Complete Guide to Utsira Lighthouse

Utsira Lighthouse

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    Crashing waves, serene sea views and remote Norwegian natural scenery surround Utsira Lighthouse, making this historic lighthouse a fascinating and beautiful building to visit. Located on a remote Norwegian island, the lighthouse is the most famous attraction to see on the wonderful island of Utsira.

    Learn all about what makes Utsira Lighthouse so special, where exactly this beacon of light is located and how you can stay at the lighthouse yourself in our complete guide. Let’s go!

    All About Utsira Lighthouse

    First lit in 1844, Utsira Lighthouse has been registered as a protected site since 1999. Originally, Utsira Lighthouse was part of a lighthouse duo, which was created as a way to distinguish Utsira from other nearby lighthouses. The twin lighthouse was located 100 meters away, but was decommissioned in 1890. This same year, Utsira Lighthouse received a rotating lens made in Paris, which is still in use today!

    The highest lighthouse in Norway, Utsira Lighthouse sits at an elevation of 78 meters upon a classic red and white striped building. Utsira Lighthouse emits three flashes of light every minute, which can be seen up to 23 nautical miles away. The station at Utsira Lighthouse stopped being manned in 2004, but the lighthouse itself still operates with its original lens.

    Utsira Lighthouse in Norway

    Where is Utsira Lighthouse?

    Sitting on an island off the west coast of mainland Norway, Utsira Lighthouse is located to the south of both Bergen and Oslo. Part of Rogaland county in South Norway, this fascinating lighthouse lies on the western side of the island of Utsira.

    How to Get to Utsira Lighthouse

    To reach Utsira Lighthouse from the nearest big city, Stavanger, you’ll need to travel for 3 hours and 20 minutes by car and ferry. The route to Utsira follows E39, Fv554, then Fv547 and, when you reach Utsira island, you’ll continue on Fv911 until you reach the lighthouse. Keep in mind that there are two ferry crossings and tolls on the route.

    If you’re traveling from elsewhere in Norway, it might be handy to know that the drive from Bergen takes 4 hours and 30 minutes via E39 and the drive from Oslo takes 8 hours via E134.

    Exploring Utsira

    The island of Utsira is small enough that you can enjoy exploring it on foot, although you can also rent bikes and canoes if you prefer! Close to the lighthouse you’ll find some beautiful woods and a bird observatory, plus there’s also world-renowned street art and art exhibitions to explore across the island.

    From Utsira Lighthouse, there are two hiking trails you can take to explore the island, which are as follows:

    • Viking trail – 5 kilometers
    • Old lighthouse road – 1 kilometer

    View of Utsira Lighthouse

    Stay at Utsira Lighthouse!

    At Utsira Lighthouse, you have the chance to stay in a real lighthouse cabin among pristine nature, experiencing the history of Utsira for yourself and watching the waves come and go. The sunrises and sunsets on Utsira are incredibly stunning, with views stretching way out to sea, where the beam of the lighthouse shines on the water.

    For accommodation, you’ll have a choice of three different decommissioned lighthouse keeper buildings that were used by lighthouse keepers and their families. With either 2, 3 or 5 bedrooms, there’s a place here for everyone.

    Another option for accommodation is, in fact, part of an art installation by artist Solveig Egeland. This pink cabin, called Nyperosa, is located on the lighthouse grounds. Keep in mind that it’s possible to arrange a guided tour of the lighthouse if you’re interested in learning more about Utsira’s history.

    Lighthouse Café at Utsira

    During the summer, there’s a café at the lighthouse grounds that’s open each day and houses some wonderful art exhibitions. Here, you can enjoy some light refreshments, refreshing beverages and sweet treats, as well as hunt for bargains in the second-hand shop and purchase some lovely souvenirs, too.

    Enjoy Your Own Norway Adventure!

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