Krakenes Lighthouse in Norway: All You Need to Know

Krakenes Lighthouse

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    Standing on the very edge of an island on the southwest coast of Norway, the historic Krakenes Lighthouse has been guiding ships to safety in this remote, natural environment for over 110 years. 

    Experience stormy winds, crashing waves and salty sea air during your visit to Krakenes Lighthouse, plus spectacular and pristine natural landscapes all around. Here’s all you need to know!

    All About Krakenes Lighthouse

    Built in 1906, Krakenes Lighthouse was commissioned by the Norwegian Coastal Administration to safely guide ships heading into Nordfjord from the Norwegian Sea. Since 1986, Krakenes Lighthouse has been automated and, since 2019, the lighthouse has been leased to the Norwegian Tourist Association.

    This 10-meter tall lighthouse is attached to a white lighthouse keeper’s house, with the lighthouse itself being painted red. Following the destruction of the original lighthouse during a 1945 Allied air raid, the new lighthouse was built, which also houses a café and overnight accommodation.

    Sitting at an elevation of 42.5 meters above sea level, Krakenes Lighthouse emits a burst of light every 6 seconds that can be seen up to 12.8 nautical miles away (around 24 kilometers). The light can be white, red or green, depending on the direction the beam is headed.

    Note that the word ‘Fyr’ means lighthouse in Norwegian so you might see Krakenes Lighthouse written as Krakenes Fyr. Also, did you know that there’s a livestream of the view from Krakenes Lighthouse here? Wow!

    Sunset in Krakenes Lighthouse

    Where is Krakenes Lighthouse?

    Located in Vestland county in southwest Norway, Krakenes Lighthouse sits within Kinn municipality on the very northwestern tip of the island of Vasoy. You’ll find Bergen (the second-largest city in Norway) to the south of Krakenes Lighthouse and Alesund, a beautiful coastal town, to the north.

    Its position on one of the westernmost points of mainland Norway means Krakenes Lighthouse is directly exposed to the wind and waves of the tumultuous Norwegian Sea. Being one of the most exposed places on the west coast of Norway, there have been several wind records made at Krakenes Lighthouse.

    How to Get to Krakenes Lighthouse

    Driving to Krakenes Lighthouse from Bergen will take around 6 hours along the E39 and you’ll need to take a ferry on this route, too.

    If you’re traveling from Alesund, the drive will be about 3 hours 45 minutes, with the quickest route taking you along the Fv61 and also requiring a ferry.

    From Oslo, the drive to Krakenes Lighthouse will take around 8 hours via the E6 and Rv15, including a ferry ride, too.

    There are options from each of these starting points without ferries if you prefer, but just keep in mind that they will take longer.

    Krakenes Lighthouse in Norway

    Visiting Krakenes Lighthouse

    Here are some of the best things you can do at Krakenes Lighthouse and top tips for your visit.

    • Stay in Krakenes Lighthouse overnight – That’s right – you can actually stay in this historic lighthouse overnight, experiencing the power of the wind and waves for yourself! 
    • Explore unspoilt nature – Around Krakenes Lighthouse, you’ll find spectacular coastal scenery and pristine nature, perfect for exploring and feeling refreshed.
    • Take a boat tour of the fjord – Krakenes Lighthouse lies at the edge of one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, Nordfjord, making it the perfect starting point for a relaxing fjord cruise along the glistening water.
    • Watch the sunrise and sunset – It goes without saying that both the sunrise and sunset in such a remote coastal area are stunning beyond words. 
    • Lighthouse café – Open from Easter to the end of August 11am to 5pm, Krakenes Fyrcafé is a wonderful place to stop for a tea and light bite to eat.

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