Ultimate Guide to Visiting Norway in October

Norway in October

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    Planning your perfect Nordic adventure for the month of October? You’re in for a treat! Learn all you need to know to make your vacation an unforgettable time with our complete guide to visiting Norway in October.

    We’ll go through all the top things to see and do during your time in Norway in October, as well as the key information you’ll need for your trip, including average weather and temperatures in Norway in October. If you’re wondering ‘can you see the Northern Lights in Norway in October?’, we’ll answer that too!

    Is October a Good Time to Visit Norway?

    First of all, is October a good time to visit Norway? Yes! With the peak tourist season of summer over, you’ll find the spectacular fjords, forests and mountains of Norway free of crowds in October. Shoulder season sees cheaper prices for accommodation, flights and amenities, too, making your Norway vacation in October more affordable – yay!

    As the country is generally less busy in October than in summer, you can take advantage of the quiet season by booking spontaneous adventures and making last minute plans. While many of Norway’s top attractions tend to book up well in advance during summertime, October sees less demand for tickets and, therefore, you can usually book most things closer to the day.

    Weather in Norway in October

    As a transition month when summer gradually fades into fall and winter, October brings a mix of weather across Norway. In the south of the country, there are occasional sunny days to enjoy and milder weather, whereas the north of the country will see the first snowflakes fall in October.

    The average Norway temperature in October falls between 4ºC and 10ºC (39ºF to 50ºF), although temperatures in the northern regions of Norway reach below freezing. As for the weather in Norway in October, you can generally expect cloudy days, rain showers and sometimes windy conditions, with a few clear and sunny days mixed in.

    Weather in Norway in October

    Can You See the Northern Lights in Norway in October?

    If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, you’ll be pleased to know that October is a great time to see the Northern Lights in Norway! As the nights get longer and darker, the Norwegian skies begin to light up with the magical glow of the aurorae – a sight that’s sure to take your breath away!

    Although the peak Northern Lights season is during the winter, from November to February, these are also the months that bring the harshest weather to Norway’s shores. For this reason, many tourists prefer to plan their Norway Northern Lights hunting trip for October, when the skies are still dark enough and the nights long enough to spot this awesome dancing light show.

    Northern Lights in norway in october

    10 Top Things to Do in Norway in October

    So, what are the best things to do with your time in Norway in October? Here’s our hand-picked selection of unmissable sights and activities for your Norway October vacation. From natural landscapes to explore, to vibrant festivals to enjoy, there’s something on our list of top things to do in Norway in October to suit every traveler!

    Admire the Breathtaking Fjords

    If you’re wondering ‘can you visit the fjords in October?’, the answer is yes, of course! Norway’s fjords are awe-inspiring sights at any time of year and, in October, you’ll be able to enjoy them in all their fall beauty. Lined by red and golden-leafed trees, the flowing fjords make the perfect place to take a boat trip or walk in the crisp fall air.

    With over 1,000 fjords along Norway’s coast, you’ll be stuck for choice! The further north you go, the more likely it is that you’ll experience wintery weather, so, if your dream is to see a fjord covered with ice and snow, we recommend heading to the north of Norway.

    Fjord in Norway

    Jam at Insomnia Festival in Tromso

    October sees the famous electronic music festival, Insomnia, return to the northerly city of Tromso. In the third week of October, the best and brightest in the electronic and techno music scene gather in this magical city to enjoy music, attend workshops and even take part in seminars and debates.

    Insomnia Festival is set in the perfect location on Tromso Island, surrounded by mountains and blanketed in snow, creating the perfect ambience for creative minds to compose, perform and enjoy music together. As Norway’s capital of techno, house and electronic music, Tromso is the place to be for avid musicians and music lovers!

    Enjoy a festival, thing to do in Norway in October

    Explore Cultural Highlights in Oslo

    If you happen to experience a rainy day during your trip to Norway in October, don’t worry – you’ll still be spoilt for choice for what to do! Norway’s vibrant cities are bursting with amazing galleries, museums and boutiques to explore, none more so than the capital.

