Major cities of Norway

Major cities of Norway

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    Norway, with a population of 5,344 million is one of the most important Nordic countries. Its stunning landscapes, culture, rich architecture and kind citizens make this country quite appealing for potential visitors and even returning travelers who simply could not resist coming back.

    What are the Major cities of Norway?

    If you are planning your first trip to Norway and you have yet to decide the cities to visit, keep reading. We are starting a route along the major cities in Norway and the things you could do in each of them.


    Known as ‘’the city of the seven mountains’’ or ‘’the heart of the fjords’’. Bergen is one of the most enchanting cities of this Scandinavian country and the second largest.

    From charming cottages, very popular markets and museum, to diverse aquariums, Bergen will not ever bore you, even if it rains for about 200 days a year, pretty impressive right?

    Things to do in Bergen


    Bryggen is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Due to a great fire back in 1702 which destroyed the whole city, and the old Hanseatic wharf, it was then rebuilt exactly how it was, to maintain its charm. Bryggen now is a very attractive place to go for a walk, relax and enjoy the beautiful buildings, very good restaurants, cafés, museums, shops and markets, which leads to the next stop:

    Fish market

    If you are near the old wharf, the fish market is right by it and you really cannot miss it, as it is one of the most visited markets in Norway. Not only you will find a wide variety of fish, seafood, and veggies. There are also very good restaurants, perfect for a good lunch.


    One of the largest art, craft, music and composers home museums of all Scandinavian countries. Perfect for a rainy day when you feel like doing indoor activities.


    Being one of the oldest cities of the country, Stavanger owes its growth to the oil industry, which is one of the largest ones in Europe. This beautiful city has so much to offer to its visitors, and here are some activities and places that are worth mentioning:


    40 kilometers long, this fjord is one of the largest of southern Norway, with mighty mountains that goes up to 1,000 meters.

    The Pulpit Rock is an obligated stop, as well as mount Kjerag, the sights are indeed one of the best of the whole country.

    Øvre Holmegate

    The colorful street located in the center of the city will be a total delight for your eyes. It is just a little street full of shops, cafés and restaurants that are painted in vibrant colors, attracting many visitors to enjoy a very pleasant evening to give the winter a little twist.

    Stavanger Cathedral

    It is the oldest and best preserved cathedral of all Norway. It was supposedly built in 1125.

    Close to the harbor, you will find this incredibly beautiful piece of history. It is so old that locals often ask this fun question: What came first? The city or the cathedral?

    Oslo, Capital of Norway

    The capital of Norway, is the most populated city of the Viking country. Not only that, it is also the most ethnically diverse city and it is where the King and Queen of Norway live.

    So what can you do in the capital?

    Frogner Park

    With 212 sculptures made of bronze and granite, this park is the perfect activity if you want to spend a good time outdoors effortlessly.

    Oslo Opera House

    The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is right on the harbor; the building is such a beautiful ‘iceberg-shaped’ construction that cannot be missed if you visit Oslo. One of my favorite parts of it, is that you can go to the roof top and you will get an incredible view of the Oslofjord.

    Royal Palace

    If you are new to Monarchy, or have never been to a country where there is a King, this is the right place to do it. You can do a guided tour in summer or if you are just stopping by, you can see the changing of the guard at 13:30.

    Aerial view Oslo - Major cities of Norway


    Lastly, the third largest city of Norway, Trondheim is a very old, yet changing and adapting city, as it is home to a huge population of students and now it is considered the technology capital of Norway.

    Here are some of the best things to do in one of the most interesting cities of Norway.


    With 124 meters (406ft.), it is in fact the tallest building in Norway. Either you want to just enjoy the view from up there, or enjoy a delightful dinner at its revolving restaurant, Tyholttårnet is the place to go.


    Who does not love music? A rock and pop museum offering different themed rooms for every music style of each decade (from the 50s until now). There are fun activities that your teens and of course yourself will enjoy.


    A little charming neighborhood that feels like it was take from a fairy tale. Fortunately, this place was saved from becoming a main road, thanks to protesting students, architects and residents, Bakklandet is still intact and ready to welcome everyone who wants to spend a lovely day in cobblestone streets and picturesque shops and restaurants.

    As a little bonus, the Northern lights are a must see if you visit Norway. But you cannot really see them that well in the cities mentioned above. If you want to spot them in their best form, I suggest you to get an RV and add Tromsø to your Norway’s bucket list.

    Incredible sunset in Trondheim - Major cities of Norway

    Major cities of Norway

    Museums, historical places, natural attractions, architectonical wonders and much much more. The major cities of Norway should be your top destinations when visiting Scandinavian countries.

    Major cities of Norway

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