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Oslo Opera House

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    With a rich history of musical performances, from opera to ballet to concerts, Oslo Opera House is a cultural hub in the center of Norway's capital. The striking, waterfront architecture of Norway’s famous Oslo Opera House and the spectacular performances that take place in this music venue draw over a million visitors a year – wow!

    Let’s explore more about Oslo Opera House, including where exactly it is, how much it costs to visit and what makes this Norwegian opera house so famous.

    Why is the Oslo Opera House Famous?

    Oslo Opera House has been the home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet since its opening in 2008, featuring a variety of dance, music and opera performances held across the venue’s three auditoriums, as well as occasionally in the foyer and even on the roof!

    As the workplace of more than 600 ballet and opera professionals, Oslo Opera House is a vibrant and bustling place, with rehearsals, performances and a range of public events taking place here every week. Many internationally-acclaimed artists from all over the world have performed at the incredible Oslo Opera House.

    Important note: Oslo Opera House is not to be confused with Oslo Concert Hall, which is another live music venue in Oslo city center and home to Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Opera in Oslo

    Can You Walk on the Opera House Rooftop in Oslo?

    Yes, you can actually walk on the roof of Oslo Opera House! The main distinguishing feature of this Norwegian opera house is its flat roof, which visitors are encouraged to take a stroll on.

    Designed to mimic the ‘right to roam’ principle, which states that everyone in Norway is free to roam the beautiful natural landscapes across the country, the roof of the Oslo Opera House extends this idea to the urban landscape of Oslo city center.

    While you’re in Oslo, we highly recommend taking this unique opportunity to walk on the roof of such a culturally significant building in the city center. You can enjoy the incredible views of Oslo and the surrounding fjord and mountains from the top of this flat, marble-embellished roof – beautiful!

    You’ll also be able to spot the signatures of famous Norwegian artists, Kristian Blystad, Kalle Grude and Jorunn Sannes, on the surface of the roof.

    Roof of Oslo Opera House

    Where is the Oslo Opera House?

    Located in Oslo city center, Oslo Opera House can be found in the port district of Bjorvika. This area of Oslo is home to many contemporary buildings, including futuristic office and residential buildings, plus the famous Oslo Opera House, of course!

    Right on the waterside, situated next to the popular Munch Museum, this Norway opera house can be easily reached from the center of Oslo by taking a leisurely stroll to the harbor.

    Is Oslo Opera House Free to Visit?

    If you’re wondering ‘is Oslo Opera House free to visit?’, you can visit certain areas of this famous Norwegian opera house for free, including the famous roof walk, but other areas require a guided Oslo Opera House tour to visit. These include the backstage area, the auditoriums and Main Stage, plus a look behind the scenes at the technology involved in staging performances at Oslo Opera House.

    A general admission ticket for a guided tour of Oslo Opera House costs 130 Norwegian kroner (or around $11.80 USD), with discounts available for seniors and under 30s.

    If you’d like to see a performance at Oslo Opera House, you can find tickets at a range of price points, depending on where you’d like to sit in the auditorium and which show you’d like to see.

    Oslo Opera

    Oslo Opera House Performances

    At Oslo Opera House, you’ll find a range of ballet, opera and concert performances taking place. With a rich variety of classic musical genres to choose from, you can choose from watching a traditional performance of Swan Lake to rocking out at a rock or folk music concert. Check out the Oslo Opera House calendar to explore what’s on during your visit to Norway.

    What Do You Wear to the Oslo Opera House?

    If attending a performance at Oslo Opera House is at the top of your Norway vacation bucket list, you might be wondering what to wear to this famous music venue. While the Oslo Opera House doesn’t have a specific dress code for the audience at its performances, most visitors tend to wear smart casual attire.

    It’s ultimately up to you what you’d like to wear to Oslo Opera House. We can recommend anything from a dress or suit, to a smart top and trousers or skirt, depending on how fancy you’d like to go. There’s also nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a sweater, if you prefer to stay more on the casual side. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and ready to enjoy an amazing musical performance.

    Opera House in Oslo

    Walk on the Roof of Oslo Opera House!

    Who wants to take a stroll on the roof of Oslo Opera House for themselves? You can do just that during your Norway vacation, while you soak in the wonderful views and enjoy the stunning architecture of this famous Norwegian cultural venue.

    After Oslo, you might like to explore more of Norway’s incredible natural landscapes, from the majestic mountains to the flowing fjords and charming coastline.

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    Oslo Opera House

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