All About Norway’s Beautiful Lake Femunden

Lake Femunden

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    Norway’s third-largest lake and second-largest natural lake, Lake Femunden is a truly beautiful body of water located among an area of pristine natural wilderness. Just west of the Swedish border and Femundsmarka National Park, you’ll find this beautiful and historic lake.

    Discover all you need to know about Lake Femunden in our complete traveler’s guide to the lake, including its history, what makes it special, the best activities to enjoy at Femunden and top tips for your visit – let’s go!

    Lake Femunden in Norway

    Measuring 203 square kilometers, Lake Femunden reaches a maximum depth of 150 meters and its surface sits around 662 meters above sea level. Sitting within a spectacular natural area, this 60-meter long lake has an average depth of around 30 meters and is home to many fish species, particularly an abundance of whitefish.

    As a shipping company was established in 1886 in the municipality of Røros, close to Lake Femunden, there’s been regular boat traffic on the lake since 1887, when a 18-meter long wooden steamboat took to the water. This boat, named S/S Fæmund (where S/S stands for steam ship), sailed Lake Femunden until 1905, when it was replaced with a longer steel ship that could carry timber.

    The 25-meter long replacement ship was named M/S Fæmund II (where M/S stands for motor ship) and is still sailing across Lake Femunden today, over a 100 years later! You can even take a ride on the historic M/S Fæmund II for yourself when you visit Lake Femunden – more on that later!

    Lake Femunden in Norway

    Where is Lake Femunden?

    Located just 13 kilometers west of the Norwegian-Swedish border, Lake Femunden sits in the very east of Norway within Innlandet and Trøndelag counties. While the majority of the lake lies in Innlandet county (specifically in Engerdal municipality, with a small section in Os municipailty), some smaller sections of the lake lie within Trøndelag county (specifically in Røros municipality).

    Northeast of the lake you’ll find the spectacular natural wilderness that is Femundsmarka National Park. Lake Femunden lies around 325 kilometers from the Norwegian capital city, Oslo.

    How to Get to Lake Femunden

    The best way to reach Lake Femunden is for sure by car due to its remote location in the eastern Nowergian wilderness.

    Driving from the Norwegian capital of Oslo to Lake Femunden takes around 4 hours and 15 minutes. You’ll need to take the E6 and Fv26. Keep in mind that the route has tolls along the way.

    From the western Norwegian city of Trondheim, the drive to Lake Femunden will take a similar 4 hours and 25 minutes, with the quickest route being along the Fv30 and also requiring tolls.

    Lake Femunden of Norway

    Best Things to Do at Lake Femunden

    While at Lake Femunden, what are the best things to do?

    • Take a ferry ride on the M/S Fæmund II – Glide along the water of Lake Femunden for yourself on the historic M/S Fæmund II. You can even sample Nowegian delicacies made from local ingredients on board! Check out the latest M/S Fæmund II timetable here.
    • Fish or simply appreciate the fish species in Lake Femunden – Whether you’re an angler or not, Lake Femunden is the perfect place to appreciate the aquatic biodiversity of Norway’s waters, with species including trout, whitefish, pike, minnow, perch, burbot, char and grayling living in the lake. If you like to fish, you can rent a canoe at the lake – you might even catch a big trout of up to 10kg in these waters! Just make sure to purchase your fishing license for Lake Femunden.
    • Go ice fishing or cross-country skiing in winter – In winter, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a cross-country skiing adventure in the area around Lake Femunden. You can also go ice fishing if that sounds like fun to you!
    • Hike along Lake Femunden – With old pine trees, charming creeks and incredible sights wherever you look, Lake Femunden and its surroundings area is the perfect place for a hike in Norway. You’re sure to feel refreshed, revitalized and recharged after walking through the beautiful nature here.

    Top Tips For Visiting Lake Femunden

    Here are our top tips for travelers to ensure you make the most of your trip to the stunning Lake Femunden.

    • Check the weather forecast beforehand – As Norway’s weather can be changeable and affect your trip, we advise checking the up-to-date, local Norwegian weather forecast here before setting out.
    • Book any ferry tickets ahead of time – If you plan to travel on the M/S Fæmund II ferry, it’s a good idea to purchase your tickets online to guarantee your trip.
    • Consider staying near the lake for a night among nature – Staying overnight in the incredible natural wilderness around Lake Femunden is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can rent your own campervan in Norway to give you the perfect place to stay, as well as travel wherever your heart desires.

    Live Your Own Norway Adventure!

    Excited about the possibility of exploring Lake Femunden and all the other gorgeous natual wonders that Norway has to offer? You can make your dream Nordic vacation a reality by planning your own trip to our beautiful country – we look forward to welcoming you to Norway soon!

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