All About Norway’s Oldest Lighthouse: Lindesnes Lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse

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    Located on the very southern tip of Norway, Lindesnes Lighthouse stands proud as the oldest lighthouse in the country. This historical lighthouse is a popular tourist destination, offering a unique glimpse into Norway’s past and an insight into how the sea itself has shaped this Nordic nation.

    Let’s learn all about the fascinating Lindesnes Lighthouse, including how tall it is, when it dates back to, where exactly it’s located and all you need to know before visiting Norway’s oldest lighthouse. We’ll guide you through tours you can take, an overnight stay you can book and hikes you can enjoy in the area.

    Where is Lindesnes Lighthouse?

    You’ll find Lindesnes Lighthouse standing at the southernmost point of mainland Norway, south of Oslo, Bergen and every other city and town in the country. The closest city to the lighthouse is Kristiansand, which takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to reach by car.

    Lindesnes Lighthouse is around 10 kilometers south of the village of Hollen in Agder county, which is one of Norway’s richest archeological sites. Many Bronze and Viking Age artifacts have been found here, reflecting the historical importance of this area. 

    Lindesnes Lighthouse in Norway

    How Old is Lindesnes Lighthouse?

    As the first lighthouse in Norway, Lindesnes Lighthouse, or Lindesnes Fyr in Norwegian, dates all the way back to 1656. Although the current lighthouse on the site was built in 1915, the lighthouse station was built back in 1656 to mark the convergence of the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

    What’s the Height of Lindesnes Lighthouse?

    Lindesnes Lighthouse stands 16 meters tall. The light source in the lighthouse is actually 50 meters above sea level. 

    Fun Facts About Lindesnes Lighthouse

    • A foghorn was operational at Lindesnes Lighthouse between 1825 and 1967.
    • Every 20 seconds, you’ll see a powerful light beam emitted from Lindesnes Lighthouse, which is sent 37 kilometers out into sea.
    • In 1854, the Fresnel lens, which was made in Paris, was acquired to be part of Lindesnes Lighthouse.
    • Lindesnes Lighthouse is made of cast iron plates.
    • This still-functioning lighthouse has two lighthouse keepers – the only lighthouse keepers in the country!

    Visiting Lindesnes Lighthouse

    When visiting Lindesnes Lighthouse, there are a few important things to consider. Here’s the lowdown so you can plan your own perfect visit.

    Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum

    Learn more about the history, construction and cultural significance of the oldest lighthouse in Norway at Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum. As the headquarters of the Museum of The Norwegian Coastal Administration, Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum offers an important insight into coastal and maritime culture, plus the development and history of lighthouses.

    With a range of fascinating exhibitions, a gallery, cinema, café and museum shop, Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum is definitely worth a visit during your Norway vacation. You can view carefully-curated exhibitions about maritime pilots, how Lindesnes Lighthouse was used during World War II, infrastructure along the Norwegian coastline and much more.

    Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum

    Admission Costs to Visit Lindesnes Lighthouse

    When visiting Lindesnes Lighthouse, you’ll need to pay an admission fee. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

    • Children under 6: free
    • Children 7-16: 40 NOK ($4 USD)
    • Adult: 100 NOK ($10 USD), or 120 NOK ($12 USD) between 1st July and 13th August
    • Concession (student or senior citizen): 60 NOK

    There’s also an option to buy an individual season card for 300 NOK ($29 USD), or a season card for up to 6 people for 700 NOK ($68 USD).

    Lindesnes Lighthouse Opening Times

    Before planning your trip to Lindesnes Lighthouse, you’ll need to check the opening times as these vary by season.

    1st Jan – 23rd Feb: Friday-Sunday 12-16

    24th Feb – 31st May: Every day 11-16

    1st June – 24th June: Every day 11-17

    25 June – 3rd Sep: Every day 10-20

    4th Sep – 29th Oct: Every day 10-16

    30th Oct – 23rd Dec: Friday-Sunday 12-16

    24th Dec – 26th Dec: Closed

    27th Dec – 30th Dec: Wednesday-Saturday 12-16

    Tours of Lindesnes Lighthouse

    Both small and large group tours of Lindesnes Lighthouse are offered in multiple languages. Tours last around 1 hour 30 minutes and run every Sunday throughout the year. However, in the summer season, the number of tours increases; there’s a tour of Lindesnes Lighthouse every day in July.

    Food at Lindesnes Lighthouse

    During your trip to Lindesnes Lighthouse, you can experience a taste of traditional, local Norwegian dishes at a range of eateries. Here are the options for when you start to feel a bit peckish:

    • Cafe Mountain Hall (Fjellhallen) – The home-baked goods here are sure to make your mouth water. 
    • Lighthouse Pot (Fyrgryta) – Serves simple dishes in the summer season.
    • Baker Furnace (Bakerovnen) – Here, you can enjoy a delicious, fresh-baked cinnamon roll or some wood-burning ecological bread in the summer.

    Lighthouse in Norway

    An Overnight Stay at Lindesnes Lighthouse

    Did you know you can stay overnight at Lindesnes Lighthouse? Yes, that’s right! If you’d like to experience the lighthouse in all its spectacular beauty and witness the headlight shining out across the vast sea, an overnight stay is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

    The accommodation at Lindesnes Lighthouse offers a fully-equipped apartment with four beds in the large bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. You’ll also have a kitchen, bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi and woodstove.

    Hiking at Lindesnes Lighthouse

    If you’re a keen hiker, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several hiking routes you can take in the area around Lindesnes Lighthouse. You can buy a map of these beautiful routes at the lighthouse site.

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