All You Need to Know About Norway Covid Travel Restrictions

Covid Restrictions in Norway

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    All You Need to Know About Norway Covid Travel Restrictions


    Is Norway open for travel? Here’s your up-to-date guide to all you need to know about Norway covid restrictions to prepare for your perfect Norway vacation.

    Norway Lifts Covid Restrictions

    Do I need a covid test for Norway?

    The answer is no, you don’t. You’ll be pleased to learn that there are currently no restrictions on travel to Norway due to covid.

    Is Norway open for travel?

    Yes. This means that you can travel to Norway without worrying about any covid restrictions at all. When travelling to Norway, there is no covid testing and no quarantining required. You do not have to wear face masks, either.

    All of the Norway covid restrictions have been lifted, so the same travel rules to Norway that were in place pre-pandemic now apply again.

    What If You Get Covid During Your Stay in Norway?

    If you contract covid during your time in Norway, it’s recommended to quarantine for four days or you no longer have a fever.

    If you are experiencing symptoms, you can purchase a covid test at a supermarket or local pharmacy. This way, you can test yourself to find out if you have covid. However, it’s not required to test for covid, even if you have symptoms.

    Norway Covid History

    In terms of Norway covid statistics, Norway has had just under 1.5 million cases of covid since the start of the pandemic. And, according to the World Health Organization, with a recovery rate of 97%.

    The peak of active infected cases was in February 2022 and has steadily declined since then to the low levels seen at the start of the pandemic.

    Get Ready for Your Norway Adventure

    Now you know that Norway is open for travel, why not start planning your perfect Norway travel adventure? We can help you out with securing your campervan in Norway, ready to take the road trip of a lifetime!

    Travelling by campervan will give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to enjoy Norway’s beautiful landscapes. From spectacular natural wonders to culturally rich cities. Fancy a well-deserved break in this Scandinavian paradise? Let’s go!

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