Ultimate Guide to Visiting Norway in September

Norway in September

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    Get set for your Norway September adventure with our complete guide to all the best things to do during your vacation, including festivals to visit, must-see natural wonders and experiences not to miss.

    We’ll also give you all the most important information you’ll need, including the average weather in Norway in September and whether you can see the Northern Lights at this time of year. Let’s go!

    Is September a Good Time to Visit Norway?

    First of all, you may be wondering ‘is September a good time to visit Norway?’. We can answer that with a resounding yes! With mild weather perfect for outdoor exploring and fewer tourists than the busy summer period, September is a brilliant time to visit Norway.

    Visiting Norway in September will allow you to escape the summer crowds but still enjoy the sunny days as summer draws to a close and the beautiful fall colors start to arrive. You’ll find plenty of outdoor and indoor activities to keep you entertained during your Noray vacation in September.

    Weather in Norway in September

    Norway weather and temperatures vary a lot from the north to south due to the length of the country. In Norway’s capital city of Oslo on the south coast, average Norway temperatures in September range from 7°C (45°F) to 15°C (59°F).

    In the north of the country, average Norway temperatures in September drop as low as 4°C (39°F) and rise to 9°C (48°F). Keep in mind that this part of Norway lies above the Arctic Circle, so fall weather arrives faster here.

    During September, the lovely summer weather sticks around for a while before autumn arrives. While you can expect to most likely see some rain showers and feel some wind at some point, there are plenty of clear, blue skies and sunny days to be enjoyed during September in Norway.

    Norway during September

    Can You See the Northern Lights in Norway in September?

    If you’d like to see the Northern Lights on your trip to Norway in September, you’ll have to visit the more northerly parts of the country above the Arctic Circle. In Northern Norway, the days are already short enough that darkness falls in the mid-afternoon during September, with the long, dark nights providing the perfect conditions to spot the Northern Lights.

    You’ll need a clear night with no cloud cover, preferably away from light pollution, to get the best view of these incredible, colorful lights. The best time to spot the Northern Lights in Norway is between 11am and 2pm. September is one of the months with the highest level of aurorae activity across the year, giving you a great chance to spot this dazzling light show dancing across the sky.

    10 Things to Do in Norway in September

    Find out all the unmissable things to see and the best activities to do in Norway in September with our complete guide.

    Explore Norway’s Magical Fjords

    What better way to start your Norway September trip than by enjoying the breathtaking views of the country’s serene and idyllic fjords? These narrow bodies of water carve through mountains, flowing inland from the sea to lush green valleys.

    You can float along the water of Norway’s most beautiful fjords on a boat tour, or take a walk along a fjord to soak in the views from land. Just make sure to bring your camera to capture the amazing panoramas!

    Fjord in Norway

    Go Berry Picking

    September is Norway’s fruit picking season, with a range of wild berries, fruits and mushrooms reaching full ripeness by this time of year. From crisp apples to tasty raspberries, blackcurrants and cherries, Norway’s orchards are bursting with fresh produce.

    Berry picking is a popular summer and fall pastime for Norwegians. To experience this yourself, you can head to Norway’s capital of apple production in Telemark, where you’ll find the fruit village of Gvarv, or you can take a trip to the beautiful strawberry village of Valldal.

    Take a Breathtaking Mountain Hike

    Norway has no shortage of towering mountains and incredible cliff climbs offering unbelievable views over the country’s natural landscapes. Some of our favorites include the spectacular and challenging Trolltunga hike, or the easier but no less stunning hike to the impressive Preikestolen mountain plateau.

    September is a great time for these mountain hikes, as the trails will be much quieter than during the busy summer period. You’ll be able to take the hike at your own pace and enjoy the views without the crowds – perfect!

    Hike in Norway

    Enjoy the Tastes of Bergen Food Festival

    If you’re a foodie, you’re definitely going to want to sample the delicious flavors on offer at Bergen Food Festival. Held each year in early September, the festival presents a selection from local food producers, with the best cheeses, seafood, meats, vegetables and fruits straight from the surrounding fjords and mountains.

    You can also sample some locally-produced ciders, beers and spirits, enjoy buzzing DJ sets and kids can learn how to cook outdoors – Bergen Food Festival is fun for all the family!

    Experience a World-Famous Scenic Train Ride

    Norway’s famously incredible train rides take you through some of the most picturesque landscapes you can dream of, with breathtaking vistas and expansive greenery as far as the eye can see. The most famous of these train lines is the Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen.

    This seven-hour trip has been voted one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys – quite the title! A must-do for all train geeks and nature lovers, taking a train ride across Norway is a wonderful way to see more of our incredible country.

    Norway Beautiful Railway

    Soak in Culture in Norway’s Galleries and Museums

    If you’re interested in history, art and Norway’s heritage, you’ll find a whole range of fantastic museums and galleries to explore, including the famous Munch Museum in Oslo dedicated to the famous Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch.

    We also recommend a trip to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which contains over 200 pieces by the famous sculptor. The Viking Ship Museum, Fram Museum and Polar Museum are brilliant choices for anyone interested in polar exploration and Viking history.

    Munch Museum Norway

    Tour Norway’s Spectacular Coast

    Whether you go by car, bike or foot, Norway’s incredible coast is one of the best parts of the country to explore. With stunning views everywhere you look and the fresh sea breeze to enjoy, spending time at the coast is a must-do during your Norway September trip.

    Did you know Norway has beautiful beaches all along its coastline, where you can enjoy watersports, beach volleyball, surfing or simply a day of sunbathing? Take some time to relax and unwind by the waterside during your vacation – you deserve it!

    Norway Coast

    Run or Watch Oslo Marathon

    Are you a keen runner yourself? You might want to train for Oslo Marathon in September, so you can experience the beautiful run along the Oslofjord coast for yourself. There are four routes of varying lengths to choose from: 3 km, 10 km, half-marathon and marathon.

    Alternatively, if you don’t fancy running yourself, you can cheer the runners on while enjoying the stunning view of Oslo’s coastline. Beautiful!

    Marathon in Oslo

    Visit Norway’s Beautiful Villages

    Want something a bit different to the hustle and bustle of Norway’s vibrant cities? Take a break by heading to one of Norway’s picturesque villages, such as Geiranger, Lillehammer or Undredal.

    Set among sprawling green mountains and flowing fjords, these villages take you back in time as you walk down their cobbled streets admiring the colorful houses and independent shops.

    Head to Norway’s Impressive Waterfalls and Lakes

    Make the most of the mild and pleasant weather in Norway in September by visiting some of the country’s most spectacular natural wonders, including the cascading waterfalls of Norway and beautiful Norwegian lakes.

    Up and down the country you’ll find incredibly beautiful waterfalls and lakes, perfect for a day trip in nature. Bring along a picnic, some hiking gear if you fancy an adventure and your best waterproof jacket!

    Waterfall in Norway

    Make Your Dream Norway September Vacation a Reality!

    Get set for your perfect Norway September adventure! Let’s get started by finding your accommodation and sorting out your rental vehicle, so you can explore Norway to your heart’s content.

    Fancy renting a motorhome in Norway? Have you always dreamed of a Norway road trip? We can help you out with our range of affordable campervan rentals in Norway, perfect for the trip of a lifetime exploring all the sights and sounds that this incredible country has to offer. Take your home with you on the road as you discover Norway’s most beautiful sights – exciting!

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