Traveler’s Guide to Lake Røssvatnet in Norway

Lake Røssvatnet

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    Norway’s second largest lake, the simply stunning Lake Røssvatnet is a lesser-known yet spectacular lake in the north of the country. Learn all about this wonderful body of water that’s set among incredible natural landscapes in our complete guide to Norway’s Lake Røssvatnet.

    All About Lake Røssvatnet

    The second largest lake in Norway, the 220 square kilometer Lake Røssvatnet has been a site of human occupation since the Stone Age. With a depth of 240 meters, Lake Røssvatnet sits around 375 meters above sea level and has an estimated volume of around 15 cubic kilometers.

    Did you know that there’s an island in Lake Røssvatnet? Named Røssvassholmen, this 17 square kilometer island is the second largest lake island in Norway and the highest point of Røssvassholmen is over 200 meters above the surface of the lake!

    Lake Røssvatnet in Norway

    Where is Lake Røssvatnet?

    Located in Nordland county, specifically the municipalities of Hemnes and Hattfjelldal, Lake Røssvatnet can be found in the beautiful Vefsna Regionalpark. Situated in one of the three northernmost counties in Norway, Lake Røssvatnet is surrounded by beautiful, remote natural wilderness far from the Norwegian capital of Oslo – 875 kilometers away to be exact.

    How to Get to Lake Røssvatnet

    Reaching Lake Røssvatnet from the town of Bødo in North Norway, which lies north of Lake Røssvatnet and just above the Arctic Circle, takes around 4 hours and 45 minutes. This 330 kilometer route follows the E6 and contains tolls.

    If you’re traveling in the opposite direction, you’ll be approaching Lake Røssvatnet from the south via the E6. From Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim, Lake Røssvatnet is around 5 hours and 30 minutes by car, with the route also requiring tolls. This 390 kilometer journey can also be done by a 50 minute plane ride from Trondheim to Mosjøen Airport.

    From Oslo, you can also fly to Mosjøen, which will take around 2 hours and 20 minutes. If you fancy a road trip, the journey from Oslo to Lake Røssvatnet is around 11 hours and 40 minutes by car, so we recommend making some overnight stops along the way to enjoy the stunning Norwegian scenery and get enough rest.

    Visiting Lake Røssvatnet

    What can you do at Lake Røssvatnet and what do you need to keep in mind when visiting? Check out our top travel tips to find out!

    • Wear sturdy hiking boots – We’re sure you’ll want to explore the incredible natural area around Lake Røssvatnet and you’ll need some quality hiking boots to do it – extra points if they’re waterproof!
    • Check the weather ahead of time – Before heading out on your adventure to Lake Røssvatnet, we highly recommend checking the weather forecast in Norway to make sure you won’t be hindered by weather conditions during your trip.
    • Bring your camera in a waterproof case – Snapping some epic pics of the gorgeous Lake Røssvatnet is a must during your visit! Take care of your valuable electronics by keeping them dry in a waterproof case.
    • Pack your favorite food and drinks – Having a picnic by Lake Røssvatnet is one of the best ways to soak in all the gorgeous scenery and spend time admiring the beauty of the lake. As Lake Røssvatnet is located in a remote natural area, it’s a good idea to bring extra food and drinks with you.
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