway

    1. Ramberg Gjestegard

    Located in the stunning Lofoten Islands, Ramberg Gjestegard campsite offers space for tents, campers and RVs. Here, you’ll find a small service building with all the facilities you need. Best of all, you’ll be right in front of the sea by a beautiful, white sand beach at the foot of some towering mountains!

    1. Moysand Family Camping

    In Southern Norway, we recommend Moysand Family Camping, which is Norway’s only 5-star campsite! With all the necessary facilities, including a washer and dryer, this campsite is a brilliant location for an overnight stay. You’ll be close to a beautiful coastal trail and the picturesque town of Grimstad.

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    1. Trolltunga Camping

    One of the best campsites in Norway, Trolltunga Camping is located between two of Norway’s most beautiful national parks. It is the perfect location for keen hikers. Trolltunga Camping has space for 60 tents, motorhomes and campers and offers all the necessary facilities.

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    1. Geiranger Camping

    Perhaps one of the most spectacular camping sites for getting up close to nature. Geiranger Camping is located by the UNESCO World Heritage Geirangerfjord, offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance to camp on the bay of a fjord surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery.

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    1. Preikestolen Camping

    Another one for keen hikers, Preikestolen Camping is located in the Stavanger region of Fjord Norway. It is the ideal place to start from when hiking to the famous Preikestolen mountain plateau. You will find sanitary facilities and grill posts here, as well as a restaurant and souvenir shop!

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    1. Ringoy Camping

    Want something a little more remote? We recommend Ringoy Camping, which offers room for tents and campers along the shores of Hardangerfjord. Spend a night among the spectacular landscape here, as you soak in the peace and tranquility of nature at this beautiful fjord.

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    1. Skottevik Feriesenter

    At Skottevik Feriesenter in Kristiansand, you can enjoy some fun activities, including beach volleyball and canoeing, or dine at the onsite restaurant. This beautiful camping site in Norway’s southern region gives you easy access to the beach and surrounding forests.

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    1. Fagernes Camping

    For inland Norway locations, Fagernes Camping is one of our favorites. This award-winning campsite offers places for tents and campervans. You can also enjoy cabins and apartments set in the beautiful Valdres Nature Park. Perfect for exploring!

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    1. Lillehammer Camping

    In Eastern Norway, we suggest checking out Lillehammer Camping for a gorgeous location surrounded by trees, nearby the charming town of Lillehammer. With all the necessary facilities and 250 pitches for caravans and RVs with access to power, this handy campsite is open all-year-round.

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    1. Botnen Camping

    Heading north along the coast of Fjord Norway? We recommend checking out the beautiful and understated Botnen Camping. It is located on the coast of Sognefjord around 1.5 hours drive from Bergen. This small, well-equipped camping site offers peace and quiet for your night of camping.

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    Get Ready for Your Unique Norway Camping Adventure!

    Who’s feeling excited for their own Norway camping trip? We definitely are! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you plan your very own Norway camping tour, whether you choose to pitch a tent or rent a campervan.

    We can help you out with the first steps of making your dream Norway vacation a reality with our range of affordable Norway campervan rentals. Simply choose your favorite and hit the road, ready to sleep among marvelous fjords and glistening lakes – ahh, bliss!

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