All About the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

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    When in Oslo, you’ll most likely hear about the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park, but how much do you know about this impressive and striking sculpture garden in Oslo? As the world’s largest sculpture garden by a single artist, Vigeland Sculpture Park is a truly amazing place to visit in Norway.

    Let’s take a closer look at all you need to know to plan a trip to Oslo’s amazing Vigeland Sculpture Park, including how to get there, when it’s open and interesting facts about the sculptures you’ll be able to see there.

    Gustav Vigeland and His Sculpture Park in Oslo

    When planning your Norway vacation, you may wonder ‘what is the name of the sculpture park in Oslo, Norway?’. This famous sculpture garden in Oslo is informally known as the Vigeland Sculpture Park, named after the famous Norwegian sculptor, Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943).

    Although the Vigeland Sculpture Park technically doesn't exist and isn’t a separate park, as it’s the informal name given to the sculpture installation within the larger Frogner Park, you’ll most likely hear the sculpture garden in Oslo being referred to as the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

    Vigeland Park in Oslo

    Born to a family of craftsmen, Gustav Vigeland learned wood carving at school and was later trained in the art of sculpting by noted Norwegian sculptor, Brynjulf Bergslien. His first sculpture exhibitions in Norway in 1894 and 1896 received critical praise and it wasn’t long until Vigeland became known as the most talented Norwegian sculptor.

    Vigeland then received numerous high-profile commissions, including the restoration of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Famous for exploring the themes of the relationship between men and women and the concept of death within his sculpting, Vigeland also designed the Nobel Peace Prize medal!

    By far the most famous of Vigeland’s works is his sculpture installation in Vigeland Park, with the Monolith being the most notable of all Gustav Vigeland sculptures in the park. Located in the highest point of Vigeland Park, the spectacular Monolith sculpture features 121 figures clambering to reach the top of the 17-meter tall stone column.

    Sculpture park in Oslo

    Fascinating Facts About Oslo’s Vigeland Sculpture Park

    If you’re wondering ‘is Vigeland Park worth visiting?’, these fascinating facts about this incredible sculpture garden in Oslo will most likely inspire you to put Vigeland Sculpture Park at the top of your Oslo sightseeing list!

    • As one of Norway’s top attractions, more than one million visitors walk through Vigeland Sculpture Park every year.
    • There are over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland in Oslo’s Sculpture Park.
    • As well as all the sculptures, Vigeland also designed the architectural layout of Frogner Park.
    • Vigeland Sculpture Park is the largest sculpture installation by a single artist in the world!
    • Frogner Park, within which Vigeland Sculpture Park is located, is the largest park in Oslo at over 45 hectares.
    • The 17-meter tall Monolith sculpture in Vigeland Sculpture Park was sculpted in Idefjorden on the southern Norwegian-Swedish border, before being transported to the Sculpture Park in Oslo.
    • Bronze, granite and cast iron are the materials Vigeland used to create his sculptures.
    • The collection of 212 Frogner Park statues took Vigeland over 20 years to complete.

    Vigeland Park

    How Much is the Oslo Sculpture Park Entrance?

    Entry to Oslo Sculpture Park is free. Yes, that’s right! Visiting Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of our favorite things to do in Oslo. Perfect for every traveler’s budget, a trip to Vigeland Sculpture Park is a lovely and very affordable way to spend an afternoon in Oslo.

    Vigeland Sculpture Park Opening Hours

    This famous Norway Sculpture Park is open all year round, 24 hours a day. That’s right, you can view the beautiful sculptures in this wonderful park in Oslo whenever you fancy! We recommend setting aside at least a couple of hours to enjoy the spectacular collection of Vigeland sculptures in Frogner Park.

    Sculpture Park

    How Do I Get to Oslo Sculpture Park?

    If you have a car or camper rental in Norway, you can get to Vigeland Sculpture Park by taking a short 10-minute drive from Oslo city center – perfect! Alternatively, you can take the line 2 or 3 subway from Oslo Central Station. There’s also the option to take tram 12 or bus 20, also from Oslo Central Station.

    You may choose to cycle or walk the approximately 4 kilometers (or 2 miles) from the center of Oslo to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which will take around 45 minutes to an hour on foot, depending where exactly you set off from. Cycling should take around 15 to 20 minutes.

    Most Famous Sculptures in Vigeland Park

    The weird and wonderful world of Vigeland’s artwork is on full display in Vigeland Sculpture Park. Exploring the full emotional spectrum, Vigeland’s sculptures don’t shy away from the more disturbing and uncomfortable emotions we experience as humans, such as anger and frustration.

    Some of Vigeland’s works have been described as violent, with one statue of a man being attacked by several babies said to symbolize the struggles of parenthood. There’s also ‘The Angry Boy’, which depicts a child-like expression of anger through having a tantrum.

    Another intriguing Vigeland sculpture is ‘The Wheel of Life’, which is a circular loop of men, women and children holding on to one another. A representation of the infinite cycle of life, this statue is a symbol of eternity and encompasses the main theme running throughout Vigeland Sculpture Park: life and death.

    Park in Oslo

    Tours of Vigeland Sculpture Park

    If you fancy learning more about the famous Frogner Park statues and the life and works of Gustav Vigeland while you visit these spectacular gardens, you can take a guided tour with an expert guide. Taking a guided tour of Vigeland Sculpture Park is an amazing option for first-time visitors to Oslo.

    Vigeland Sculpture Park is also a popular stop on many guided city walking tours of Oslo. Alternatively, you may wish to take your own self-guided tour around Vigeland Sculpture Park, taking the time to stop and enjoy your favorite statues along the way. 

    Vigeland Museum

    If you’re inspired to learn more about the great Norwegian artist, Gustav Vigeland, you can visit the fascinating Vigeland Museum after your trip to the Sculpture Park. Located right next to the park, this incredible museum is home to both Vigeland’s studio and flat, which is housed on the third floor of the building and has been preserved as part of the museum’s exhibits.

    One of the lesser-known museums in Oslo as it tends to get overshadowed by the neighboring park, the Vigeland Museum is well worth a visit if you have time! The Vigeland Museum is open between 12 noon and 4pm from Tuesday to Sunday from September to April and between 10am and 5pm from Tuesday to Sunday during the summer season in May, June, July and August

    Entry price for the museum is 100 NOK (around $9.30 USD) for adults, 50 NOK ($4.65 USD) for students and free for children and under 18s. Admission to the Vigeland Museum is also free with the Oslo Pass, which is the official city card offering admission to many of the top attractions in the Norwegian capital.

    Vigeland gardens

    Planning Your Trip to Vigeland Sculpture Park

    Ready to start planning your dream Norway vacation? Let us help you out with our range of affordable and reliable campervan rentals in Oslo. Once you’ve arranged your travel and transport, you can enjoy the exciting task of planning your itinerary in Norway, including a visit to Oslo’s Vigeland Sculpture Park, of course! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country soon.

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