Exploring the Majesty of the Royal Palace in Oslo

Royal Palace in Oslo

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    Completed in 1849, the Royal Palace in Oslo is one of Norway’s most important buildings. Home to the King and Queen of Norway, Norway’s Royal Palace is a symbol of Norwegian cultural heritage and the history of the country’s monarchy, cementing its title as a national treasure.

    Let’s learn more about the history, architecture and cultural significance of the Royal Palace in Oslo, as well as all you need to know to plan your own visit to this iconic landmark.

    History of the Royal Palace, Norway 

    The history of Norway’s Palace dates back to the early 19th century when Norway was under Danish rule. In 1814, Norway gained independence from Denmark and entered into a union with Sweden. It was during this time that plans for the construction of a royal residence in Oslo began to take shape. The chosen site was on a hill overlooking the city, providing the royal family with a commanding view of their capital.

    Construction began in 1824 under the direction of the celebrated Norwegian architect, Hans Linstow, with many challenges along the way, such as delays and budget overruns. However, in 1849, the Royal Palace was finally completed and officially inaugurated by King Oscar I.

    Nowadays, the Royal Palace (you may have also heard it referred to as Norway’s Royal Castle) is home to the royal family of Norway and also serves as a residence for any foreign heads of state who visit Norway. Most members of the Royal Court work in Oslo’s Royal Palace and official dinners and events frequently take place here.

    Royal Palace in Oslo in Norway

    Architecture and Cultural Significance of Oslo Royal Palace

    Owned by the Norwegian state, the 19th-century Royal Palace in Oslo (or ‘Det kongelige slott’ in Norwegian) is surrounded by 54 acres of stunning park grounds. Standing in the center of the sprawling lands of the Palace Park, filled with ponds, statues and trees, the Norwegian Royal Palace is not only the residence of the Norwegian royal family, but the place where all the daily work of the monarchy takes place.

    The design of the Oslo’s Palace was inspired by the neoclassical style popular in Europe at the time, with its symmetrical facade, grand columns and ornate detailing. Norway’s Royal Palace is fronted by the Palace Square, which features a statue of Charles XIV John, who was King of Norway and Sweden from 1818 to 1844.

    The facade of Oslo’s Royal Palace is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, depicting scenes from Norse mythology, historical events and the natural world. The grand entrance, flanked by imposing columns, leads into the magnificent State Rooms, where you can marvel at the opulent interiors and royal furnishings. One of the most striking features of the palace is the Royal Chapel with its vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows and gilded altarpiece.

    Where is the Royal Palace of Norway?

    Located in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo, the Royal Palace, Norway can be found standing proudly at the top of Karl Johans Gate, which is Oslo’s main street. 

    View of the Royal Palace of Oslo

    Who Lives in the Royal Palace of Norway?

    The Royal Palace of Oslo is the official residence of the Norwegian royal family and is currently home to HM King Harald V and HM Queen Sonja.

    Can You Go Inside the Royal Palace, Oslo?

    Yes, the Royal Palace in Oslo is open to visitors during the summer season, usually beginning in late June and ending in the middle of August.

    If you’re visiting Oslo outside of these months, don’t worry! The palace gardens are open to the public year-round, so you’ll have the opportunity to stroll among the towering trees, colorful flower beds and serene fountains, soaking in the incredible views of the Royal Palace’s exterior.

    Visit to the Royal Palace in Oslo

    How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Royal Palace in Norway?

    To explore the Royal Palace in Oslo for yourself, you’ll need to purchase a ticket. Admission prices are as follows:

    • Adults: 220 NOK ($21 USD) 
    • Children aged 6-17, students and wheelchair users: 110 NOK ($10 USD) 
    • Children aged 0-5: Free
    • Groups of up to 40 people: 6000 NOK ($570 USD) 

    Key Information About Visiting the Norwegian Royal Palace

    When planning your visit to Norway’s Royal Palace, here’s some of the key information you’ll need:

    • A historical ritual that has been upheld for over 100 years, the changing of the guards happens at the Norwegian Palace every day at 1:30pm.
    • There’s a service held in the Palace Chapel at 11am on Sundays.
    • Guided public tours are only available during the summer season.
    • Most guided tours are held in Norwegian, although there are a few English tours that you can join.
    • Tickets for guided tours of the Royal Palace in Oslo are released about 1st March each year for tours in the summer of that year. Due to the limited number of days that the Royal Palace is open for visitors, it’s recommended to book your tickets as far in advance as possible.
    • Oslo Royal Palace Guard

    Marvel at the Incredible Architecture of Oslo’s Royal Palace

    Want to admire both the stunning interior and impressive exterior of the Royal Palace in Oslo for yourself? You can do just that by planning your own trip to Norway, complete with amazing travel adventures where you can soak in the fascinating cultural heritage of Norway’s most famous buildings and the breathtaking beauty of the country’s natural wonders.

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    Royal Palace in Oslo

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