Everything You Need to Know About Bystranda Beach in Norway

Bystranda Beach

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    Fine, golden-white sand, majestic palm trees, beautiful parkland and a wooden sunbathing deck make a day trip to Bystranda Beach feel like a tropical beach adventure! Accessible to all, including children, the elderly and disabled people, this man-made Norwegian Blue Flag beach located in the city of Kristiansand in South Norway is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day outdoors.

    Let’s discover all you need to know to enjoy a trip to Bystranda Beach, including where exactly this beach is, how to get there and all the best activities to do at Bystranda.

    Bystranda Kristiansand Beach

    One of Norway's beautiful beaches, Bystranda Beach, also known as Kristiansand City Beach, is a Blue Flag beach along the southern coast of Norway. To achieve Blue Flag status, beaches have to meet strict criteria for water quality, sustainable practices and environmental education.

    With a pier, playground, beach volleyball court, skate ramp, sunbathing deck, accessible bathing ramp, beautiful fine sand and palm trees, Bystranda Beach is a super popular spot for families on hot summer days.

    Bystranda Beach in Norway

    Where is Bystranda Beach?

    Bystranda Beach is located in the very south of Norway in the city of Kristiansand, specifically in the southeastern downtown area. Situated to the east of the mouth of River Otra, Bystranda Beach sits within Agder county.

    How to Get to Bystranda Beach

    To reach Bystranda Beach from the center of Kristiansand, you’ll only need to drive for around 10 minutes along either the E18 or Østre Ringvei followed by Marviksveien.

    If you’re traveling to Bystranda from the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the journey will take around 4 hours by car along the E18. From the opposite side of Norway (the west), it’ll take you around 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach Bystranda Beach from Stavanger by traveling along the E39.

    Bystranda Beach in Kristiansand

    Best Activities to Enjoy at Bystranda Beach

    Looking for the best activities to enjoy during your time at Bystranda Beach? Here’s your list of top things to do while at this beautiful Norwegian beach.

    • Jam at Palmesus music festival – The biggest beach party in Norway, Palmesus music festival sees international music artists perform for the 60,000 attendees among the beautiful scenery of Bystranda Beach in early July each year.
    • Have fun at Aquarama indoor water park – A popular indoor water park right next to Bystranda Beach, Aquarama is a fantastic place to visit to enjoy water slides, jacuzzis, both indoor and outdoor pools, a climbing wall and even a fitness center and bars. The outdoor pool has all-year-round temperatures of 25 degrees, so you can bathe in the fresh air no matter the season you visit!
    • Play beach volleyball – Did you know that there’s a sand volleyball court at Bystranda Beach? This is the perfect place to have a fun game of beach volleyball while enjoying incredible sea views.
    • Sunbathe on the deck – Whether you choose to read a good book, listen to your favorite music or simply lie down and relax, you can soak in the rays at Bystranda Beach by lounging in the sun on the deck.
    • Bathe or swim in the sea – While at the coast, swimming or paddling in the sea is a must! If you can’t wait to take a salt water bath, you’ll be pleased to know that the water at Bystranda Beach is calm and safe to swim in.
    • Soak in the beautiful greenery – Located by grassy parkland, Bystranda Beach is surrounded by wonderful green landscapes. While sunbathing or walking along the coast, you can soak in all the beautiful panoramas and enjoy spending time immersed in nature.
    • Walk along the promenade and harbor – Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the charming harbor of Kristiansand, appreciating the marina views and fresh sea air – ah, bliss!

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