Complete Guide to Huk Beach in Norway

Huk Beach

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    Sitting in the Oslofjord, the beautiful Huk Beach is a wonderful place to visit for a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city center. This urban beach offers the chance to play sports, relax on the sand or bathe in the crisp, clear water.

    Want to explore this fantastic Norwegian beach for yourself? Take a look through our complete travel guide to learn all you need to know about visiting Huk Beach, including what you can do to best enjoy your time there.

    All About Huk Beach, Norway

    A beautiful beach in Norway, Huk Beach is a popular urban beach very close to Oslo city center offering incredible views of the Oslofjord, surrounding lush greenery and nearby majestic mountains.

    Backed by parkland with plenty of trees providing shady spots, Huk Beach is divided into two sections separated by a small inlet. The eastern section is a regular public beach, while the western section is a naturist (nudist) beach.

    There’s a snack bar at Huk Beach, which is only open in summer, a beach volleyball court and a diving platform, as well as sculptures by world-famous artists Henry Moore and Anne Sofie Døhlen in the park set just behind the beach.

    You’ll also find another popular urban beach a little further north on the peninsula called Paradisbukta Beach.

    Huk Beach in Norway

    Where is Huk Beach?

    Huk Beach is located on the Bygdøy peninsula, which is just west of Oslo city center. You can find Huk Beach at the far south of the peninsula, stretching into the Oslofjord.

    How to Get to Huk Beach

    If you’ve got your own rental car or campervan, it’ll only take you around 10-15 minutes to drive to Huk Beach from Oslo, depending on where exactly in the city center you’re leaving from. You’ll need to follow Road E18 to reach the beach.

    Alternatively, you can take the bus number 30 from the ‘Nationaltheatret’ bus stop in the city center. This bus goes to Bygdoy peninsula via Bygdoynes and only takes around 23 minutes to drop you off at Huk Beach. You’ll need to walk around 5 minutes from the bus stop to reach the beach itself.

    Huk beach in Oslo

    What to Do at Huk Beach

    So, what exactly can you do at Huk Beach? Here are some of the top activities you can enjoy during your time at this beautiful beach:

    • Play beach volleyball – Make the most of the beach volleyball court on Huk Beach by joining in a few games! Great for both exercise and fun, playing beach volleyball is a wonderful thing to do during your Norway vacation.
    • Soak in the sun’s rays – Simply relaxing and sunbathing while soaking in the incredible views is another brilliant thing you can do at Huk Beach – let your worries fade away in the warmth of the sun and gentle sound of the waves washing ashore!
    • Take a dip in the water – The warm water at Huk Beach is perfect for swimming. Why not take a bath in the beautiful waters of this stunning Norwegian fjord for a relaxing break from the city?
    • Walk along the lush greenery – Enjoy the beautiful greenery all around Huk Beach by taking a relaxing stroll along the shore and surrounding green spaces.
    • Go for a run by the water – For keen runners, Huk Beach is a brilliant place for your daily run.
    • Cycle along the shoreline – You can also cycle along the beach for another active way to enjoy the incredible natural panoramas at Huk.

    Huk beach in Bygdoy

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