    Among the best things to do in Oslo, we just have to suggest visiting the city’s famous museums. Here, you’ll find the Munch and Vigeland Museums (perfect for art lovers!), as well as the Fram Museum, detailing the history of polar exploration. While in the capital, you can also visit the harbor, Royal Palace and Akershus Fortress.

    Museum in norway, other thing to do in Norway in October

    Take a Trip to Trondheim to Experience Foodie Paradise

    As the European Region of Gastronomy in 2022 and host of the Bocuse d’Or European gastronomic competition in 2024, the city of Trondheim is a foodie paradise for sure! With locally-sourced food and high-quality ingredients, Trondheim’s top-rated restaurants are the place to be if you love sampling local delicacies while on vacation.

    After you’ve tasted the marvels that Trondhiem’s impressive food scene has to offer, you’ll have your pick of the many fun things to do in Trondheim. Whether you choose to visit the city’s landmarks, hike through the nearby nature reserve, or admire the beautiful coloured houses and cobbled streets, you’re sure to have a wonderful day.

    Food in Trondheim

    Marvel at Norway’s Impressive Light Festivals

    Did you know that Norway traditionally holds many captivating light festivals during winter? Starting as early as October, these annual events see people of all ages come together to marvel at spectacular outdoor light exhibitions.

    With sculptures, projections on famous buildings and even fireworks, Norway’s light festivals capture the imagination of the young and old. Held in many cities and towns across the country, light festivals in Norway are a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

    Go on a Whale Watching Tour

    Spot these majestic marine mammals for yourself on a guided whale watching tour in Northern Norway during October. The end of October is the best time to go during the month, as this is when humpbacks, orcas and fin whales tend to gather off Norway’s northern coasts to feast on shoals of herring.

    Norway has a whole range of ethical whale watching tours to choose from, where you’ll venture close enough to see these magnificent creatures, but not too close to disturb them. Quiet boats are often used to minimize the amount of disruption caused to the whales in their natural habitat.

    Whale Watching in Norway

    Witness the Awe-Inspiring Northern Lights on a Guided Tour

    While in Norway in October, perhaps the best thing you can do is take a guided Northern Lights tour. The northern regions of the country are perfect for enjoying this spectacular light show, especially those areas of Norway that lie within the Arctic Circle.

    Many guided Northern Lights tours in Norway take place in the Lofoten Islands or the city of Tromso. Both of these winter wonderland locations are optimal for Northern Lights viewing. Your guide will know the best places to go to escape the light pollution and give you the best chance of spotting the dancing aurorae for yourself.

    Northern lights in Norway

    Take One of the World’s Most Beautiful Train Journeys

    Norway is famed for its incredible train journeys across luscious landscapes. For example, the 7-hour train ride between two of Norway’s biggest cities, Oslo and Bergen, has been named one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys.

    As well as allowing you to visit another of the country’s beautiful and buzzing cities, this train journey takes you through towering mountains, snow-covered valleys and winding fjords – amazing!

    Railway in Bergen

    Visit Lillehammer for Skiing and a Jazz Festival 

    Are you a fan of skiing? If so, you have to visit the picturesque ski resort town of Lillehammer in South Norway. Famous for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics, Lillehammer is a go-to spot for skiing vacations.

    While you’re there, make sure to check out Lillehammer Jazz Festival, which takes place in mid-October. With concerts, theater shows, performances and exhibitions, the festival is a must for any jazz lovers!

    Wander Around Norway’s Magical Villages

    Feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you stroll along the beautiful cobbled streets of Norway’s coastal villages. Why not take a break from the non-stop activities and buzz of the city by enjoying a peaceful day in a Nordic village?

    The idyllic village of Geiranger in western Norway is one of our favorites. Set in a lush, green mountain valley at the edge of an incredible fjord, Geirganger is well worth the trip off the beaten path to experience its spectacular beauty.

    Magical villages in Norway

    Enjoy Your Dream Vacation By Visiting Norway in October

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