Traveler’s Guide to Solastranden Beach in Norway

olastranden Beach

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    Once named one of the most beautiful beaches by the Sunday Times, Solastranden Beach is a must-visit natural location in South Norway. Part of Jærstrendene, the wider coastline that includes other beaches in the same area, Solastranden is super easy to reach from the Norwegian city of Stavanger on the west coast.

    Let’s explore everything you need to know about Solastranden Beach, including how to get there and all our top recommendations for fun activities to enjoy at this stunning Norwegian beach.

    Norway’s Solastranden Beach

    A shallow, sandy beach with spectacular views and plenty of fun activities to enjoy, Solastranden Beach is an ideal stop when touring the southwest of the country during your Norway road trip. With diverse birdlife, watersports opportunities and even a golf course, a day at Solastranden Beach is fun for all the family!

    Solastranden Beach in Norway

    Where is Solastranden Beach?

    Located in South Norway, Solastranden Beach can be found right by the third largest city in Norway, Stavanger. This beautiful beach is very close to Stavanger Airport, making it super easy to reach.

    How to Get to Solastranden Beach

    Reaching Solastranden Beach from Stavanger only takes around 15-20 minutes by car. The best route to get there follows the E39 for most of the way, with a short stretch on the Rv509 afterwards.

    If you’re traveling from Kristiansand to Solastranden Beach, you’ll need to take the E39 northwards for around 4 hours. From Oslo, the drive is much longer at 7 hours via the E18 and E39.

    Activities to Enjoy at Solastranden Beach

    While at Solastranden Beach, there’s plenty to see and do. Here are some of our top recommendations for ways to enjoy your time at this beautiful Norwegian beach:

    • Surf, kite or sail the waves – Super popular for water sports, the shallow water and windy conditions at Solastranden Beach makes it the perfect place for surfers, kiters or sailors to enjoy some time at sea.
    • Hike along the beach – The 5-kilometer hike southwards along the coast towards Vigdel takes you through some stunning natural scenery, allowing you to breathe in the fresh sea air and soak in the spectacular views along the way.
    • Bathe in the water – While you walk along the coast, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a swim in the clear Norwegian waters – perfect to feel refreshed on a sunny day!
    • Watch the diverse birdlife – An all-year-round home for many species of bird, Solastranden Beach is a birdwatcher’s paradise! There are rules and restrictions in place to protect the area’s birdlife, including specific times of the year that you’re unable to surf, kite or sail in bird-protected areas, as this disturbs the birds (1 October to 31 March).
    • Fly a kite – The wind at Solastranden Beach makes it a brilliant location to fly a colorful kite and watch it flow in the breeze.
    • Play at Solastranden golf course – Keen golfers will love playing a round of golf at the nearby golf course that offers incredible views of the coast.
    • Visit the nearby war memorials – You can see bunkers and cannons close to Solastranden Beach from World War II.
    • Get pampered at the Sola Strand Hotel and Spa – Overlooking Solastranden Beach, the beautiful Sola Strand Hotel and Spa boasts magnificent sea views – the perfect place to enjoy a pampering session, including a massage and swim!

    Solastranden Beach in Stavanger

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