Where to See Puffins in Norway: A Guide to the Best Places to Spot These Adorable Birds

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    Norway, with its rugged coastline and pristine islands, is a haven for birdwatchers. Among the most sought-after birds are the adorable puffins. Known for their colorful beaks and soulful eyes, puffins in Norway have become a significant attraction for travelers and nature enthusiasts alike.

    Best places to see Puffins in Norway

    Puffins are abundant in Norway, but seeing these charming birds requires some preparation. Here is what you need to know. The best places to see them are the next:

    The Best Islands to See Puffins in Norway:

    Runde Island

    Often referred to as the 'Puffin Capital', Runde Island is a top destination for those wanting to see these birds up close. The island's cliffs and shores are home to thousands of puffins, making it a birdwatching paradise.

    Lofoten Archipelago

    Particularly the island of Røst, is another hotspot for puffin Norway enthusiasts. The archipelago's remote location ensures a serene environment for both birds and watchers.

    Puffin in Lofoten

    The Best Cliffs to See Puffins in Norway:

    Bleiksøya in Vesterålen

    This towering cliff is not just a magnificent sight but also a nesting ground for thousands of puffins. The sheer size of the cliff ensures that there's always a spot for birdwatchers to get a clear view.


    A lesser-known spot, but equally rewarding. The cliffs here are teeming with puffins Norway is proud of, offering a more intimate experience.

    When is the Best Time to See Puffins in Norway?

    The ideal time to witness puffins in Norway is between late June and August. During this period, the birds are most active, with the cliffs and islands buzzing with life. They usually spend their days at sea, returning to their nests in the evening, making dusk the perfect time for observation.

    How to Get to the Best Places to See Puffins in Norway

    Traveling to these puffin hotspots is an adventure in itself. Whether you're driving along the scenic routes of the western coast or taking a ferry ride from Ålesund, the journey promises breathtaking views. 

    For those looking for a unique experience, consider renting a caravan from Campervan Norway. It offers the flexibility to explore at your own pace and ensures you're always close to nature.

    Puffin Flying

    Tips for Photographing Puffins in Norway

    • Patience is Key: Puffins are active birds. Wait for the right moment to capture them in their natural habitat.
    • Use a Zoom Lens: This ensures you maintain a safe distance without disturbing the birds while getting a clear shot.
    • Understand Their Behavior: Spend some time observing. Understanding their patterns can lead to better photographs.

    Things You Need to Know About Puffins

    • Species: The most common puffin you'll spot in Norway is the Atlantic Puffin.
    • Habitat: Puffins spend most of their life at sea and come to land primarily for breeding.
    • Lifespan: Puffins can live up to 30-40 years and are known to be monogamous.

    Two puffins in Norway


    Norway puffins offer a unique experience for every traveler. Their vibrant presence against the backdrop of Norway's stunning landscapes is a sight to behold. Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher or a casual traveler, the magic of watching puffins in their natural habitat is unparalleled. 

    So, pack your binoculars, charge your cameras, and embark on a journey to witness these adorable birds in action. And remember, every adventure is better when you're close to nature, so consider making it a road trip with a caravan from Campervan Norway. Happy birdwatching!

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