When’s the Best Time to Visit Norway?

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    Ideal times to visit Norway are the shoulder seasons of spring (May-June) and autumn (September-October), offering pleasant weather and fewer tourists. The peak tourist season runs from mid-June through August.

    With so many things to do during different times of the year, it can be difficult to know when the best time to go to Norway is. Let’s explore what you can get up to during the high, shoulder and low tourist seasons in Norway to help you decide when to make your perfect Norway trip.

    Best Time to Go to Norway: Factors to Consider

    When deciding what the best time of year to visit Norway is for you, there are some important factors to consider:

    • Weather: If you’re looking for sunny and mild weather, spring and summer will be the best times for you to visit Norway. Temperatures can be very cold in winter.
    • Daylight hours: There is a big difference in daylight hours throughout the year, with summer seeing 18 hours of sunlight and winter seeing 6 hours of sunlight.
    • High or low season: Whether you choose to visit Norway in high or low tourist season will impact prices and how busy attractions are.
    • Indoor or outdoor activities: What time of year you visit will determine which activities you’ll be able to do. For example, skiing is possible in winter and early spring, whereas outdoor swimming is possible in the summer months.
    • Northern Lights visibility: If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, you’ll need to plan the time of your visit to Norway according to the peak viewing months.

    Let’s explore these factors in more detail, so you can make an informed decision about when the best time to go to Norway is to experience your dream vacation.

    Best time to visit Norway

    When’s the Best Time to Visit Norway For the Northern Lights?

    Norway is one of the most popular destinations to visit for those hunting the Northern Lights. This awe-inspiring light show sets Norway’s skies aglow in a spectacular spectrum of colors.

    Concentrated in the Arctic Circle, the northern lights are caused by electrically charged particles from the Sun interacting with the Earth's magnetic field. This results in pink, blue, green and purple lights across the sky.

    The peak season for seeing northern lights in Norway is between November and February. This is when the dark skies and long night hours offer the best opportunity to see these beautiful lights for yourself.

    This light show is actually visible between September and March. Planning your visit any time between these months will give you a fantastic opportunity to see this natural wonder.

    In fact, March is the month with the best chance of clear skies. As both March and September are equinox months, the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights increases in these months around the time of the equinox (usually around 22 March and 22 September). This is because solar activity is likely to be higher at these times.

    Visitor Seasons in Norway

    Each tourist season in Norway presents its own unique benefits, with different activities and experiences available depending on when you choose to visit. Let’s take a look through each visitor season, so you can consider when the best time of year to visit Norway is for you.

    Peak Season: June to August

    If swimming and hiking in Norway’s beautiful coastal regions sounds like heaven to you, summer will be the best time for you to visit Norway. In summer, you’ll be able to enjoy some sunshine (hopefully!) while exploring Norway’s picturesque landscapes and taking part in fun outdoor activities such as kayaking, cycling and berry picking.

    Best time to go to Norway: summer

    Mid-June to mid-August is peak tourist season in Norway, meaning hotels and rental vehicles are in high demand during this time. Things tend to get booked up far in advance, so we recommend reserving your accommodation and campervan rental in Norway as soon as possible to secure everything you need for a wonderful summer vacation.

    Shoulder Season: May and September

    Shoulder season is regarded by many to be the best time to visit Norway. May and September are popular months to explore Norway due to the lower number of visitors and generally mild temperatures.

    Spring in Norway

    Experience the first blooming of Norway’s vibrant floral and fauna during the spring season. Although the arrival of spring can vary a little each year, it’s normally sometime in April, with the beautiful flowers and blossoming fruit trees of Hardangerfjord in full bloom by May.

    As the snow melts in Norway in spring, natural waterfalls in Norway begin to flow, bringing nature to life again. If you’ve always wanted to spot a puffin and see other Arctic birds, you’ll be happy to know that you can enjoy prime birdwatching season in Norway in spring.

    Spring in Norway

    Fall in Norway

    For mild weather and a chance to explore some of Norway’s fascinating cities and natural areas without the crowds, fall is a fantastic month to visit Norway. You’ll get to Norway just before temperatures start to drop dramatically, and may even still be able to enjoy some summery vibes.

    Norway’s fjords are stunning dressed in their fall reds, oranges and yellows. You can enjoy a mixture of cozy nights and nature walks in the crisp, clear air during fall in Norway. Fall is a great time to experience spectacular sunsets in Norway, as the golden glow of the increasingly lower sun lights up the sky each evening.

    best time of year to visit Norway

    Low Season: April to October

    When you think of your dream Norway vacation, does it involve visiting incredible fjords and snowy mountains? If so, visiting Norway in the winter months will be perfect for you. Winter is the best time to enjoy all the most fun outdoor snow activities, such as skiing, sledging and snowshoeing.

    You’ll need to plan your day trips well when visiting Norway during winter because the daylight hours are limited to around 6 hours per day. With fewer visitors and less demand, prices are much lower in winter than in summer, so you might be able to find a great deal for your winter Norway trip.

    Winter in Norway

    Which Month Has the Best Weather in Norway?

    The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at what you can expect in terms of weather during each season in Norway.

    Norway in Winter

    The weather in Norway during the winter months can get pretty chilly, with an average temperature of -7°C. Norway’s capital, Oslo, has a higher average temperature than you might expect: a couple of degrees below freezing.

    Norway in Summer

    Expect higher temperatures in Norway’s summer season, with an average of 16°C and the potential to reach 25-30°C in August. You’ll also have the opportunity to spot the spectacular Midnight Sun in Norway due to the longer daylight hours in summer.

    Norway in Spring

    Weather in Norway can be changeable in spring, so it’s best to prepare for every season! Average temperature ranges from -4°C to 4°C at the start of spring in late March to between 6°C to 16°C at the end of spring in late May.

    Norway in Fall

    Norway’s fall season usually sees mild weather, with average temperatures of between 8°C to 18°C at the start of fall in September. This drops to between -1°C and 3°C at the end of fall in November.

    The Best Time to Visit Norway is Now!

    If you’ve been dreaming of visiting Norway, the best time to make this dream a reality is now! Let us help you plan your Norway adventure by taking a look through our brilliant range of motorhome rentals in Norway, available whatever time you choose to visit.

    Traveling by campervan will allow you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to take a magical road trip through Norway’s fjord region, up to the frozen north and around the beautiful southern coastal Norwegian towns and capital. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country soon!

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