Top 15 best waterfalls in Norway

 waterfalls in Norway

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    Did you know that Norway is home to over 300 waterfalls, including the 10 highest waterfalls in Europe? With such an impressive array of spectacular waterfalls, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which Norway waterfalls to visit.

    But, not to worry! We’ve done the hard work of narrowing down these hundreds of options to our top 15 favorite waterfalls in Norway. Why not take a look through our carefully selected list of top Norway waterfalls to decide which ones you’d like to add to your vacation itinerary? Let’s go!

    1. Voringsfossen

    This waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Norway. Voringsfossen drops 182 meters into a narrow gorge and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway. Located in Eidfjord, this waterfall has a viewing platform and even a 47-meter-long bridge over the falls! You can take a beautiful hike around the canyon to see Voringsfossen if you fancy an adventure.


    2. The Seven Sisters

    Located in Geirangerfjord, the Seven Sisters is made up of seven separate streams that cascade down the mountainside. A fun Norway waterfall to visit, the Seven Sisters are part of a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage area that’s full of flowing waterfalls. At 410 meters high, the Seven Sisters are truly a spectacle to behold!

    Seven Sisters waterfall

    3. Kjosfossen

    Only accessible by train, Kjosfossen is located along the world-famous Flam Railway line. This scenic Norway waterfall drops 93 meters and can be visited at any time of year, even when snow turns the falls icy!

    waterfalls in Norway

    4. Langfoss

    The fifth-highest waterfall in Norway, Langfoss drops 612 meters and is located in Akrafjorden. Known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, the stunning Langfoss can be viewed in all its glory from the top of the mountain. You can also take a fjord cruise to enjoy Langfoss from the comfort of the water.

    Landfoss waterfall, Norway

    5. Tvindefossen

    Appearing in Norwegian myths as the ‘fountain of youth’, Tvindefossen is a must-visit Norway waterfall. Here you can experience its elegant water flow among lush greenery. Located in Voss, close to the village of Vossevangen, this waterfall drops 110 meters.


    6. Manafossen

    Surrounded by beautiful scenery and hiking trails, Manafossen is 92 meters high and is located in Rogaland. The good news is that the hike to this gorgeous Norway waterfall only takes half an hour!

    7. Steinsdalsfossen

    This waterfall, located near Bergen, has a unique feature in that you can walk behind the waterfall and stay dry! Another popular Norwegian waterfall to visit, Steinsdalsfossen drops 46 meters. The greatest water flow by volume for this Norway waterfall occurs in May and June when the snow melts.

    Steinsfalsfossen waterfall in Norway

    8. Vinnufossen

    As the highest waterfall in Europe, we had to include Vinnufossen in this top Norway waterfalls list. Cascading 865 meters down, Vinnufossen is also the seventh-highest waterfall in the world! Located in Sunndalen in northwest Norway, this stunning Norwegian waterfall has to go on your must-visit list.


    9. Hengjanefossen

    You’ll find the scenic waterfall of Hengjanefossen in Lysefjorden around 2.5 kilometers from the famous Pulpit Rock hiking spot. Why not combine seeing these two beautiful sights in an adventure-filled day? The gorgeous natural scenery at Hengjanefossen can be enjoyed on a boat tour or fjord cruise.


    10. Latefossen

    This Norway waterfall is the main must-see sight in Oddadalen, which is known as the ‘valley of waterfalls’. Easily accessible from Route 13, the water of Latefossen drops 165 meters. It then flows underneath a stone bridge that was completed in 1859.


    11. Mardalsfossen

    With a total drop of 705 meters, Mardalsfossen consists of several tiers, with two main drops and several smaller tiers underneath. The best time to visit Mardalsfossen is during the summer season in Norway of June to August. Fun fact: the water of Mardalsfossen is converted into hydroelectric power!

    Mardalsfossen, Norway

    12. Likholefossen

    Fancy taking a walk over a bridge crossing a spectacular Norway waterfall? You can do just that at stunning Likholefossen. Another Norwegian waterfall located along Route 13, Likholefossen drops 35 meters. Get up close to the magical forces of nature by experiencing this waterfall crossing for yourself.

    Likholefossen waterfall in Norway

    13. Storseterfossen

    One of the most popular waterfalls in Norway for hikers, you can also walk behind Storseterfossen. A favorite spot for hiking in the Geiranger area. This 30-meter tall Norway waterfall is set among gorgeous mountains, making for an awe-inspiring day trip.

    Storseterfossen, Norway

    14. Feigefossen

    This 218 meter waterfall flows around picturesque, lush greenery. Located in the heart of Fjord Norway, Feigefossen is a brilliant choice to add to your must-see Norway waterfalls list. You can take the fairly easy 30-45 minute hiking trail to enjoy Feigefossen up close with panoramic views.


    15. Gudbrandsjuvet

    Located near Alesund in the fjords, this Norwegian waterfall is part of a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by trees. Dropping around 25 meters, Gudbrandsjuvet is the perfect waterfall in Norway to add to your summer bucket list.


    Top Tips for Visiting Norway Waterfalls

    Enjoy your trip to the most famous waterfalls in Norway with our top travel tips to help you get prepared.

    • Bring extra layers. Norway’s weather can be famously unpredictable. We then recommend bringing along some extra clothes for your day trip.
    • Wear waterproof clothing. The spray from Norway’s waterfalls can reach you when you get close to these natural marvels! Avoid getting drenched by wearing a windproof and waterproof jacket, no matter the season.
    • Pack enough food and water. Most of the waterfalls in Norway are located in remote, natural areas, so you’ll need to bring your own food and water with you.
    • Check the weather beforehand. You’ll need good weather conditions to enjoy your Norwegian waterfall scavenger hunt! Check the weather forecast before leaving. I'll avoid you traveling to a destination with heavy rain showers, which can spoil outdoor activities.

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